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15 Of The Largest School Districts In Maryland Are Massive

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15 Of The Largest School Districts In Maryland Are Massive

Some of the largest school districts in Maryland are massive. This makes sense if you consider that the population of Maryland clocks in at around 6.165 million residents. The school districts were formed to provide the resources for education. According to U.S. News, during the 2021-2022 school year, there were around 25 school districts and over 250 high schools. 

In terms of Maryland’s educational history, starting in 1694 with a tax on hunted furs intended to raise funding for school. By 1723, enough funding was raised to provide each county with a public school. Maryland entered the union in 1776, and the Maryland Board of Education was first established in 1798 (via Maryland.gov).

In this post, we’ll discuss the numbers and qualities of the largest school districts in Maryland. While Maryland is smaller than Massachusetts, coming in 42nd in terms of the size of all 50 states, it still has some massive school districts. Stick around to learn about the largest school districts in Maryland and how many students attend. It’s no wonder so many people are proud of the educational opportunities in the great state of Maryland. Read on to learn more about the largest school districts in Maryland.

1. Montgomery County Public Schools

Starting off with the Montgomery County Public Schools which includes 209 schools. There are around over 158,000 students in attendance. This district has received an “A” grade from Niche, a school rating and resources website.

2. Prince George's County Public Schools

Next up we have Prince George's County which includes around 206 schools, and over 128,000 students. Despite being one of the largest school districts in Maryland, Prince George's County has a C rating from Niche. Take a look at their data-gathering guidelines to get a better idea of how these grades are calculated when assessing certain school districts.

3. Baltimore County Public Schools

The Baltimore County Public Schools has some 177 schools and over eleven thousand students. It received a B grade from Niche. Check out their website for more details on school-related events., enrollment data, and other details of the Baltimore County Public Schools.

4. Anne Arundel County Public Schools

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools district was named for Anne Arundel, the first lady of Maryland. It has some 126 schools and over 83,000 students in attendance. As per Niche, it has earned a B grade.

Some of the largest school districts in Maryland have over 150,000 students in attendance.

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5. Baltimore City Public Schools

The Baltimore City Public Schools district is different than the Baltimore County Public Schools district. There are 177 schools in this district, ranging from elementary through high school. There are over eleven thousand students and the district received a C+ grade through the Niche assessment.

6. Howard County Public Schools

The Howard County Public Schools may be 6th on this list in terms of attendance, but it has an A+ grade through Niche. It is slightly smaller than Baltimore City's numbers, clocking in with 77 schools, and over 57,000 students. Smaller schools make for smaller student-teacher ratios, which may be a part of why this particular district has a higher score overall.

7. Frederick County Public Schools

Frederick County Public Schools has an A- grade from Niche. There are 69 schools in this district with some 45,000 students in attendance. Even though this is quite a drop in students from the Montgomery district's 158,000, Frederick is still considered one of the largest school districts in Maryland.

8. Hartford County Public Schools

The Hartford County Public School district also has an A- grade from Niche. There are 55 schools included in this district, and over 37,000 students in this Maryland school district.

9. Charles County Public Schools

Charles County Public Schools has 39 schools and over 26,000 students attending those schools. They have a Niche grade of B, check out this rundown of the Charles County Public school ratings.

10. Carroll County Public Schools

Here we are, at #10, the Carroll County Public Schools. This district has 44 schools, and around 25,000 students in attendance. Its Niche grading comes in at an A.

11. Washington County Public Schools

The Washington County Public Schools include 44 schools from primary through highschool programs. There are around 22,000 students in attendance and an overall Niche grade of B+.

Library and campus of the University of Maryland located in College Park, MD.
While Maryland is known for its higher education opportunities, it also has some great public schools.

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12. St. Mary's County Public Schools

St. Mary's County Public Schools has a Niche grade of A- with around 28 schools in its district. There are some 17,000 students in attendance.

13. Calvert County Public Schools

Calvert County Public Schools also have an A- Niche grade. It has 25 schools and 165,000+ students.

14. Cecil County Public Schools

The Cecil County Public Schools have an overall Niche grade of B-. There are 29 schools, which is actually higher than the previous 2 counties on this list. There are over 14,000 students.

15. Wicomico County Public Schools

And last, but not least, the Wicomico County Public Schools with a B grade on Niche. It has 25 schools, and just under 15,000 students in attendance. Even though Wicomico County is one of the smaller districts on this list, it still encompasses some 25 schools and a lot of Maryland residents.

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