Birthday Party Ideas



Great birthday party ideas can help you create the birthday party of your child's dreams.

We've all been to kids' birthday parties that seem like disorganized chaos, with the birthday child looking more distressed than happy. A well planned party can make your child's birthday an event to remember, for themselves and their guests...and definitely you (for all the right reasons).

Birthday parties aren't hard to throw; it's all in the planning. Give yourself enough time to get a few ideas together and see what you and your child like the best. Take into consideration the ages of the birthday child and attendees, the place it will be held, and definitely your budget.

Our birthday party ideas will give you a springboard for getting started and can help you completely avoid those hushed whispers weeks after the party that clearly say "remember that time at her kids party when..." and they refer to an incident (possibly involving medical personnel).

Also check out the birthday party themes section for theme specific parties complete with game and food ideas, and the birthday party games section to keep every child happy, involved, and remembering the great time they had at your child's birthday party.


First Birthday Party Ideas

For that magical first birthday, these are party ideas that will keep you sane and your guests entertained.


Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party during the toddler years calls for different ideas or you could have total meltdown at any time. Let the good times roll for everyone with these great ideas.


Birthday Party Ideas for 5-7 Year Olds

This is a great age for birthday parties. Children love participating and truly enjoy every aspect of their special day. We've got ideas to help make this party incredible.


Birthday Party Ideas for 8-10 Year Olds

Older children love birthday parties as much as younger ones do, but will need a few more activities to keep them from getting bored. Far from just cake and ice cream, these ideas will keep things moving.


Birthday Party Ideas for 11-12 Year Olds

The 'tween years are a great time to keep kids connected, and what better way than a cool birthday party to let them hang out with friends and have fun while feeling just a bit grown up?


Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen birthday parties can be extra fun because their boundaries have expanded. From sleepovers to scavenger hunts, the best birthday party ideas for teens are here!




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