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Home Fries vs. Hash Browns: Three Differences & What Restaurants Have the Best of Each

Home Fries vs. Hash Browns: Three Differences & What Restaurants Have the Best of Each

Home Fries vs. Hash Browns: What's the difference? While they are both kinds of potatoes, they have different tastes, different ways of being made, and different ingredients added to each.

The origin of hash browns came from Minnesota when a farmer wrote the recipe for hash browns. The idea of double-frying home fries is said to have originated in Belgium. Either way, different kinds of delicious potatoes have become a favorite breakfast in the United States. They are served in some of the best restaurants.

This guide looks at the differences between home fries and hash browns. We look at how they taste and are made differently, how they are made differently, and where you can find either of these at restaurants.

What Are Home Fries?

While home fries and hash browns are made from Russet potatoes, there are many more distinguishing things about these foods than similarities.

One of the signature things about home fries is that they are cut into cubed-shaped pieces. Cooking them makes the cubes' sides crispy, while the inside tends to be soft. Since the shapes of home fries are smaller, they tend to cook faster. They also tend to need less oil to give it a crispy flavor.

Lastly, home fries often have additional ingredients. They have bell peppers and onions that are mixed into them. Sometimes, bacon is added to it to give it extra flavor. This also distinguishes them from browns, which are often made by themselves, not added vegetables.

What Are Hash Browns?

Hash browns are another style of potatoes. There's also a variety of ways to make hashbrowns. You can make them shredded, patties, country-style, and O'Brien. You can also mix them with onions and bell peppers, but not traditionally.

The best way to make traditional hash browns is by shredding potatoes and cooking them in a pan with oil until they are golden brown and crispy. Another way to make it hashed brown is by mixing it with flour, eggs, and oil, which gives it a crisp taste.

You can also make hash browns at home with the right equipment. The best way to make them is to get a hash brown cutter. This cuts the potatoes into thin slices. You can then add a few tablespoons of oil as you cook it on a non-stick pan. You also have the choice to add green bell peppers, bacon, and even eggs to give the hash browns some variety.

The Main Nutritional Differences

Regarding nutritional value, house fries are very similar to hash browns. If you compare one cup of each to the other, you'll find that it has slightly more calories and protein than hash browns. This could be because of the added ingredients of bell pepper and onion. It could also be because house fries are slightly denser.

Either way, one of the best benefits of eating potatoes is that it provides Vitamin C. There's also the benefit of potassium. There's also evidence that potatoes may improve blood sugar levels.

While potatoes should be eaten moderately, they can provide a nutritional punch when it comes to sources of nutrition. Cooking them as either house fries or hash browns is a great way to consume these nutrients.

What Restaurants Have the Best Home Fries and Hash Browns

One of the best places to eat breakfast with either hash browns or house fries is PaperBoy in Austin, Texas. They are famously known for their breakfast menu items, such as hashbrowns and house fries with eggs, toast, and maple sausage.

The Flying Biscuit is another famous breakfast place in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have homemade potatoes that you can find in home fries or hash browns. They also come with pancakes, toast, and sausage.

One of the best places for house fries or hash browns is Ted's Bulletin, which is located in DC. You'll find some of the tastiest homemade house fries or browns for breakfast with toast, waffles, and other options.

Home Fries vs. Hash Browns: What Should I Order?

If you're trying to decide between home fries and hash browns, the best way to see what you like is to try both. However, it's also important that you try both from different restaurants or even make them at home. You may discover that hash browns and home fries are mixed with other foods or made with different oils.

Trying both can give you a better idea of what you like more. It can also make you appreciate the variety of ways that potatoes are made and the nutritional benefits they provide for you.

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