Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas: 9 Restaurants Worthy of Michelin Status

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Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas: 9 Restaurants Worthy of Michelin Status

When it comes to fine dining, there are many awards out there for restaurants and chefs, but there's nothing quite as prestigious as the Michelin Star. Like any major city and tourist destination, there are numerous Michelin Star restaurants in Las Vegas. Or at least there are restaurants that may be worthy of receiving a Michelin Star. 

Currently, there are no restaurants in Las Vegas that have the honor of holding a Michelin Star. That's because there isn't a Michelin Guide for Las Vegas. Michelin did produce a guide for Las Vegas in 2008-2009, but the guide was discontinued after that.

While there are many Michelin-worthy restaurants in Vegas, there are only Michelin Guides for a small selection of locations in the U.S. with two new locations added by the end of 2023. Even though there aren’t any official Michelin Star restaurants in Las Vegas, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any restaurants worthy of Michelin Stars. Keep reading to find out what restaurants in Las Vegas may be worthy of this honor.

luxury tableware beautiful table setting in restaurant
Restaurants that achieve Michelin status are considered some of the top restaurants in the world.


Restaurants in Las Vegas that are Michelin Star Worthy

Michelin is constantly expanding their guides, and they may choose to revisit Vegas again in the future. If Las Vegas restaurants were evaluated by the Michelin Inspectors, we think the following Las Vegas restaurants would make the cut.

  • Joel Robuchon
  • Restaurant Guy Savoy
  • Michael Mina
  • Le Cirque
  • Picasso
  • Wing Lei
  • L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
  • Nobu
  • DJT

Let's take a closer look at what each of these restaurants has to offer.

Joël Robuchon

Bowl with soft boiled eggs on white background
Try a delicious soft-boiled egg for an appetizer.


Even though Joël Robuchon passed away in 2018, the legacy of this culinary genius lives on in many ways. One of the ways is through his Las Vegas restaurant. When Michelin Stars were awarded in Las Vegas, this restaurant received 3 stars, which is the highest award bestowed by Michelin.

When you discuss elegant, Michelin-worthy dining in Vegas, Joël Robuchon is the first restaurant locals and tourists alike will mention. This establishment has won numerous awards, such as the AAA Five Diamond award and the 5 Star Award from Forbes Magazine, not to mention Joël Robuchon was named the chef of the century. He was also the highest ranked chef in the world and won over 30 Michelin Stars throughout his career. 

Taking one step into the elegant atmosphere of Joël Robuchon will transport you to the finest corners of France. Chef Joël Robuchon believed in using simple ingredients to create a luxurious meal. This idea is evident in starters like the L’Oeuf de Poule, a deliciously arranged appetizer of soft-boiled egg on a spinach puree.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Grilled octopus tentacle with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and baked baby potatoes in white porcelain plate over blue concrete background. Side view, close up
At Restaurant Guy Savoy, you may have the chance to try an excellent octopus dish.


If you’re looking for an elegant oasis within the Las Vegas desert, Restaurant Guy Savoy may be what you need. Your experience at Restaurant Guy Savoy starts as soon as the walk in the doors at Caesar’s Palace. Your meal begins with a bread cart of freshly baked bread and the seasonal Amuse-bouche, or appetizer.

Restaurant Guy Savoy has won the Forbes 5 Star Award for 18 years, and it’s no wonder why with their elegant menu that delights each customer from start to finish.

In the previous Las Vegas Michelin Guide, this restaurant received two Michelin Stars, but it has also been voted as one of the top 100 restaurants in the country by Opinionated About Dining. Many restaurant-goers have compared the atmosphere of Restaurant Guy Savoy to the elegance of Joël Robuchon’s restaurants. Enjoy signature dishes like Octopus Terrine and the artichoke and black truffle soup.

Michael Mina

Tuna Tartare with white and black sesame seeds
Tuna tartare is a must-try at Michael Mina.

©Alexander Prokopenko/Shutterstock.com

If your idea of a luxurious and elegant meal includes the finest seafood, there’s no better choice than Michael Mina. The extensive variety of seafood offered at Michael Mina is flown in daily by private plane. Chef Michael Mina is an American chef with award-winning restaurants across the country.

Located in the lobby of the luxury Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Vegas, this restaurant is the perfect stop for those who appreciate the taste of fresh seafood. 

Some of the highlights on their menu include the Ahi Tuna Tartare, the Phyllo-crusted Petrale Sole, and Michael Mina's Lobster Pot Pie. Have some roasted mushrooms or whipped potato puree on the side.

Le Cirque

Refreshing White Wine in a Glass on a Background
Enjoy a wide array of wines with the guide of an expert Sommelier.

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Dining at Le Cirque in Las Vegas is an experience you will never forget. As soon as you walk in the door, you're overwhelmed by the colorful and vibrant atmosphere. Le Cirque somehow manages to perfectly combine the lively and fun décor with a level of luxury and elegance. 

The boldly designed dining room is a place of celebration- and their menu is certainly something to celebrate. You might start off your night with Alaskan king crab and caviar. At Le Cirque they dazzle their guests with a 4- or 8-course menu. Your meal ends with the Chocolate Ball, a dreamy dessert made of vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, and streusel.

