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Felt Pieces: How to Make Your Own!

Felt Pieces: How to Make Your Own!

I have fond memories of the felt board and felt pieces that I grew up with and was wanting to buy some flannel board stories recently.  I never knew how expensive felt pieces are!  Even the set I found on Craigslist was over $100!  After doing the iron-on onesie designs, I decided to use the same T-shirt iron-on transfers to make my own felt pieces!

Make Your Own Flannel Board Felt Pieces

make your own felt pieces

I'm super giddy and thrilled at how perfectly they turned out, because this opens a whole new world of possibilities for the different felt characters and images I can make.  I made these cute farm felt pieces using my printable quiet book pdf, and then just ironed them onto felt.  It took probably five minutes!  Now I have cute felt pieces to go in my portable felt book!

DIY felt pieces

How cute is this?!  I found the 3 Little Pigs printable from kizclub and made felt pieces from them.  You can get the 3 pigs pdf here: 3 Little Pigs Printable

felt pieces 3 little pigs

You can also make felt scripture story characters!  I have a plan to do one new story each week so that eventually I have a filing cabinet full of each of the stories.  You can get all of the scripture stories here:

Scripture Flannel Board Stories

bible felt pieces
Make Your Own Bible and Book of Mormon Felt Pieces

Tips For Making Your Own Felt Pieces:

  •  Just make sure that if you are ironing on an image with letters or numbers that you remember to reverse the image!  I forgot that the pigs had numbers on their shirts so I skipped this step (the numbers are backwards).
  • Use the snipping tool to copy and paste as many images to one page as possible so that you don't have to use as many transfer papers.  I try to leave as little white space as possible, giving me more felt pieces per page.
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