Halloween Crafts


Cool Halloween Pins

What you will need:

Halloween candy molds
Instant paper Mache or polymer clay
Safety pins
Small paintbrush
Acrylic paints


Step 1: Fill candy molds with paper Mache or clay.

Step 2: Just before drying, insert a safety pin in the back of each figure (the closed side).

Step 3: Let them dry completely.

Step 4: Remove figures from the mold, and decorate with acrylic paints.

Step 5: Let them dry completely.


Spooky Placemats

What you will need:

Halloween drawing
Contact paper


Step 1: Make a Halloween themed drawing.

Step 2: Cover the drawing with contact paper.


Monster Man

What you will need:

White paper
Stiff green and black paper
Magic markers or construction paper
Black tissue paper
Scissors and glue
Needle and light colored thread


Step 1: Draw Frankenstein's head on a piece of paper and cut it out.

Step 2: Use the head as a template. Trace the shape onto the stiff green paper twice and cut them out. Set aside.

Step 3: Draw Frankenstein's torso on a piece of paper and cut it out.

Step 4: Use the torso as a template. Trace the shape onto the stiff black paper twice and cut them out. Set aside.

Step 5: Using the head template as a guide, make a cutout for the hair (the top of the hair should have the shape of the top of Frankenstein's head, and the bottom should have jagged points). Make two hair cutouts from the stiff black paper. Set aside.

Step 6: Draw the hands and boots on a piece of paper and cut them out (you don't have to use a lot of detail).

Step 7: Use the cutouts as templates. Trace the hand shape onto the stiff green paper four times and cut out. Trace the boot shape onto the stiff black paper four times and cut out. Set aside.

Step 8: Glue the bottom of head piece to the top of one torso piece. Repeat for the second cutouts.

Step 9: Glue the hair cutout to the top of the head cutout. Repeat for the second figure.

Step 10: Create Frankenstein's face with magic marker or construction paper scraps. Don't forget the scar!

Step 11: Cut four strips out of the tissue paper (1" wide).

Step 12: Fold the strips back and forth accordion style.

Step 13: Glue one end of the strips to the torso of one of the Frankenstein figures for the arms and legs. Be sure to glue them behind the figure.

Step 14: Glue one hand piece on the end of one tissue paper arm and glue another hand piece to the back of the first with the tissue paper in-between. Repeat for the other arm.

Step 15: Repeat the above step with the boots. Make sure the boots face the right way before gluing.

Step 16: Thread the needle. Cut off thread (leave enough thread to hang the Frankenstein figure).

Step 17: Carefully poke the needle through the top of a head piece (the knot should be at the back of the figure's head) pulling the thread all the way to the knot.

Step 18: Glue the second figure over the first with the tissue paper in between and covering the knot.

Step 19: Hang your creation!


Tissue Paper Ghost

What you will need:

Several sheets of white tissue paper
Strong white thread
Black construction paper
Craft wire
Scissors and glue


Step 1: Shape some white tissue paper into a ball the size you want the ghost's head to be.

Step 2: Place the tissue paper ball in the center of one layer of tissue paper.

Step 3: Gather outer layer of paper around the tissue paper ball and secure with thread.

Step 4: Print the ghost face template and cut out, or cut eyes and mouth out of black construction paper. Glue in place.

Step 5: Cut 6" of wire and wrap one end around the neck of the ghost figure. Use the other end to hang the ghost.


Halloween Tree

What you will need:

Silk or real indoor tree
White Christmas lights
Tissue paper bats
Strechable spider webs
Tissue paper ghosts


Step 1: Create the ghosts and bats

Step 2: Drape the Christmas lights in the tree.

Step 3: Hang the ghosts and bats from the branches.

Step 4: Spread the spider webs around the branches and on the tissue paper figures.


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