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Princess Sofia Party: Life Lessons from a Little Princess

Princess Sofia Party: Life Lessons from a Little Princess

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Consumer Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

For the past two days, I have been aimlessly wandering, humming the theme song to Disney' Junior's Sofia the First. I drive the car, I hum. I vacuum the floor, I hum. I shower, I hum. You get the idea. Occasionally, my 2-year-old chastises me, telling me that only she can sing it (and let's be real – she does a better job than I do, anyway). I think it goes without saying that Princess Sofia is no stranger in our household. If you don't know who Sofia is – you should definitely check out an episode or two (my daughter would tell you to watch “the scary swamp monster one” [Buttercup Amber] or “where James breaks the window” [A Royal Mess]). Just don't blame me if you find yourself whistling the theme song to yourself. The truth is, Sofia is popular in our house for a reason – she's intelligent, strong, creative, kind, and courageous, and those are the kind of qualities and traits I want my daughter to aspire to. Every episode of Sofia the First teaches my daughter something valuable; whether it's a lesson on honesty or bravery, or how to reach out and make new friends, Princess Sofia is always learning, and, in turn, teaching. It is rare these days to find a television character that can impact our children in such positive ways. Because of this, I was super excited to be able to throw a Sofia the First inspired party for my daughter and her friends. If you know me, you know that I'm not a huge “go all out for a party” person. I tend to keep it simple. Like… REALLY simple. So consider this your guide to a super simple, super fun Sofia the First Birthday Party. If you ARE the type of person that enjoys extensive party planning, there are about a million ways you could really go all out and give your princess (or prince!) the party of their dreams. No matter what kind of party person you are, you can throw a great party that your kids will love. Princess Sofia PartyPrincess Sofia Party Menu + Party Ideas Princess Sofia Party Snack Ideas:

1. Tiara Sandwiches – make a peanut butter and jam whole grain sandwich, take a tiara cookie cutter to it, and voila! You have a royal sandwich that your kids will go crazy for with almost no effort. I made five sandwiches (which makes ten tiaras). This particular snack took about 15 minutes to prep.

2. Fruits of Enchancia  – of course you MUST use purple fruit! Not only is purple the color of royalty, but it's obviously Sofia's favorite. These took about ten minutes to prep. I chose blackberries, blueberries, grapes, and some bananas to break up all the purple. You have a healthy snack that kids and parents love.

3. Prince James' jiggly gelatin – this snack takes a bit longer to prep, but it's a hit with the kids. Prepare your gelatin (sugar-free) following the  recipe. Then use tiara, heart, and star cookie cutters to make royal shapes that the kids will love!

4. Royal Cupcakes – because what's a party without cupcakes?! I kept things simple with purple frosting and these cupcake toppers. There is a lot of opportunity to go crazy with a cake or cupcakes, though, so have fun with this one! Princess Sofia Party Snacks + Party IdeasIn case you have been invited to a Sofia the First party and have no clue what kind of present to buy, have no fear! I am here to save the day. Gift Ideas for $20 or less: ** Bonus: they're all available at your favorite stores like WalmartAmazonTarget, and ToysRUs. Sofia the First Party 1. Sofia the First Royal Dress – because what little girl doesn't love playing dress-up?! This dress is awesome and allows imagination to take over. Your little one can dress up like Sofia and save the day. If it were up to my daughter, she would wear this dress 24/7. princess_sofia_dress_2 2. Sofia's Magical Amulet – imagination and creativity come to life as soon as the amulet is put on. Any Sofia lover is sure to smile when they open up this gift! Princess Sofia party 3. Sofia the First Doll – play time just got a whole lot more exciting now that Sofia can tag along on adventures. Sofia the First Party     What about you? Do you have a child that loves Sofia at home? If so, what are your favorite Princess Sofia toys? What are your favorite lessons to be learned from Princess Sofia? As for me? Well, I will leave you with mine.

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