Itzel is a baby girl name with proud Mayan roots popular among Spanish families. Itzel is also a unique way of honoring nature alongside a rich heritage. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Itzel

Mayan for “dew, nectar; rainbow lady”.

Origin of the name Itzel

Itzel comes from the Mayan language, giving it Aztec origins. There isn’t a clear line though on exactly how this came to be a baby girl name. In one theory, it stems from the Mayan word “itz”. In another instance, Itzel serves as a variant for the name “Ixchel”, the Maya goddess of the earth, medicine, and the moon. Otherwise known as the “Rainbow Lady”.

Symbolism of the name Itzel

As a baby name, Itzel is a lovely symbol of nature and all the beauty that is found with it.

Style of the name Itzel


Gender of the name Itzel

Itzel is a baby girl’s name.

Pronunciation of the name Itzel


Number of syllables in the name Itzel


Emotion evoked from the name Itzel

Itzel is a unique sounding name that can evoke feelings of peace and happiness.

Alternative spellings for the name Itzel

  • Itzell

Nicknames for the name Itzel

  • Itsy
  • Zelly
  • Itsie

Popularity of the name Itzel

According to the Social Security Index, Itzel held most of its popularity as a name for baby girls in 2005 when it ranked #328.

Related names for the name Itzel

Great middle names for Itzel and their meanings

  • Nicte (flower)
  • Dacey (from the south)
  • Sacnicte (white flower)
  • Akna (our mother)
  • Fabia (grower of beans; lovely bean)
  • Halle (Hay’s meadow)
  • Abi (my father is joyful)
  • Atzi (rain)
  • Toci (our grandmother)

Famous people with the name Itzel

  • Itzel Manjarrez (Mexican taekwondo athlete)
  • Itzel González (Mexican footballer)
  • Itzel Reza (Mexican sprint canoer)
  • Itzel Rios de la Mora (Mexican politician)

Itzels in movies/pop culture

  • Itzel (Mayan goddess of medicine, the moon, and midwifery)