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World Record: Gigantic 14,000 Square Foot Pizza with 630,000 Pepperoni Cups Sets New Standard

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World Record: Gigantic 14,000 Square Foot Pizza with 630,000 Pepperoni Cups Sets New Standard

Have you ever wondered what the world’s largest pizza would look like? Well, wonder no more! On January 20th of last year, Pizza Hut teamed up with a YouTuber to create a massive pizza that measured 14,000 square feet.

Let’s take a look at this pizza and then some other food records that will blow your mind.

The Pizza Measured 13,990 Square Feet to Be Exact

Pizza Hut Largest Pizza

The pizza measures 13,990 square feet. For perspective, the average U.S. household is 2,290 square feet in size.

That means the pizza was 6X the size of the average American house!

It Was Made with 13,653 Pounds of Dough

The average person in the U.S. weighs 181 pounds, so the dough in this pizza weighed the same as 75 people!

And 4,948 Pounds of Sweet Marinara Sauce

Most pizzas use about four ounces of marinara sauce, so you can see just how massive this pizza was.

The Pizza had 8,800 Pounds of Cheese

A typical 16-inch large pizza has about 8 ounces of cheese. That means this pizza had the same amount of cheese as 17,600 large pizzas you’d order at your local pizza shop!

And Here’s The Stunner: 630,496 Pepperoni

Yes, you read that right, the pizza had more than half a million regular and cupped pepperoni on it!

If you ate one pepperoni every 5 seconds it would take 876 hours to eat all those pepperoni!

If You’re Worried About Food Waste: The Pizza Was Donated to Charity

As you can imagine, no one charity could eat this much pizza, so Pizza Hut donated the pizza to a series of charities across the LA area.

How Was a Pizza This Large Baked?

As you can imagine, there are no pizza ovens capable of making a pizza this large. So Pizza Hut baked sections individually and assembled the pizza. Sections were baked on-site at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Pizza Was Made in Collaboration with a YouTube Star

Pizza Hut Airrack

Pizza Hut made the pizza in collaboration with Airrack. The YouTuber made a video of the pizza if you want to watch its construction.

Here’s What the World’s Largest Pizza Looked Like

Pizza Hut World's Largest Pizza

Behold it in all its glory, the pizza is 132 feet across!

The Record for the World’s Largest Pizza Was Previously Held By Italians

The prior record was a giant pizza named ‘The Ottavia Pizza’ that was created in 2012. Italy also created a mile-long pizza that was baked on the waterfront of the city of Naples.

This isn’t the Only Pizza Record Held by Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Mountain Delivery

Pizza Hut set the record for the highest altitude pizza delivery. The team hiked for six days to a height of 19,341 feet to deliver a pizza the the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Pizza Hut Also Owns Some Other Incredible Records

Here are a couple of records from Pizza Hut that were astonishing.

  • A Pizza Hut pizza was the first product ever purchased on the Internet (in 1994).
  • Pizza Hut once also delivered a pizza in space.
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