Craft Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Easy Crafts with recycled materials

Making craft items out of recycled materials is a great way to reuse and recycle.  These activities should not be limited to just aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  Things such as old shoeboxes can be recycled and reused as well.

It is harmful to the Earth to waste so many reusable materials.  The next time your child has any free time, look around your house and yard and collect some materials.  Instead of dumping things in the trash, reuse them and make them last forever.

CD photo frame

Have some CDs lying around that might have gotten cracked?  Before they hit the garbage bin, turn them into something else instead.  This activity allows you to reuse the CD and give away a cool gift, too!  Here is what you need to get started:

•    Old CD
•    Flour/Salt Dough
•    Photo of family
•    Scissors
•    Double stick tape
•    Adhesive back felt
•    Tacky glue
•    Paint
•    Piece of cardboard

First mold a base by using the flour/salt dough.  It should be at least 1” deep and 2” around.  You can mold it into any shape you want.  Have an adult cut a slot in the base.  As you cut into the base, wiggle so that it gets wider as you move down.  Let and dry and then paint it.

Cut the photo into a 3” circle.  Attach it to the front of the CD using the double stick tape.  Use the adhesive back felt to cover the back of the CD.  To secure everything in place, use the tacky glue.  Now you have a funky frame made out of an old CD!


This is a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays.  After making food in the kitchen, save some cans for your children.  They can be turned into beautiful candleholders instead of piling up in the trash can.

A small 5 oz. can will work best.  The other materials needed are some clip art, rubber bands, hammer, nails, and spray paint.  To make your can nice and smooth, first wash out any leftover sauce and fill it with water.  Put it in the freezer.  Go to your computer and have your child pick up some cool clip art and print those out.

Cover the can with the clip art and secure with a rubber band.  Have an adult pokes holes in the can shaping the clip art with the hammer and nail.  Then let the ice melt, have it dry and spray paint it. The last step is to add a tea light candle.

Soda can pen holder

Save one or two of your favorite soda cans before recycling.  Make your office supplies stand out with this fun and easy activity.  The only other thing that you will need is a can opener.  Just take off the top by using the can opener and find some pens to put in.  To weigh the can down, throw some washers to the bottom.





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