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Is anyone else counting down the days until Friday?? Anyone having a party for the release of Mockingjay? Here are some fun ideas I've been seeing in blog land:

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Hunger Games Table & Buffet Printables

The Weapons Utensils + A bunch of Other Fun Ideas

Hunger Games Movie Night Printables

Fruit Cornocopias 

Katniss Everdeen Favor Bags + Other Hunger Games Printables

My Hunger Games Book Club Party

I had my own little Hunger Games “book club” party this last Saturday. We talked a little bit about what we remembered from Mockingjay, and then we rented Catching Fire to refresh our memory and get us ready for the movie! Even my husband (who doesn't read a ton of books), is excited for the movie to come out and has been reading the series. When I first started reading them, I wasn't sure what I thought. But as I read more (and especially reading Mockinjay), it hit me that the world we live in RIGHT NOW can be kind of scary, and how important it is to stand up for truth, and oppose government leaders (whether in our own country or others) that desire to control, brainwash and destroy freedom. I LOVE the bold and courageous character that Katniss has, and felt inspired by her throughout all 3 books.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Party


Fun Hunger Games Party Ideas:

Bow and Arrow wars: My original plan was to divide into teams and have fun shooting these Marshmallow Bows (could also use Nerf Bows), but I needed to allow 2 days for them to be delivered via Amazon Prime and I just wasn't on top of it. I will still be doing this with my husband 🙂

Make T-shirts: If you are going to the movie, this is a must! Make T-shirts if you have the time, or buy matching ones online. Or…throw on a mockingjay pin (like the one I have above). The pins also make fun party favors!

Would You Rather: Play this Hunger Games “Would You Rather” Game.

There are also fun game ideas in the very first links I posted (above). Have fun!

Are any of you seeing it on opening night? What do you think of the trailer?? And I HAVE to ask….. Peeta or Gale? 🙂