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The 12 Largest Schools In Vancouver Today

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The 12 Largest Schools In Vancouver Today

While Vancouver is loved by many tourists for its incredible scenery and various activities, it is also home to a plethora of schools. The public schools cover 58 square miles in Clark County and the standard of education is considered excellent. With multiple schools in the area, both public and independent, some of them are larger than others. In this article, we will be discussing the largest schools in Vancouver today. We will be focusing solely on public schools. The ratings will be based on the population of each school. 

1. Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School – 2,055 

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School is one of three French Immersion secondary schools in Vancouver.

©Arnold C, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons – License

As one of the largest schools in Vancouver, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School is one of three International Baccalaureat schools in the area. Additionally, it is one of three French Immersion secondary schools in Vancouver. With a student population of 2,055, it is a very popular school choice. With a diverse student population, this school offers students who were born in over 50 different countries. Additionally, it is one of only two District Autism Resource Programs. Also, it offers courses and departments in Technology, Home Economics, Visual and Performing Arts, Business Education, and more. 

2. Killarney Secondary School – 2,000

Killarney is one of the largest schools in Vancouver with a student population of approximately 2,000 students.

©Arnold C, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons – License

This school, located in Vancouver, is the largest secondary school by area. However, its student population is approximately 2,000 students. This school, grades 8-12, places emphasis on math and science. Additionally, it has a well-known Fine Arts Program. They have a teaching staff of 167 and offer a plethora of extracurricular activities. 

3. Vancouver Technical Secondary School – 1,650 

When this school was first built, it was a boys-only school.

©Arnold C, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons – License

This school is often referred to as Van Tech and offers Advanced Placement, Flex Humanities, French Immersion, and other programs to its students. Initially, when it opened in 1916, it was a boys-only school. As the school expanded and new buildings were added things changed. Girls were admitted to the school in 1940 and were given their own wing in the school. Vancouver Technical offers two Mini School Programs. Those programs include Summit and Flex Humanities. Summit is a five-year program that focuses on enhancing the four academic courses. Flex Humanities focuses on integrating Philosophy, World Literature, History, Fine Arts, Film and Media Studies, and Integrated Arts and Technology. 

4. David Thompson Secondary School – 1,451

Young friends studying together outdoor sitting in university campus park - Focus on left girls faces
David Thompson Secondary School is located between Killarney Secondary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School.


Located in Central Vancouver, this secondary school opened in 1958. It is located between Killarney Secondary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. The school is full of rich history, inspired by David Thompson. David was a geographer, surveyor, explorer, and fur trader. His maps and journals are a primary source of Candian history. Students in this school excel in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English. 

5. Eric Hamber Secondary School – 1,405 

About 70 percent of graduating seniors graduate with honors from this school.

©Arnold C, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons – License

This public secondary school is located in the South Cambie neighborhood. It has a high success rate with about 70 percent of its seniors graduating with honors. As one of the largest schools in Vancouver, this secondary school was named after Eric Hamber. Eric was an athlete, a businessman, and an honorable member of the community. The school honors him with their school colors, maroon, and light blue. 

6. Gladstone Secondary School – 1,340 

Gladstone Secondary School's school motto is “By Faith and By Courage.”

©Arnold C, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons – License

This large school in Vancouver gets its name from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William Ewart Gladstone. Mr. Gladstone was Prime Minister four times between the years of 1868 and 1894. The property on which the school is built used to be an old farm, but was designated to become a school in the 1920s. However, due to the depression, construction did not start until 1949. With a school motto of “By Faith and By Courage,” students here are encouraged to achieve excellence. 

7. Kitsilano Secondary School – 1,330 

This large Vancouver school offers French immersion programs as well as on-site pre-employment.

©Bob_2006, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons – License

This school has been described as the heart of the neighborhood and has been revered for constantly adapting to the times. Kitsilano offers several district programs such as French immersion as well as on-site pre-employment. Additionally, it offers Advanced Placement Programs to its students. Besides being known for offering great education to its students, Kitsalon is also known for the various films that were shot there such as “The Santa Claus 2” and “Jump Street.” 

8. Lord Byng Secondary School – 1,268 

The Byng Arts Mini School Program is a very popular program that places students' artistic development at the forefront of their education.

©Arnold C, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons – License

This school opened in 1925 and is now a public secondary school serving grades 8-12. This school offers excellent programs in performance and visual arts programming. Additionally, it offers computer sciences, traditional academic programs, and the Byng Arts Mini School Program. This is a program that places the student’s artistic development at the forefront of their education. Students in this program typically specialize in Visual Arts, Band, Strings, or Theater. 

9. Magee Secondary School – 1,199 

Magee Secondary School has a student population of 1,199.

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This large secondary school in Vancouver follows the traditional BC high school curriculum. This means offering courses in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Also, language courses are offered in Japanese, French, and Spanish. This school prides itself on finding strength in diversity and fostering a caring school community. 

10. Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School – 1,160 

Empty defocused university classroom. Blurred school classroom without students with empty chairs and tables. Business conference room
When it originally opened, this school only served grades 7-9.


This school opened in 1959 and originally only served grades 7, 8, and 9. Now, it serves grades 8-12 and has a student population of 1,160 students. They included these additional grades by 1965. While there is some dark history in past years at the school, the new school culture is much more uplifting. Their school motto of ROARS, standing for Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility, and Safety, shows the school's core values. In addition to traditional school programs, Tupper also offers Mini School and Tupper Tech programs. 

11. John Oliver Secondary School – 1,150 

This school aims to enhance the intellectual, emotional, and physical potential of all students who attend.

