Easy Dinner Recipes and Menus

Easy Dinner Recipes and Weekly Menus

We've put together eight weeks worth of quick and easy dinner recipes, complete with the recipes for each day's main dish and side dishes.

Click on the link for each week to get the full week of recipes, and the meal plans that go with each day. We've done the planning so you can forget worrying about what's for dinner tonight.

Everyone knows that eating dinner together as a family is beneficial in so many ways. It's the planning, day in and day out, while running out of ideas for plain chicken or ground beef that turns dinner into a chore.

Getting a homecooked meal on the table is always easier when the planning is already done.

These easy dinner recipe ideas are simple, tasty home cooked meals your family will enjoy. If you need more dinner recipes, you'll find plenty in our easy recipes section collection.

If you're watching your waistline or just trying to eat healthier, try the Eight Weeks of Healthy Dinner Recipes. They are tasty, healthy and just as easy to make as the traditional easy dinners!

Week 1 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Pork Chops

Week One - Dinner Together


Week 2 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Baked Ziti

Week Two - Looking Good and Easy


Week 3 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Shredded Beef

Week Three - Going Steady


Week 4 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Ham Mac and Cheese

Week Four - Contentment Every Night


Week 5 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Pizza Casserole

Week Five - Dinner is a Commitment


Week 6 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Garlic Chicken Recipe

Week Six - Blissful Hearth at Home


Week 7 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Week Seven - Plenty for Four (or more!)


Week 8 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Salisbury Steak

Week Eight - Mealtime Memories


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Dessert Recipes

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