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Words That Rhyme With Good

Words That Rhyme With Good

What words rhyme with good? Read on to find out, and also check out our short stories that rhyme with good. They'll inspire you to write your own!

Words That Rhyme with Good

  • Could
  • Should
  • Hood
  • Would
  • Wood
  • Stood
  • Unlikelihood
  • Misunderstood
  • Understood
  • Boyhood
  • Childhood

Short Stories That Rhyme with Good

Each day, Davis would go out into the wood.
It was a place where a great castle once stood.
Davis was also known to not do what he should.
His mother told him he ought to take his hood.
Davis laughed, like any proud child would.
Davis left without his hood.
He fled to the grounds where the castle stood.
But Davis' mother was right about taking a hood.
His hair caught in brambles that scratched what they could.
Davis returned home, like any injured boy would.
He hugged his mother because he now understood.
Parents give warnings because they remember childhood.

Sheila liked to sing as loud as she could.
She sang at all times, whether or not one should.
Sheila would sing wherever she stood.
When told to be quiet, Sheila hummed in her hood.
Despite all Sheila's noise, most misunderstood.
Sheila sang not for attention but because her mommy could.
Sheila's mother sang like only an angel could.
Sheila's mom's singing won her awards of silver, gold and wood.
Sheila simply wanted to stand where her mother stood.
Sheila knew that her voice was just as good.

Michael loved his toy sword made of wood.
Michael would use it to slay every toy monster he could.
Only Michael could see where these monsters stood.
His parents loved their little warrior, like all parents should.
Every morning Michael's dad left, but Michael understood.
Michael's dad had his own monsters to slay, monsters only a parent could.
Every evening Michael greeted his dad from the wood.
Every evening Michael's dad hugged Michael, like only he should.
“I just wanted to make sure that everything was good”
“Everything went fine, like I told you everything would.”

Angela was a girl made of wood.
This was thanks to her grandmother's magic hood.
Despite being wood, Angela could move like any kid could.
The hood's special magic worked because Angela understood.
Angela understood that magic works like all magic should.
To go back to human, Angela needed to stand where she stood.
By thinking of her clothes, Angela stopped being wood.
Angela loved the magic of her grandmother's hood.

Hiro built his home out wood.
Hiro used the trees by the forest, knowing he could.
Hiro chopped each tree where it stood.
Hiro has a home but less shade that he should.

Shauna worked on her special talent, like all talented kids should.
Her talent was understanding animals, of the sea, sky and wood.
Once, Shauna stumbled across something that froze her where she stood.
It was a king cobra with a massive black hood.
Being quite brave, Shauna yelled loud as she could.
Help came to Shauna, as Shauna knew it would.

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