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The Oldest Schools In Colorado Are Ancient

The Oldest Schools In Colorado Are Ancient

The oldest colleges in Colorado have unique records that date back for centuries. From elementary school to college, these historic establishments offer an excellent understanding of academic excellence and offer students the opportunity to discover their heritage with pleasure and admiration. 

Colorado is home to some of the great schools in the country. Colorado's public school system ranks among the top 10 in the US. For math and reading scores, its excessive faculty commencement rate is well above the national average. Colorado also has an expansive network of attractive private and public faculties that provide specialized curricula and university prep opportunities.

Colorado's schools are also committed to developing a safe learning environment for all students. The state has enacted plenty of policies intended to lessen bullying, which includes strict anti-harassment regulations, anonymous reporting structures, and subject suggestions that provide clear expectations for scholarly conduct and repercussions for violations.

We take a look at the oldest schools that are notable in terms of academics, extra-curricular activities, and general performance.

Happy elementary school teacher giving high-five to her student during class in the classroom.
Teachers who are well-trained and care about each individual student will make a child's educational journey enjoyable and fun!

Oldest Elementary Schools

1. St. Mary’s Academy (Private)

4545 South University Boulevard Englewood, CO 80113

St Mary's Academy, Colorado is a private elementary faculty located in Denver. It gives an extraordinary education style that emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual and ethical development, and social obligation. With its dedication to empowering students, St Mary's Academy has emerged as one of the most sought-after faculties in the country.


St Mary's Academy gives a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that is designed to foster crucial abilities as well as prepare students for other levels of learning. The curriculum consists of core subjects which include Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, in addition to extra lessons in Spanish, Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education/Health, and more. The faculty also offers a variety of extracurricular activities for kids to explore their hobbies outside the classroom.


The fraternity of St Mary's Academy is made up of passionate educators who have been carefully selected for their knowledge and dedication to the school's mission. The instructors strive to create a learning environment that is warm, welcoming, and encouraging. In addition, they attempt to instill in students an aura of self-respect, respect for others, and a knowledge of social responsibility.


Colorado's oldest schools have been providing quality education for its diverse student population for the longest time!

St Mary's Academy gives admissions on a rolling foundation during the 12 months. Applicants have to submit an online application, alongside their transcripts and other required files. The admissions crew evaluates each applicant's potential for achievement and decides whether or not to provide admission.

Student Life:

St Mary's Academy presents a safe and supportive environment for students to grow socially, emotionally, and academically. The faculty additionally gives a variety of extracurricular sports, consisting of sports groups, acting arts organizations, and golf equipment. Through these activities, students have the opportunity to explore their hobbies and develop new skills.

2. Polaris Elementary School (Public)

410 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205, US

Polaris Elementary School, Colorado is a public essential school located in Weld County. It offers an exquisite education for kids from Pre-K to 5th grade. The school has a strong awareness of instructional excellence and provides youngsters with possibilities to broaden their social, emotional, and physical abilities. From a secure studying environment and skilled instructors to numerous resources, Polaris Elementary has everything needed for fulfillment.


Polaris Elementary provides a rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of all of its students. Core subjects encompass math, technological know-how, reading, language arts, social studies, and physical education. Students are capable of exploring their pursuits via electives, such as art, song, and theatre. Technology is also integrated into education to foster creativity and twenty-first-century talents. Furthermore, students are able to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular sports, along with sports activities groups, clubs, and other programs.

Faculty & Staff:

Polaris Elementary has an experienced body of workers committed to offering pleasant schooling opportunities for students. The instructors are dedicated to cultivating a fascinating learning environment wherein every student is encouraged to achieve their full potential. The supportive group of workers guarantees that all children have access to the assets they need while additionally imparting emotional guidance when needed.


Polaris Elementary has a strong feel of networking with families and a body of workers actively collaborating in extra-curricular activities. The faculty hosts occasions at some stage in the year including family nights and science galas to foster a high-quality learning environment. Additionally, Polaris Elementary is devoted to serving its surrounding groups through outreach applications and volunteering opportunities.

Oldest Middle Schools

1. Morey Middle School

840 E 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

High School Volleyball Match In Gymnasium
Colorado's oldest middle schools provide multiple sports options to cater to your child's individual interests.

Morey Middle School in Colorado is an outstanding instructional facility for kids in grades 6-8. Located on the east side of the city, this public facility provides an excellent studying environment for its students. 

With a skilled faculty and personnel, Morey Middle School gives a variety of guides and sports designed to shape and interact with each student. 


Morey Middle School offers a comprehensive variety of guides from language arts, math, technological know-how, and social research lessons. Additionally, students can pick from electives that include acting arts, visual arts, computer skills, physical training, and fitness sciences. The school also offers an extensive style of extracurricular sports together with sports, clubs, scholar authorities, music, drama, and sports.


