Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Father's Day gift ideas, the key to choosing is to keep it fun and simple.

Dad doesn’t want a new razor, tie or cologne for father’s day. The old adage that food is the way to a man’s heart and dad will eat anything is off the mark too. Dad’s will gladly eat the chocolate given them, but it not usually what they’d pick for themselves.

What do Dads really want? The answer might surprise you. Men, of any age, like toys. Seriously. Think about any grown man you’ve ever known. What does he do with his spare mad money? New tires, new golf clubs, fishing poles, lures, guns, video games, techy gadgets and the list never ends. The grown-up in us all will say these aren’t toys. They are sporting gear, equipment and gadgets. I have news for you. Those words are all synonyms for toys.

Want proof? What did you get the last time you had to buy a gift for a 5 or 6 year old boy; a plastic set of golf clubs like dad maybe? Or a laptop type toy or a PSP gadget perhaps? The man hitting his midlife crisis doesn’t buy a sensible sedan; it’s a motorcycle or convertible sports car. Boys, no matter how old they are like toys.

Use this newly found epiphany to make Father’s Day gift giving this year the best ever. There is something in it for you as well. Shopping for toys is so much more fun than shopping nose hair clippers.

The Movie Fan Dad

Does your Dad like movies? Buy him more than just a DVD of his favorite flick. Get him an x-wing fighter from Star Wars, or a couple of light sabers so he can play Jedi. (He will.) Dad doesn’t feel the force? No problem there is merchandise to be had for any movie dad does enjoy. If doo-dads are not what you’re after think about movie posters. He can hang them in his office, man-cave or other spaces like the garage.

The Sportster Dad

First decide if your dad prefers to watch or participate. Spectators will get a kick out of fan paraphernalia or better yet tickets to the games. Participants enjoy all sorts of equipment pertinent to their sport. If your dad’s sport of choice is not full of immediate gift choices, like the runner, don’t give up. Tachometers, i-pods or gift certificates for music downloads or new socks and shoe laces all work well for those sports that are not heavy on equipment.

The Gadget Dad

Gadget dads are the best! Almost any new-fangled techy gadgetry will do. Just walk into Radio Shack, shut your eyes, point and there you go.

The Toys for Dad

Take the toy thing one step farther and get dad an actual toy. Head for the nearest mall with a great toy store there you will find a million gifts for dad. Marble roller coasters are a classic favorite. Remote control anything in a shape your dad is attracted to is a hit (cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, robots, dinosaurs…).







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