Sharks Out of Water


Things you’ll need:

Blue and dray tissue paper
At least one drinking straw for each guest
Masking Tape


Before the Guests Arrive:

Step 1:  Make a bunch of shark shapes out of the tissue paper.  Be sure you have at least one for each guest.

Step 2:  Using the masking tape, mark two goal lines about 15’-20’ apart.


When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Have the guests line up along the goal line.

Step 2:  Give each guest a drinking straw, and put one of the paper sharks by their feet.

Step 3:  To get started, have each child put the straw in their mouth, and suck the shark onto the straw.

Step 4:  As soon as each child has their shark on the straw, yell ‘GO!’  They need to get to the other goal line with their shark still on their straw.   If they drop the shark, they must stop and reattach it before going on.

Step 5:  The first child to reach the goal line with the shark on the straw wins.


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