All Areas of the Home



1. Are lamp, extension, and telephone cords placed out of the flow of traffic? YES___ *NO___

2. Are cords out from beneath furniture and rugs or carpeting? YES___ *NO___

3. Are cords attached to the walls, baseboards, etc., with nails or staples? *YES___ NO___

4. Are electrical cords in good condition, not frayed or cracked? YES___ *NO___
Do extension cords carry more than their proper load, as indicated by the ratings labeled on the cord and the appliance? *YES___ NO___



1. Are all small rugs and runners slip-resistant? YES___ *NO___
2. Are emergency numbers posted on or near the telephone? YES___ *NO___
3. Do you have access to a telephone if you fall (or experience some other emergency which prevents you from 4. standing and reaching a wall phone)? YES___ *NO___


1. Are smoke detectors properly located? YES___ *NO___
2. Do you have properly working smoke detectors? YES___ *NO___


1. Are any outlets and switches unusually warm or hot to the touch? *YES___ NO___
2, Do all outlets and switches have cover plates, so that no wiring is exposed? YES___ *NO___
3. Are light bulbs the appropriate size and type for the lamp or fixture? YES___ *NO___


1. Are heaters which come with a 3-prong plug being used in a 3-hole outlet or with a properly attached adapter? YES___ *NO___
2. Are small stoves and heaters placed where they can not be knocked over, and away from furnishings and flammable materials, such as curtains or rugs? YES___ *NO___
3. If your home has space heating equipment, such as a kerosene heater, a gas heater or an LP gas heater, do you understand the installation and operating instructions thoroughly? YES___ *NO___
Review the installation and operating instructions. Call your local fire department if you have additional questions.


1. Is woodburning equipment installed properly? YES___ *NO___
NOTE: Some insurance companies will not cover fire losses if wood stoves are not installed according to local codes.


1. Do you have an emergency exit plan and an alternate emergency exit plan in case of a fire? YES___ *NO___
Develop an emergency exit plan. Choose a meeting place outside your home so you can be sure that everyone is capable of escape quickly and safely. Practice the plan from time to time to make sure everyone is capable of escape quickly and safely.


In the Kitchen


1. Are towels, curtains, and other things that might catch fire located away from the range? YES___ *NO___
2. Do you wear clothing with short or close-fitting sleeves while you are cooking? YES___ *NO___
3. Are kitchen ventilation systems or range exhausts functioning properly and are they in use while you are cooking? YES___ *NO___
4. Are all extension cords and appliance cords located away from the sink or range areas? YES___ *NO___
5. Does good, even lighting exist over the stove, sink, and countertop work areas, especially where food is sliced or cut? YES___ *NO___
6. Do you have a step stool which is stable and in good repair? YES___ *NO___


In the Living Room/Family Room


1. Are chimneys clear from accumulations of leaves, and other debris that can clog them? YES___ *NO___
2. Has the chimney been cleaned within the past year? YES___ *NO___


See "All Areas of the Home" above and be sure to check for cords and other telephone items.


1. Are hallways, passageways between rooms, and other heavy traffic areas well lit? YES___ *NO___
2. Install night lights. Reduce glare by using frosted bulbs, indirect lighting, shades or globes on light fixtures, or partially closing blinds or curtains. Consider using additional lamps or light fixtures. Make sure that the bulbs you use are the right type and wattage for the light fixture.
3. Are exits and passageways kept clear? YES___ *NO___

Remember: Check the Living Room/Family Room and passageways for
all items under "All Areas of the Home" above.


In the Bathroom


1. Are bathtubs and showers equipped with non-skid mats, abrasive strips, or surfaces that are not slippery? YES___ *NO___
2. Do bathtubs and showers have at least one (preferably two) grab bars? YES___ *NO___
3. Is the temperature 120 degrees or lower? YES___ *NO___


1. Is a light switch located near the entrance to the bathroom? YES___ *NO___


1. Are small electrical appliances such as hair dryers, shavers, curling irons, etc., unplugged when not in use? YES___ *NO___


1. Are all medicines stored in the containers that they came in and are they clearly marked? YES___ *NO___
NOTE: Many poisonings occur when children visiting grandparents go through the medicine cabinet or grandmother's purse. In homes where grandchildren or other youngsters are frequent visitors, medicines should be purchased in containers with child-resistant caps, and the caps properly closed after each use. Store medicines beyond the reach of children.

Remember: Check the Bathroom and neighboring areas for
all items under "All Areas of the Home" above.

In the Bedrooms


1. Are lamps or light switches within reach of each bed? YES___ *NO___
2. Are ash trays, smoking materials, or other fire sources (heaters, hot plates, teapots, etc.) located away from beds or bedding? YES___ *NO___
3. Is anything covering your electric blanket when in use? *YES___ NO___
* "Tucking in" electric blankets, or placing additional coverings on top of them can cause excessive heat buildup which can start a fire.
4. Do you avoid "tucking in" the sides or ends of your electric blanket? YES___ *NO___
5. Do you ever go to sleep with a heating pad which is turned on? *YES___ NO___
6. Is there a telephone close to your bed? YES___ *NO___

Remember: Check the Bedrooms and neighboring areas for
all items under "All Areas of the Home" above.

In Basement/Garage/Workshop/Storage Areas


1. Are work areas, especially areas where power tools are used, well lit? YES___ *NO___
2. Can you turn on the lights without first having to walk through a dark area? YES___ *NO___



1. If fuses are used, are they the correct size for the circuit? YES___ *NO___


1. Are power tools equipped with a 3-prong plug or marked to show that they are double insulated? YES___ *NO___
2. Are power tools guards in place? YES___ *NO___
3. Has the grounding feature on any 3-prong plug been defeated by removal of the grounding pin or by improperly using an adapter? *YES___ NO___


1. Are containers of volatile liquids tightly capped? YES___ *NO___
* If not tightly closed, vapors may escape that may be toxic when inhaled. Check containers periodically to make sure they are tightly closed.
NOTE: CPSC has reports of several cases in which gasoline, stored as much as 10 feet from a gas water heater, exploded. Many people are unaware that gas fumes can travel that far.
2. Are gasoline, paints, solvents, or other products that give off vapors or fumes stored away from ignition sources? YES___ *NO___

Remember: Check the Basement/Garage/Workshop/Storage areas for
all items under "All Areas of the Home" above.


In Stairways


1. Are stairs well lighted? YES___ *NO___
2. Are light switches located at both the top and bottom of the stairs? YES___ *NO___




1. Do the steps allow secure footing? YES___ *NO___
2. Are steps even and of the same size and height? YES___ *NO___
3. Are the coverings on the steps in good condition? YES___ *NO___
4. Can you clearly see the edges of the steps? YES___ *NO___
5. Is anything stored on the stairway, even temporarily? *YES___ NO___

Remember: Check Stairways and neighboring areas for
all items under "All Areas of the Home" above.


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