Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas craft ideas can answer the age old question..what's red and green, covered with stars and glitter? Christmas crafts of course!

There are a few things that seem more decadent at the holidays than enough time to sit and do nothing but craft. Why not indulge? Your sanity will thank you, and so will your kids. Christmas crafts don't have to be complicated or expensive; all you really need to make it Christmas is the seasonal colors and glitter. Just in case you'd like some help getting the creative ball rolling, keep reading and see how easy and fun Christmas crafting can be.

Hand and Foot Print Reindeer

This little crafts is a must for parents of young children. The reindeer are simple, and become a keepsake of those precious hands and feet when they were still small. The basic supplies you will need are: scissors, glue, a pencil, brown construction paper and crayons. To begin, trace both hands and one of your children's feet. Cut out the hands and feet. Very young children may need some help cutting out the hands, or you may end up with hurt fingers.

To make the reindeer,  glue the hands to the heel side of the footprint cut out. Arrange the hands so the fingers look like antlers. Now that the reindeer is assembled let your child decorate them with the crayons any way they wish. If you want to jazz this little project up a bit use glitter, googly eyes or puff balls for a nose. Using two different colors of brown paper for the antlers and head creates more visual interest.


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