Ribs and Chicken

Ribs and Chicken on the Grill

Chicken and Ribs on the grill bring out the best in barbecue. Done just right, the meat falls off the bone while the tangy sauce clings to each bite. It's no wonder the barbecue competitions feature the best ribs, chicken and especially sauces.

You can use bottled sauce, homemade sauce, or a mixture of both by adding your favorite spices to prepared barbecue sauce. Summer is the time for messy eating outdoors so don't skimp on the barbecue sauce. Take your time brushing it on, turning often, to avoid the burnt clumps of sauce that happen because of a flare-up.

Chicken legs feed a crowd cheaply, while baby back ribs are great for smaller gatherings. Both are wonderful summer meals we wait all winter for. We hope you enjoy our family's favorite summer grill recipes as much as we do!




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