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Most Popular Baby Boy Names by State for 2014

Most Popular Baby Boy Names by State for 2012

Most Popular Baby Boy Names by State for 2011

Popular Baby Boys Names by State

State # 1 Baby Boy Name # 2 Baby Boy Name # 3 Baby Boy Name # 4 Baby Boy Name # 5 Baby Boy Name
Alabama William James John Mason Elijah
Alaska Liam James Noah Wyatt Gabriel
Arizona Noah Liam Alexander Daniel Jacob
Arkansas Mason William Noah Elijah James
California Noah Jacob Ethan Daniel Alexander
Colorado Liam Alexander Noah William Logan
Connecticut Mason Noah Alexander Jacob Liam
Delaware Liam Michael Mason Jacob Logan
Dist. of Columbia Alexander William John Benjamin Charles
Florida Noah Liam Jacob Michael Mason
Georgia William Mason Noah James Jacob
Hawaii Noah Liam Mason Aiden Alexander
Idaho Liam William Mason Oliver Samuel
Illinois Noah Alexander William Michael Liam
Indiana Liam Noah Elijah Mason William
Iowa Liam William Mason Noah Owen
Kansas William Liam Noah Mason Jackson
Kentucky William Elijah James Mason Noah
Louisiana Mason Liam Noah William Elijah
Maine Liam Mason Owen Benjamin Jackson
Maryland Noah Liam William Mason Michael
Massachusetts Benjamin William Jacob Liam Michael
Michigan Liam Noah Mason Carter Jacob
Minnesota Henry William Liam Owen Benjamin
Mississippi William James John Elijah Mason
Missouri Liam William Mason Noah Elijah
Montana William Benjamin Mason Liam Noah
Nebraska Liam Mason Noah William Henry
Nevada Noah Daniel Ethan Anthony Jayden
New Hampshire Jacob Mason Jackson Benjamin Owen
New Jersey Michael Matthew Joseph Liam Daniel
New Mexico Noah Liam Elijah Jacob Daniel
New York Jacob Liam Ethan Michael Noah
North Carolina William Mason Noah Liam Elijah
North Dakota Liam Mason William Noah Owen
Ohio Liam Mason Noah William Carter
Oklahoma William Mason Liam Noah Elijah
Oregon Liam Henry Noah Benjamin Logan
Pennsylvania Mason Liam Noah Michael Jacob
Rhode Island Mason Liam Benjamin Logan Jacob
South Carolina William James Mason Noah Jackson
South Dakota Liam Lincoln Logan Noah Benjamin
Tennessee William Mason Elijah James Noah
Texas Noah Jacob Daniel Liam Jayden
Utah William Liam James Oliver Lincoln
Vermont Liam Mason Oliver Carter William
Virginia William Liam Mason Noah James
Washington Liam Benjamin Alexander Noah William
West Virginia Mason Liam Hunter Noah Colton
Wisconsin Mason Liam William Logan Henry
Wyoming Jackson Mason William Wyatt Liam



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