Morey Middle School has an extraordinarily skilled faculty devoted to offering a first-rate education to its students. The teachers are committed to helping every student reach their fullest potential by fostering a learning environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and vital questioning. The school also gives unique assistance programs for kids who require additional assistance.


Morey Middle School uses modern technology to enhance the learning enjoyment of its students. All school rooms are ready with interactive whiteboards, projectors, and computers connected to the Internet. The faculty additionally has a committed media center where students can access virtual textbooks, articles, and movies.


Morey Middle School prioritizes the safety of its students and the school at large. The faculty enforces strict security protocols consisting of ID game cards for traffic, video surveillance systems in all school rooms and corridors, and metal detectors at all entry points.

Extracurricular Activities: 

Morey Middle School provides its students with a variety of extracurricular sports to choose from. These include sports activities groups, clubs, student government, and track and drama programs. Additionally, the faculty offers occasional subject journeys for kids to explore new locations and cultures within the area.

Oldest High Schools

1. Manual High School (Public)

1700 E 28th Ave, Denver, CO 80205

Manual High School in Colorado is a highly-rated and fairly-reputable public high school located within the heart of Denver. It has a rich record of diverse student bodies, and rigorous instructional requirements which have made it one of the most exemplary high schools in the country for over 100 years. 

Manual High School offers great education and extracurricular activities designed to mentor students for the future. 


Male High School Tutor Teaching Students In Biology Class
Dedicated teaching staff at Colorado's oldest schools are passionate about their jobs.

Manual High School was founded in 1892 as the Denver Manual Training School, making it one of Denver’s oldest high school faculties. The school has an extended and storied record that has made it popular as one of the first racially integrated secondary institutions in Colorado. It became the first public faculty to offer high school-level training for its students. Today, Manual High School continues to offer terrific training to its students and remains a strong pillar of the Denver community.

Student Body:

Manual High School has an ethnically diverse scholar frame that mirrors the state of Denver itself. Students come from all parts of the metropolis and represent many extraordinary backgrounds, cultures, religions, and monetary statuses. This variety gives a unique learning environment for all at Manual High School.


Manual High School gives a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for enrolment in college and destiny careers. Many of the courses are AP level or Honors, allowing students to get a head start during their years in high school. The faculty additionally gives several non-compulsory publications consisting of music, art, overseas language, and overall training


Manual High School also has an extensive range of extracurricular activities for its students. From athletics to golf equipment to student clubs, there are loads of activities for students to get involved in within the college community. 

Most extracurricular activities focus on leadership, teamwork, and verbal exchange talents that scholars need to become successful once they gain entry to college and their future careers.

2. St. Mary’s High School (Private)

2501 E Yampa St Colorado Springs, CO 80909

High school entrance facade. 3d illustration
A high school experience in Colorado is one that your child will remember for a long time!

St. Mary's High School in Colorado is a non-public Catholic high school that imparts students with academically rigorous and spiritually enriching training that prepares them for university and after.

With its attention to the non-secular formation, holistic molding of an individual student, academic excellence, and service to the community, St. Mary's has ended up as one of Colorado's finest high schools.


Established in 1873, St. Mary’s is one of the oldest Catholic high schools in Colorado and has a protracted legacy of imparting an education primarily based on spiritual formation, ethical individual building, and instructional excellence. 

The faculty is sponsored by the Religious Sisters of Mercy who founded St. Mary’s in 1873 and continues to be dedicated to providing a faith-based knowledge of the environment that prepares students for life after high school.


St. Mary’s gives an academically robust curriculum with a number of courses in the humanities, sciences, mathematics, and history. The school has a strong awareness of high school-level studies with Advanced Placement (AP) guides available for qualified students. 

Additionally, St. Mary’s offers unique training to challenge and stimulate students.


St. Mary’s offers a variety of competitive interscholastic sports teams that compete within the Colorado High School Activities Association. The school accommodates groups for football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, football, tennis, cross-country jogging, and golfing. St. Mary’s has also won several state championships in diverse sports activities over the years.

Student Life: 

St. Mary’s offers several extracurricular activities that foster a feeling of networking and provide students with possibilities to discover their interests, develop management skills, and supply benefits to the community. These activities encompass student authorities, honor societies (together with the National Honor Society), golf equipment (like Chess Club and Drama Club), carrier agencies (like the Red Cross Club and Environmental Club), and religion-based ministries.

Oldest Universities

1. University of Denver (Private)

The University of Denver, located in Denver, Colorado is a prestigious non-public research university that gives an international-class education to its students. Founded in 1864, the University of Denver has always ranked among the pinnacle universities within the US and has produced several outstanding alumni. With over 11,000 students enrolled every 12 months, the University of Denver gives its students the opportunity to pursue their goals and excel in academics, studies, and extracurricular sports.


