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The Best Slow Rides at Six Flags Great America

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The Best Slow Rides at Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America's name has become inextricably linked with roller coasters – and the park's standing as one of the most popular amusement parks in the United States is well-deserved.

The amusement park features over one hundred rides, ranging from traditional wooden roller coasters to cutting-edge modern thrill attractions.

But terrifyingly fast roller coasters are not all this park offers. Younger children can enjoy rides such as the well-known Zoom Jets, Tot's Livery, and Little Dipper, as none of these attractions have frighteningly fast speeds.

Krazy Kars

Your children will feel what it is like to be in the driver's seat on this leisurely drive through the countryside. Up to four people can ride in each brilliantly-decorated open-topped cruiser. Each seat has its steering wheel, so there will be no squabbling about who will be the driver.

Along the journey, there are a few twists and turns as drivers make their way through the course at their own pace. However, there is no need to be concerned if they take their hands off the wheel to take in the sights and sounds because a little rail keeps the vehicle from drifting off the road and into oncoming traffic.

For children who an adult accompanies, there is no minimum height requirement for this ride; however, the minimum height for riders riding alone is 36 inches.

Krazy Kups

Your youngsters will feel lightheaded from all of the enjoyment they are experiencing while partaking in this oversized tea party.

Choose one of the lovely hot pink cups, and get ready to turn like a top as you spin around the central tea kettle. How fast your teacup spins is entirely up to you to decide. If you take hold of the disk in the middle of the teacup and give it a slight whirl, you can make the teacup spin a little bit faster.

There are no height restrictions for children accompanied by an adult at this crazy tea party; however, riders must be at least 36 inches tall to ride alone.

Little Dipper

One could say that the Little Dipper is the younger brother of the Raging Bull; the only difference is that the Little Dipper moves at a more leisurely pace, ideal for youngsters who are just getting their feet wet on thrill rides. The attraction has a height requirement of 36 inches when accompanied by an adult and 42 inches while riding alone.

As it navigates steep falls and rapid curves, your train will race at moderate speeds that will make them scream and smile simultaneously; this frantic track will be traversed by your automobile in under a minute.

Your junior drop begins at an elevation of only 30 feet. Still, despite being not particularly steep, it is exhilarating enough to give you a little bit of a belly tickle.

Little Dipper — one of the best slow rides at Six Flags Great America
Little Dipper is one of the best slow rides at Six Flags Great America. Image: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr CC

©Six Flags Great America

Tot's Livery

Your children can relax and enjoy the beautiful views as they ride in one of these sophisticated horse-drawn carriages. Tot's Livery is the perfect ride for you and your kids to unwind during an eventful day. This carriage ride is fun for both grownups and little passengers alike.

This attraction has no minimum height requirement so that anyone can enjoy the ride.

Tot's Livery is located in Hometown Park, which was classified as a children's area when Six Flags Great America first opened in 1976. After you have finished this ride, you are free to participate in any other exciting activities that Hometown Park offers.


On this fun ride, your loved ones will fly through the air in a child-sized red airplane. Each fiery-red plane has space for a maximum of four co-pilots, should you take advantage of this opportunity.

Those pilots still in training will find the gentle circular motion comfortable. With the pull of a lever, your small pilots will select how high or low to soar. After you've landed, you won't be able to shake the feeling that you need to return to the clouds immediately.

ZoomJets has no height requirements for kids with adults, but 48″ is the minimum height for kids who want to ride alone.

Red Baron

This fantastic ride has no height limits, and youngsters get the chance to fly a replica of a biplane from World War I. Each of the planes allows guests the power to affect the vertical movement of their particular planes while the structure as a whole rotates.

You are in charge of determining the height at which your aircraft flies. You can soar to new heights to take in new viewpoints of the park or descend to new depths to get a feel for the ride's exhilaration.

Great American Scenic Railway

A trip to an amusement park isn't complete without a relaxing ride on the train. This classic train trip takes you on a leisurely 15-minute journey around the park. Then, get on board at the County Fair or Hometown Square station and see the sights through the wide-open windows.

Because this is an attraction accessible to guests using strollers, you can come here to catch your breath with your children after experiencing the wild rides at Kidzopolis or Camp Cartoon. This train ride has a reputation for putting the youngest passengers to sleep.

six flags great america great american scenic railway
The Great America Scenic Railway is an enjoyable slow ride at Six Flags Great America. Image: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr CC

©Six Flags Great America

Sky Trek Tower

At 330 feet in height, Sky Trek Tower is not only the tallest structure in the park but also the tallest free-standing structure in all of Lake County. In addition, the cabin of Sky Trek takes passengers up to an altitude of 285 feet.

Panoramic views of the Great America skyline are visible from the 28.5-story height of the spinning cabin. Learn about the park's past as you enjoy a leisurely journey to the top of the tower. Get a bird's-eye view of the park and map your day's activities while you're here.

Final Thoughts

These slow rides are great for families with young children or if you just need to take a break between heart-stopping roller coaster rides. Ready to spend some quality time with your family? We hope you enjoy your trip to Six Flags Great America.


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