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The Best Climbing Toys For All Ages

climbing toys for 6 year olds

The Best Climbing Toys For All Ages

Climbing is important for children and key to developing early childhood motor skills. It has been found that children who started climbing and exploring at a young age had enhanced directional and spatial awareness, balance skills, hand and foot coordination, as well as agility. A study at the University of North Florida also found that climbing improved memory. The study showed that just two hours after engaging in climbing activities, working memory had increased by 50%. Knowing that climbing can be extremely beneficial, take a look below at the best climbing toys for your child, categorized by ages one through six.

Toddler baby climbs on a hot electric stove in the home kitchen. A small child touches the surface of the stove with his hand at the risk of getting burned. Kid aged one year eight months
If your little one loves to climb on things all over the house, get them a climbing toy to fulfill their need to climb in a safe and fun environment.

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At one year old, your toddler should be growing and developing strength to support them as they learn to climb, crawl, and walk. Climbing is an important element that will help your little one learn to understand height, depth perception, and spatial awareness. This age and developmental stage is vital to help them with stability, balance, strength, and flexibility. Although climbing and walking are not something they can always do on their own initially, giving them the space and the tools to learn and explore will be extremely beneficial. If you're looking for climbing toys that will best benefit your one-year-old, check out the guide below to help you decide on the best toy for them to continue to reach their developmental milestones.


By age two, your toddler is probably climbing all over the furniture as they want to explore and conquer new challenges with their growing abilities. This is important to their development as they learn to become more physically independent. But it's very important that as they take on these new challenges, we ensure their safety! Finding toys that fit their age is best to allow them to experiment safely. The guide below offers a selection of the best climbing toys for two-year-olds that will help them build their skills confidently while keeping safety a priority.


When looking for climbing toys for your three-year-old, you'll want to choose one that offers them more challenges as their skills have developed over the previous years. At this age, encouraging group play is also a great element for them to develop social skills. This is important at this age to prepare them for preschool. They're also developing their skills and have the ability to carry on conversations. Finding toys large enough for multiple children to play on can be beneficial. Also, consider toys that will enhance not only their physical skills but also their imagination and creativity! Check out the guide below to see the best climbing toy options for three-year-olds.


Now that your child is four, they have lots of energy to get out! Using this energy to play outside and enhance their climbing skills is a great way to continue their development. Encouraging your children to climb will allow them to strengthen their problem-solving skills, work on their focus and concentration, and continue building their physical strength. Climbing toys for four-year-olds should offer challenges, allow group play, and encourage them to be creative and use their imagination. Check out the guide below for the best climb toys for four-year-olds.


This age marks a period of remarkable growth! Your five-year-old is always absorbing knowledge, gaining confidence, and pursuing their independence. They are also honing in on their gross motor skills, engaging in imaginative play, and learning essential social skills. Climbing toys for this age should cater to their adventurous spirit and current interests while prioritizing durability and safety. Choosing a toy that will offer them challenges but not too hard that they'll shy away from playing on is important. Here is a guide to some of the best climbing toys for five-year-olds.


Climbing toys for six-year-olds should prioritize challenges and activities that pair well with their physical skills and interests. Whether your child is more reserved and prefers a reserved approach to climbing or if they are adventurous and like to push themselves, tailoring a toy to your child's specific needs will allow them to get the most out of it. At this age, they are entering their years of formal education and learning and engaging in different kinds of activities. Choosing the right toy will be important to further their success in what they are learning and diving into at school. Here is a guide to the best climbing toys for six-year-olds.

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