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Keep America Beautiful Month


April is Keep America Beautiful month. I’ve always hated litter, just as I hate laziness, and I feel the two go hand in hand. Then, I recently read an article where a group of young kids removed 7,651 cigarette butts all from one parking lot! How disgusting! I hate smoking as it is but can you imagine how trashy that looks when I see places to throw out cigarette butts everywhere?! It got me thinking about some projects to do with my own kids to help clean up some litter and keep America beautiful.
•    Go on a hike armed with plastic gloves and plastic bags and have a competition to see who can fill up the most bags.
•    Recycle a milk jug into a cute plastic grocery bag holder.
•    Park at the back of the parking lot and pick up trash on your way to the storefront.
•    Make a compost pile for all of your yard and vegetable scraps.
•    Save lemon, lime, and orange peels and soak in vinegar for homemade cleaners that smell delicious.
•    Buy reusable water bottles and stop buying disposable. Same goes for travel coffee mugs.