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10 of the Most Magical Kid-friendly Hotels Near Disneyland

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10 of the Most Magical Kid-friendly Hotels Near Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the most magical places on Earth, and the hotel you choose to stay in while visiting can add to the magic. Since there are so many hotels near Disneyland, we thought we would help you narrow down your options to the most kid-friendly and magical hotels close to Disneyland Resort.

When picking a hotel, there are lots of factors to consider. How close is it to where you want to be? Is it affordable? Are the rooms clean? What sort of amenities do they offer? All of these questions can make the process of picking a place to stay quite stressful.

With our list, you'll have a much easier time selecting where to stay. We've done our best to provide you with a range of options, from budget to higher-end. We've even included some of Disneyland's offerings, in case you want to stay right in the park. Keep in mind that this will often be more expensive!

To keep costs down, we recommend traveling in the off-season. Not only will prices be cheaper across the board, but the crowds will be smaller. This means less chaos and shorter lines! Who wouldn't love that? Plus, you won't need to book a hotel room so far out in advance.

Note that the pictures below do not necessarily represent rooms within each hotel.

10 Most Magical, Kid-Friendly Hotels Near Disneyland

Disneyland Hotel

Opened door of hotel room with key in the lock

©Dragon Images/Shutterstock.com

It doesn’t get more magical than the Disneyland Hotel. Here, you and your little ones will be in awe at all the Disney magic sprinkled throughout the hotel. From magical light up head-boards that sing to little Mickey ears patterned in the floor, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will the design and nostalgia blow you away, but you can even get one of the most popular Disney treats INSIDE the hotel, a Pineapple Dolewhip! That’s right, instead of waiting in line for one in Adventureland, you can grab one on your way to the park or to your room, right in your hotel.

Disney's Pixar Place Hotel

Bedroom interior the morning

©Edvard Nalbantjan/Shutterstock.com

Are your kids big Pixar fans? Then you need to check out this hotel! Formerly a beach-themed hotel, this particular property was re-branded to focus on one of Disney's most well-known studios. Bring along a couple of Pixar films to watch in the evening while you wind down!

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

A hotel room with bright fresh colors in Bali style, minimal style bedroom with ocean view

©fokke baarssen/Shutterstock.com

The description is in the name, it is GRAND! The lobby area alone will take your breath away with its lodge-like grandeur, architecture, and lighting. Not only will you and your kids love how big and fun it is, but by staying here you will get an exclusive private entrance to Disney California Adventure!

Great Wolf Lodge

Breakfast in bed, cozy hotel room. concept

©Anel Alijagic/Shutterstock.com

This extravagant hotel is literally a kid’s heaven! When you walk in, you are greeted by their fun Wolf mascot that gives you your very own pair of wolf ears to wear. This hotel includes a giant water park in it with several pools and slides, Flowrider, a lazy river and other splashing spots. It also has an ice cream shop, pizza parlor, kid spa, kid theater, arcade and more. You and your little ones will be blown away by this hotel and are sure to have a howling good time!

Castle Inn & Suites

Hands of hotel maid putting flowers on the stack of towels

©Dragon Images/Shutterstock.com

Speaking of fun hotels, the Castle is a very family and budget friendly hotel, within walking distance to the park. It has a fun castle-like exterior and your little ones will be given paper crowns to wear when they arrive. Your kids will love the fun theme the Castle has to offer and you will love the price!

Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites

Smiling family of four in the hotel lobby check in at the reception for vacation.

©Zoran Zeremski/Shutterstock.com

This hotel is a medieval inspired property, similar to the Castle Inn & Suites, with a pool located on the fourth floor. You and your kids can swim and relax while you watch the Disneyland fireworks at night! This is a great family friendly hotel and is right across the street from the park.

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

Picture of guests getting key card in hotel

©Kamil Macniak/Shutterstock.com

This hotel is truly majestic. It has a magical look and feel with beautiful greenery, pathways, and a courtyard. They even have their very own princess, Princess Corinne, that you can write letters to and meet during your stay there. They also have a story that your little ones can follow throughout the hotel that includes Princess Corinne, dragon footprints, clues, and other fairytale touches. Your kids will have a ball as they become entranced by the Majestic Garden Hotel’s story, theme and magic.

Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance

Hotel room


When it comes to locations, this hotel is one of the best. It is directly across the street from the park, which provides a very convenient theme park entrance. It has spacious rooms and a water park with water slides, a splash pad, and a pool. Your kids will have a blast with all of the fun amenities and close distance to the park.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Resort

Beautiful receptionists working at counter in hotel

©New Africa/Shutterstock.com

This hotel is known for it’s great staff and location. You and your kids will love the ease of being conveniently located directly across the street from the theme park entrance! Not only does if have a great spot, but a great value as well. Your little ones will also love spotting the giant Mickey you can see from the upper floors and hanging out in the kids lobby, where they can catch a Disney film. With newly remodeled rooms, including the upgrade option of premium view rooms with Disney vintage walls and a resort and firework view, this hotel will have you coming back again and again each time you visit.

Residence Inn at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center

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Not only is this a spacious and stunning place to stay for adults, but the kids’ suites are to die for! They are brightly colored, including polka dots on the walls, stripes on the carpet, and a touch of Disney throughout. Their modern-looking bunk beds are set up perfectly and will have your kids excited to stay the night when they get back from the park. Not only will the rooms and grand lobby take your breath away as you walk in, but the splash pad, rooftop pool, and bunk beds will take your kids’ breath away!

There are so many magical hotel options, from budget friendly to more extravagant. Take your time selecting, and make sure to pick the one that fits your family the best! We hope you have an amazing vacation.

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