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Macaroni Jewelry Crafts

Macaroni Jewelry

Macaroni Jewelry Crafts



Childhood Diamonds: Macaroni Jewelry

Macaroni crafts are great activities for children.  On a rainy day or during “down time,” kids can work on a number of different projects.  Making jewelry out of macaroni can be a really fun activity for kids and their parents.  Although it may seem like a silly thing to do, it is actually quite simple.  Just go to your pantry and find a box or bag of pasta, or you can use the pasta from a box of macaroni and cheese.  Save the cheese packet for an extra cheesy meal later and get creative with the pasta.

A necklace for every occasion

Macaroni bead necklaces can be given to friends or relatives as a cute little gift.  Here is how to make one in some very easy steps.  Before starting, make sure you have the macaroni, plus the following items:

Food Coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Measuring cups

If your child would like the macaroni colored, do the food coloring first by mixing food coloring and rubbing alcohol.  The best type for this activity is liquid food coloring.

  1. Pour ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol into a 12 to 16 oz cup and add anywhere from five to 15 drops of color.
  2. To create even more colors, have your child mix two different colors together for more variety.
    Next add the macaroni into the cup.  Stir until all the color is absorbed.
  3. Spoon the macaroni onto a paper towel and let it dry.
  4. Once the macaroni is dry, the jewelry making is ready to begin.
  5. After the coloring task is completed, determine how long your child wants the necklace by cutting string at the desired length.  Wrap one end of the string with tape so that sliding macaroni onto the string will be a little easier.
  6. Slide a piece of macaroni all the way to the end of the string and tie a knot around it.  This will help prevent other macaroni from sliding off of the end.
  7. Continue to add macaroni until the string is full.
  8. Tie each end of the string together to complete the necklace.  With the different colored macaroni, a child can get creative with various color patterns.


Bracelets made easy

Creating bracelets can be completed as well by following the same simple instructions.  Your child can be creative by using as many colors as he or she desires.  There are several sizes of macaroni as well, and that means more variety.

Mix and match macaroni

Depending on the occasion, a child can mix colors that work well with various seasons.  For example, you can string red and green colored macaroni together for Christmas presents or string together orange and black colored macaroni together for Halloween festivities.

Also, if your child would like to eat the necklaces created, using Cheerios instead of macaroni can be used as a substitute.  No matter the preference, this is a fun activity for children and it allows them to get as creative as they want to be.



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