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I received an email from one of you asking for a round-up of quick and easy freezer meals for bringing home baby. I asked around, and my blogging friends made some great recommendations. I have been really excited about this post, because even though I don't have a newborn anymore, freezer meals are one of those things that I feel I need at all times of life. I really want to get better at stocking my freezer because it would really help me manage my time better as a mom.

If you are expecting a baby in the near future, you might also enjoy my post on the best products for new babies. I include a list of the “must-haves,” the “nice-to-haves” and the “you-can-do-withouts.” Many moms have also added suggestions in the post comments, so make sure to read those as well!

A bunch of freezer meal recipes, I love that they aren't all casseroles!

Easy Recipes for Freezer Meals

Granola Bar Bites

This one isn't a meal, but if you have a new baby in the home, you will need some quick snack options and this one is amazing (and healthy)! These freeze very well and are so dang good! They also make a great on-the-go snacks for the kids.

Granola bar bites + other amazing freezer recipes

Healthy Breakfast Burritos

A bunch of freezer meal recipes for busy seasons of life. These are fabulous!

Taco Soup

freezer meal recipes

Breakfast Rolls

Freezer meals for busy times in life

BBQ Pulled Pork

freezer meal recipes for busy moms

Baked Ziti Freezer Meal

a TON of really awesome freezer meal recipes

Easy Burritos

Freezer Meal Recipes

Beef Stroganoff

Easy Freezer meals

Chicken Manicotti

Tons of awesome freezer meals for when you have a new baby or other busy times

Super Fast Chicken Recipes 

chicken recipes + other freezer meals

Now you have some fun freezer meals to get you started! I plan on adding more to this list, but in the meantime,

What are some of your favorite freezer meals?