Reaching kindergarten: The best activities

For most kids, this is their first year at a big school.  Big school means kindergarten.  As they start this exciting year in their lives, they will be split between spending time at school and at home.  New friends will be made and daddy and mommy’s little son or daughter will seem to grow rapidly with each passing day.  There will still be plenty of play times for kids of this age, but teachers will slowly, but surely, start them with lessons full of counting, alphabet letters, animals, shapes and story characters.  At home, the little one will start to watch more advanced television programs and begin to pick up on funny lines or jokes.

Sitting at the dinner table will happen more often than before.  There is no longer a need for a high chair at this time.  A booster seat might still be required for smaller kids, but sitting at the table like a grown-up is a great activity for this age.  Sleeping early because of school the next day will also be a habit that is newly incorporated, as well as having your son or daughter brush his or her teeth without full supervision.  What are the best activities to keep this age group of children stimulated?  The best activities are those that will continuously teach them about the world around them.  Their minds start to develop more rapidly and their curiosities are now bigger than ever.

Counting to 20

Kids are usually asked to count to ten before starting kindergarten.  Counting to 20, however, is a big deal.  By sitting down with your child and going through another set of numbers, he or she will be able to count so much more than just fingers.  Toes can now be counted, too.

Telling time

Knowing what the numbers are on a digital clock is one thing, but how about knowing how to tell time on an analog clock?  By explaining how an analog clock works and pointing out the difference between the big hand and little hand, kids will be able to tell time anywhere.

Seasons and holidays

Kids don’t fully understand seasons quite yet.  But with kindergarten, they will be able to recognize more holidays besides Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Teaching kids about the four seasons will also inform them why some parts of the year are hot, and why some parts of the year are cold.

The five senses

Teaching your kids about the five senses will be such a beneficial thing to know and understand.  Why kids can go about their way everyday depends heavily on their five senses.  Knowing why they prefer certain foods to others and why one thing smells worse than the other are important lessons in life.

Knowing where they live

As kids get older, they will start to recognize their surroundings.  By pointing out where the house is and where it is located, it will give your child another form of identity.

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