Marlo is a youthful-sounding baby name. Some believe that Marlo is a variation of Marlowe. Others, however, think that the name is diminutive for Margaret. No matter the origins, however, Marlo is a top 2,500 option.

Meaning of the name Marlo:

English: remnants of a lake
American: drop of the sea, beloved

Origin of the name Marlo:

Marlo is a variation of the name Marlowe. The latter was a surname in old England that came from the title of a place. It was for families who lived by a specific lake in the country. Others believe, however, that Marlo is a modern invented name. They believe it became popularized after the existence of Marlo Thomas, whose original name was Margaret.

Symbolism of the name Marlo:

Marlo means “remnants of a lake” in England because it comes from the surname Marlowe. In America, however, Marlo began as a nickname for Margaret. It has the same meaning as the latter with this origin, which is “drop of the sea” or “bitter.”

Style of the name Marlo:

Traditional or modern depending on the origin

Gender of the name Marlo:

Marlo is a unisex baby name that is slightly more popular for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Marlo:


Number of syllables in the name Marlo:


Emotion evoked from the name Marlo:

Marlo is youthful and full of life. It is an amicable and extroverted option.

Alternative spellings for the name Marlo:

Nicknames for the name Marlo:

  • Mar
  • Mars
  • Marlie
  • Marli 
  • Marly
  • Lo
  • Lolo

Popularity of the name Marlo:

Marlo became a top 1,000 option in America in 1967 at rank 505. It was a top 400 name on one occasion, in 1970 at number 399. The last year that Marlo was on the Social Security Popularity Index was 1977 when it ranked 993. As of 2021, it is a top 2,500 option.

Related names for the name Marlo:

Great middle names for Marlo and their meanings:

  • Amelia (work)
  • Julia (youthful, sky father)
  • Mirabelle (of wondrous beauty)
  • Rhys (enthusiasm)
  • Palmer (holy land pilgrim)
  • Austin (great, magnificent)
  • Vaughn (small)
  • Tremaine (town built with stone)

Famous people with the name Marlo:

  • Marlo Thomas (actress, “That Girl”)
  • Marlo Morgan (novelist)
  • Marlo Dwyer (actress, “The Sniper”)

Marlos in popular culture:

  • Marlo Stanfield (character from “The Wire”)
  • Marlo Higgins (character from “Mario and the Magic Movie Machine”)
  • Marlo Cruz (character from “Rookie Blue”)
  • Marlo Chandler (character from “The Incredible Hulk”)