©sageb1, CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

Beginning in 1912, this secondary school is full of rich history. This school is a great demonstration of the changes to the education system in the 20th century. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, including but not limited to STEM programs. Additionally, this school aims to enhance the intellectual, emotional, and physical potential of all students who attend. 

12. Windermere Community Secondary School – 1,009 

Close up of focused middle school students taking examination at desks
This school has a very diverse population with 32 languages spoken by students.

©Juice Flair/Shutterstock.com

This large secondary school in Vancouver offers a diverse student population. With 32 languages spoken by students and a population ranging from over 40 different countries. This school is dedicated to enhancing students and providing them with a challenging and safe learning environment. With a student population of 1,009, it is no wonder why it makes it onto the largest schools in Vancouver list.

Public Schools In Vancouver: A-K

Below is a table that showcases the public schools in Vancouver, their grade levels, and their student population. It is sorted alphabetically.

School NameGradePopulation
Admiral Seymour ElementaryK-7150
Bayview Community ElementaryK-7289
Britannia Community ElementaryK-7188
Britannia Community Secondary8-12758
Captain James Cook ElementaryK-7460
Carnarvon Community ElementaryK-7375
Champlain Heights AnnexK-3100
Champlain Heights Community ElementaryK-7300
Charles Dickens AnnexK-3105
Charles Dickens ElementaryK-7470
Chief Maquinna ElementaryK-7220
Collingwood Neighbourhood SchoolK-3139
Crosstown ElementaryK-7415
David Livingstone ElementaryK-7290
David Lloyd George ElementaryK-7430
David Oppenheimer ElementaryK-7425
David Thompson Secondary8-121,451
Dr A R Lord ElementaryK-7193
Dr Annie B Jamieson ElementaryK-7500
Dr George M Weir ElementaryK-7453
Dr h N MacCorkindale ElementaryK-7275
Dr R E McKechnie ElementaryK-7266
École Jules Quesnel ElementaryK-7335
Edith Cavel ElementaryK-7300
Elsie Roy ElementaryK-7429
Emily Carr ElementaryK-7300
Eric Hamber Secondary8-121,405
False Creek ElementaryK-7249
Florence Nightingale ElementaryK-7260
G T Cunningham ElementaryK-7428
General Brock ElementaryK-7250
General Gordon ElementaryK-7440
General Wolfe ElementaryK-7450
Gladstone Secondary8-121,340
Graham Bruce Community ElementaryK-7198
Grandview ElementaryK-7184
Hastings Community ElementaryK-7630
Henry Hudson ElementaryK-7398
J.W. Sexsmith Community ElementaryK-7338
John Henderson ElementaryK-7520
John Oliver Secondary8-121,150
Kerrisdale AnnexK-2100
Kerrisdale ElementaryK-7650
Killarney Secondary8-122,000
King George Secondary8-12500
Kitsilano Secondary8-121,330

Public Schools In Vancouver: L-S

School NameGradePopulation
L'école Bilingue ElementaryK-7495
Laura Secord ElementaryK-7665
Lord Beaconsfield ElementaryK-7230
Lord Byng Secondary8-121,268
Lord Kitchener ElementaryK-7480
Lord Nelson ElementaryK-7450
Lord Roberts AnnexK-3145
Lord Roberts ElementaryK-7450
Lord Selkirk AnnexK-489
Lord Selkirk ElementaryK-7745
Lord Strathcona Community ElementaryK-7450
Lord Tennyson ElementaryK-7414
Magee Secondary8-121,199
Maple Grove ElementaryK-7418
Mount Pleasant ElementaryK-7242
Nootka Community ElementaryK-7425
Norma Rose Point Elementary JuniorK-7743
Pierre Elliott Trudeau ElementaryK-7193
Point Grey Secondary8-12919
Prince of Wales Secondary8-12900
Queen Alexandra ElementaryK-7280
Queen Elizabeth AnnexK-370
Queen Elizabeth ElementaryK-7402
Queen Mary ElementaryK-7350
Queen Victoria AnnexK-5155
Quilchena ElementaryK-7185
Renfrew Community ElementaryK-7445
Shaughnessy ElementaryK-7478
Simon Fraser ElementaryK-7327
Sir Alexander Mackenzie ElementaryK-7425
Sir Charles Kingsford-SmithK-7264
Sir Charles Tupper Secondary8-121,160
Sir James Douglass AnnexK-3510
Sir James Dougless ElementaryK-7510
Sir John Franklin CommunityK-7189
Sir Richard McBride AnnexK-356
Sir Richard McBride ElementaryK-7350
Sir Sandford Fleming ElementaryK-7455
Sir Wilfred Grenfell CommunityK-7378
Sir Wilfred Laurier ElementaryK-7283
Sir William Osler ElementaryK-7220
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary8-122,055
Sir Wm Van Horne ElementaryK-7430
Southlands ElementaryK-7230

Public Schools In Vancouver: T

School NameGradePopulation
Tecumseh AnnexK-369
Tecumseh ElementaryK-7411
Templeton Secondary8-12801
Thunderbird ElementaryK-7240
Tillicum Community AnnexK-4100
Trafalgar ElementaryK-7446
Tyee ElementaryK-7190

Public Schools In Vancouver: U-Z

School NameGradePopulation
University Hill ElementaryK-7496
University Hill Secondary8-12655
Vancouver Alternate School8-12N/A
Vancouver Technical Secondary8-121,650
Walter Moberly ElementaryK-7490
Waverly ElementaryK-7395
Windermere Community Secondary8-121,009
Xpey' ElementaryK-783
wekwanes te syaqem Elementary SchoolK-7N/A
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