The menu at Le Cirque also includes the option of a wine pairing or premium wine pairing, and they offer an extensive wine selection. From unique creations you won’t find anywhere else to French favorites like seared Foie Gras, there’s no limit to the amount of luxury in your meal when you visit Le Cirque.


poached lobster salad with cherry tomatoes and green leaves
Maine Lobster Salad is one of the delicious first courses at Picasso.

©Libin Jose/Shutterstock.com

It may be the name that draws you in, or even the knowledge of the art that will amaze you during your dinner. But no matter what drew you to this restaurant, you’ll be glad you chose this fine-dining experience. There’s no comparison to the atmosphere of Picasso, where you’ll find authentic pieces painted by Pablo Picasso himself.

The amazement, however, doesn’t stop there. They not only offer over 1,500 wine selections to pair perfectly with your meal, but the entrees inspired by Chef Julian Serrano are something most people have never experienced. The quail is a signature dish at this restaurant, with offerings such as Warm Quail Salad. Apparently, customers love the quail much, they’ve even ordered quail for dessert. 

Another unique aspect of this restaurant is they offer a vegan menu as well for those who eat plant-based or have dietary restrictions but still want the luxury of a fine-dining experience.

Wing Lei

delicious deep fried breaded shrimps served with lime wedges and coriander leaves on white plate on wooden table, copy space for text, view from above
Try the fried prawns at Wing Lei for a special dish.

©from my point of view/Shutterstock.com

Wing Lei stands out from the other restaurants on this list as the first Chinese restaurant in the country to earn a Michelin Star. Although there isn’t currently a guide in Las Vegas, Wing Lei was in the previous Las Vegas Michelin Guide.

When you walk into the white, gold, and jade dining room, every intricate detail tells a story about the history and style of the restaurant. The atmosphere of the room, inspired by Chinese jewel boxes, is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the experience of dining at Wing Lei.

Chef Ming Yu has always had a passion for food, and it’s evident through the classic Chinese cuisine served at Wing Lei. You’ll be delighted by favorite Chinese dishes, such as the Imperial Peking Duck, or you can choose something more unique like the Fried Pawns with candied walnuts.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Whole grain bread put on kitchen wood plate with a chef holding gold knife for cut. Fresh bread on table close-up. Fresh bread on the kitchen table The healthy eating and traditional bakery concept
At this restaurant, the food is prepared right in front of you!


Joël Robuchon makes the list again with the famous Vegas restaurant L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. This sensational establishment became popular due to its unique concept of preparing food right in front of the guests.

Although the experience at this restaurant is more engaging and interactive than some of the other ones that made the list, it doesn’t take away from the elegance of what’s prepared before you.

Even with a full view of the kitchen, you’ll still be in awe of the elegant meals that end up on your plate. Like Chef Joël Robuchon’s other Vegas restaurant, you’ll find some French favorites as well as unique creations on the menu at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. This fun, trendy restaurant on the Vegas Strip is worth the visit every time.


Boozy Refreshing Brandy Alexander Cocktail with Creme de Cacao
Enjoy a nice cocktail before or after your meal in the Nobu Lounge.

©Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock.com

At Nobu, you can experience award-winning Japanese cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. Located in Caesar’s Palace, Nobu offers a range of exotic meals and seafood. The experience of Nobu includes Teppan tables where you can enjoy watching your meal get cooked right in front of your eyes.

You’ll be surprised how much Nobu’s signature sauces add to each part of the meal and the overall dining experience. The reputation of Nobu far exceeds the local community in Las Vegas and it’s internationally known for its delicious Japanese cuisine.

Signature dishes, such as the Toro Carpaccio, keep guests coming back for more, year after year. Relax in the Nobu Lounge with a signature cocktail before or after your meal.


Philly cheesesteak sandwich made with steak, cheese and onions on a toasted hoagie roll with french fries on a wooden board
Try a delicious Philly cheesesteak at DJT.

©Charles Brutlag/Shutterstock.com

DJT is another exceptional dining experience you don’t want to miss out on. This American-style restaurant, located in the Trump International Hotel, offers a wide selection of favorite American dishes. 

From classic meals like the Philly Cheesesteak to more high-end meals like the Pan-seared Atlantic Salmon or Filet Mignon, DJT offers a luxurious twist on some American favorites.

In addition to their meals, they offer a variety of handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine selection. Unlike most of the other Michelin-worthy restaurants in Vegas, DJT offers a breakfast menu with delicious omelets, Eggs Benedict, or freshly baked Almond Croissant French Toast.

Fine Dining in Las Vegas

You can’t take a trip to Las Vegas without checking out some of the best restaurants in the city. From delectable entrees to jaw-dropping desserts, each of the restaurants on this list creates a memorable experience and is sure to impress, no matter what your preferences are.

Even though the Michelin Guide has yet to return to Las Vegas, there’s always hope for the return of the guide in the future. If the Michelin Guide does return to Las Vegas, some of these restaurants are sure to make the list!

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