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Your Child Will Love This Find the Dinosaur Egg Activity

Your Child Will Love This Find the Dinosaur Egg Activity

Out of ideas for what to do with your child? Parenting a budding paleontologist? We've got the activity for you! This fun and simple dinosaur egg activity will become one of your child's favorites! It can also work great as a party activity. Let's check it out.

Find the Dinosaur Egg

Things you'll need:

Plastic, colored eggs
Treats to fill the eggs, candy, stickers, small toys, etc.
Goody bags, one for each child

Getting Ready:

Step 1.  Make your hunting ground!  Using furniture and sheets, make caverns and hidey holes.  You can decorate with plastic rocks, potted plants, and anything else that seems dinosaur-y to you.

Step 2.  Fill the eggs with the treats you bought.  Three or four per child should be plenty.

Step 3.  Hide the eggs in your hunting ground.

When You're Ready to Start:

Step 1. Give each child a goody bag, and direct them to the hunting ground.

Step 2.  It may be a good idea to let the children know they should only find the three or four you allocated to each guest, that way everyone gets to find some treats!

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Whenever you're hosting party activities for young children, it's important to keep safety and fun in mind! Young children can easily get overexcited and rowdy, which can cause problems if it really gets out of hand. Make sure you go over some ground rules with the children participating.

There's a good chance you may have to break up an argument or two, especially if two kids find an egg at the same time! How you approach settling this will depend on the situation and the children involved. Try to focus on getting those involved to calm down, and try to listen to both sides of the story. If any partygoer gets overly angry or acts in an unsafe way, make sure to remove them from the activity.

With a guiding hand, this activity can be a lot of fun for kids at a party or any other kind of get-together! It's simple to set up, and it ensures that everyone gets a reward for participating. Plus, it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get the supplies!

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