Universities offer various social interaction opportunities for your child.

The University of Denver was established in 1864 as the Colorado Seminary, by John Evans. It was to begin as a private Methodist faculty and its first accomplishment was admitting two students. Throughout its records, the college has seen many adjustments and nowadays it's far among the most prestigious universities in the United States of America. In 1911, the name changed to the University of Denver, and in 1925, it became a non-sectarian college.


The University of Denver gives a huge range of undergraduate and graduate degree packages in various areas. They include engineering, enterprise, training, law, fitness sciences, and many others. The University also has several studies centers and institutes, along with the Women’s College Research Institute, which is keen on creating awareness by providing students with hands-on instructional facilities. In addition to standard academic applications, the University of Denver additionally gives numerous scholarship opportunities for its students to explore different cultures and gain an international perspective.


The University of Denver is an exceptional school devoted to giving world-class education to college students. The DU faculty works together to ensure that every student receives first-rate schooling to help them reach their educational and professional dreams.

Campus Life:

The University of Denver presents college students with vibrant and attractive campus lifestyles. It has over 200 student activities ranging from academic golf tournaments to athletic teams. There are also several events hosted within 12 months along with concert events, artwork exhibitions, theater performances, lectures, and more. 

What’s more, the University of Denver offers its students advice on career choice, monetary resources for the underprivileged, and health services.

Student Housing:

The University of Denver presents many unique alternatives for on-campus housing. Students can pick from residence halls, rental complexes, or fraternity and sorority houses. All housing facilities offer safe and stable surroundings with services such as laundry centers, game rooms, and lounges.

University of Denver in the News

On June 12, 2023, CBS Colorado reported that commencement speaker Pat Hamill announced that every graduate in the class of 2023 would receive a gift of $500 from him. His hope was that the gift would inspire each new alum to pay it forward. Hamill is a University of Denver graduate himself. The gift was received with a standing ovation from graduates, who noted after the ceremony that they were highly appreciative of the gesture.

On May 11, 2023, the University of Denver reported that their graduate programs ranked among the Top 100 in the nation. These rankings come from U.S. News and World Report, which is known for its annual lists of the top colleges and university programs in the country. The Sturm College of Law, Morgridge College of Education, Daniels College of Business, and Graduate School of Social Work were all named to various lists from this publication.

2. Colorado State University (Public)

Fort Collins, CO 80523

Colorado State University  (CSU) is a public studies university located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was founded in 1870 and is now identified as one of the top universities in the United States. The college serves an ever-developing scholar body of over 33,000 students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries globally.

At CSU, college students can pursue a wide range of stages and programs throughout nine unique colleges, which include enterprise, engineering, and liberal arts. With its robust team of lecturers, colorful town life, and beautiful Rocky Mountain perspectives, Colorado State University offers a completely unique mix of opportunities for all types of freshmen. 

Campus Life

CSU has an impressive and vibrant campus life. The university gives an extensive range of cultural, social, athletic, and academic sports to its college students. The college boasts over four hundred pupil organizations, in addition to lots of clubs, enjoyment sports, career possibilities, and intramural sports activities that keep the network engaged and linked. Moreover, CSU is home to some scholar-based functions such as Ram Fest, the annual tune and humanities pageant hosted by the university's student programming board.

Graduation rates at Colorado's universities are impressively high.


CSU offers an outstanding variety of academic packages throughout its nine faculties. The university is split into the College of Liberal Arts, College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Natural Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, College of Agriculture, College of Education, College of Health and Human Sciences, and the Graduate School. 

These schools offer students the opportunity to pursue a huge range of majors, such as commercial enterprise, engineering, psychology, biology, agriculture, and health sciences, among others. CSU also boasts particular research-focused programs, which include the Rams Research Institute and the Experimental Program to facilitate Competitive Research.


Colorado State University is an enormously aggressive group and admissions necessities are primarily based on every applicant's GPA, test scores, academic report, extracurricular activities, and other factors. 

The college offers merit-based scholarships to recognize instructional excellence and programs for underprivileged folks who qualify. Furthermore, the college hosts a number of activities and sports for the duration of 12 months to help potential college students analyze more about CSU.

Colorado State University in the News

On July 18, 2023, CBS Colorado reported that CSU received a $6.7 million grant to build a bat research center in Fort Collins. CSU has one of the only established bat colonies specifically for research, and hopes to use the new facility to continue researching and breeding these bats. CSU made important contributions to research at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new facility will allow them to push their research into other areas besides bat virus transmission.

On July 20, 2023, Top Class Actions reported that CSU was affected by a cyberattack on the MOVEit Transfer system. The school released a statement saying that some members of CSU's community may have had their personal information leaked as a result of the cyberattack. More than 280 other organizations were affected by this attack; CSU is working closely with them to determine the full extent of the damage. The school plans to further improve its data security following the incident.

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