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Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

When you're searching for Christmas gift ideas for boys, there are so many choices that it might feel overwhelming. However, as long as you know the boy you're shopping for, you can narrow down options based on his interests. This gift list for boys includes a wide variety of options largely targeted for ages 6 and older. (If you're looking for ideas for younger boys, be sure to check out our gift guide for babies, gift guide for toddlers, and gift guide for preschoolers!) Now, let's help you find the perfect presents to put under the tree!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Segway Bike for Kids

Encourage your son to get active and explore on two wheels with this swank Segway Ninebot Bike. The bike's design is safety-first, with a fully enclosed bike chain as well as both hand and coaster brakes. The mountain tires are rugged and durable, and the lightweight frame makes it a dream to both ride and transport. Find it for $279.99 at Amazon.

Segway Ninebot Bike, $279.99 | Image: Amazon

©Ashley Haugen / Amazon – License

Rod & Reel Starter Kit

Whether you have a beginner angler or a somewhat seasoned fisherman who wants to start building his fishing equipment portfolio, you can't go wrong with this Lanaak rod & reel starter kit. The kit includes a 65-inch telescoping rod and spincast reel as well as a well-stocked tackle box, which includes bobbers, hooks, sinkers, jigs, worms and more. Find it for $31.97 at Amazon.

Lanaak rod & reel fishing it
Lanaak rod & reel starter kit, $31.97 | Image: Amazon.com

©Ashley Haugen / Amazon – License

Blockitecture Big Apple Building Set

Sure, blocks are more like a toddler gift idea, but this set of Blockitecture blocks is definitely designed for older kids. Let your child's imagination run wild as they create the Big Apple from these sturdy wooden architectural blocks designed by James Paulius. The 74-block set allows kids to build structures and create landscapes in many different ways so the creativity will never wane. Find the set for $150 at Rose & Rex.

Blockitecture big apple building blocks
Blockitecture Big Apple blocks, $150 | Image: Rose & Rex

©Ashley Haugen / Rose & Rex – License

L.L. Bean First Shot Archer Set

Inspire a love of archery with this starter archery set from L.L. Bean. The natural wooden handle is a perfect fit for young hands, and the easy-to-string bow ensures young archers won't get frustrated. The set also comes with three fiberglass arrows, a bowstringer, bowstring, a protective sleeve, hip quiver, armguard, paper targets and more. Find it for $119.

LL Bean archery set
L.L. Bean First Shot Archer Set, $119 | Image: L.L. Bean

Electronic Claw Machine

We challenge you to find a kid who doesn't love to try their hand at a claw machine. Bring the excitement home this holiday season with this Electronic Claw Machine from Fat Brain Toys. Activate the timer, and carnival music plays while players try to navigate the claws (via three joysticks) to the perfect spot to drop it and try to snag a prize. The machine comes with 10 prize pods (actual prizes not included) and six plastic tokens. Not only is it a fun challenge, but it helps promote hand-eye coordination. Find it for $59.95.

electronic claw machine
Electronic Claw Machine from Fat Brain Toys, $59.95 | Image: Fat Brain Toys

©Ashley Haugen / Fat Brain Toys – License

100 Books Scratch-Off Poster

For the voracious reader, gift them goals in the way of this 100 Books Scratch Off Poster from Uncommon Goods. The book bucket list features a variety of titles, from classic to contemporary, and genres, so there's always something new and exciting to read. Find it for $15.

Book bucket list poster
100 Books Scratch Off Poster, $15 | Image: Uncommon Goods

©Ashley Haugen / Uncommon Goods – License

LEGO Minecraft set

If your kid is WAY into LEGOs and WAY into Minecraft, then this LEGO Minecraft building set will blow their mind! The 316-piece LEGO invites curious minds to enter the wonderful world of Minecraft, where they can get lost in adventures with Steve, baby sheep, baby hoglin and a wither skeleton. Find the set for $29.97.

minecraft lego set
LEGO Minecraft building set, $29.97 | Image: Amazon

©Ashley Haugen / Amazon – License

Swurfer Bamboo

Regardless of whether your kid is a wannabe surfer or he just has TONS of energy to expend (and what boy doesn't?!), this Swurfer Bamboo from Fat Brain Toys is the perfect gift. With the foundation of a swing, the Swurfer invites all ages to climb aboard and stay seated for a more low-key ride, or stand up and “surf” — the higher you hang it, the more action-packed the ride. Find it for $139.99.

Swurfer bamboo swing
Swurfer Bamboo, $139.99 | Image: Fat Brain Toys

©Ashley Haugen / Fat Brain Toys – License

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Got a speed lover on your gift list? Satisfy their need for speed with this Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set. Four high-banked turns send cars speeding through the crash zone, where cars just might collide! The set includes one car. Find it for $49.99 on Amazon.

hot wheels track
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set, $49 | Image: Amazon

©Ashley Haugen / Amazon – License

Remote Control Monster Truck

If your son prefers his vehicular action on a slightly more “monster” scale, check out this BEZGAR RC Monster Truck from Amazon. The 4WD high-speed racer takes both land and water like a champ, and its reinforced frame ensures its durability can handle even the toughest terrain. Find it for $79.99.

RC Monster Truck
BEZGAR RC Monster Truck from Amazon, $79.99 | Image: Amazon

©Ashley Haugen / Amazon – License

Kids' Chess Set

Inspire a love for a more slow-paced activity that challenges the mind when you gift your son this Kids' Chess Set from Etsy. The portable set also includes backgammon so they learn to classic games at once. The solid beech wood board is handcrafted and varnished and can be personalized for an added touch. Included in the set are 32 chess figures and 32 playing pieces with velvet bottoms as well as a pair of dice, and it all comes neatly stored in a compact branded case. Find it for $259.99.

Kids' Chess Set from Etsy, $259.99 | Image: Etsy

©Ashley Haugen / Etsy – License

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