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Plastic Bugs Sensory Activity

Yay! A fun activity that can be used Indoor OR Outdoor, I love all the variations for using this activity!

Plastic Bugs Sensory Activity

Ahhh. Can you guys believe school is almost here? How did the summer go by that fast? We have only been to the pool like 2 times. That's about 63 times less than I planned on this summer! 🙂

I hope everyone has been having the Best Summer Ever, as well as staying safe around the water and sun! I haven't been blogging all the activities that I planned, I wanted to post this one that I did with my daughters using plastic bugs!

Plastic Bugs Sensory Activity

When doing activities in the sun, remember to apply sunscreen as needed and even wear a hat!

Yay! A fun activity that can be used Indoor OR Outdoor, I love all the variations for using this activity!


Items I Used:

Plastic Bugs

Fine Motor Tool Set

Bug Jars

Science Tongs

Activity Ideas:

Dig. Bury the bugs in sand or dirt (or a sensory bin if doing indoors), and let your child try to find them! Be sure to count them so that they know how many to dig for!

Sensory activities with plastic bugs

Pick Up. Activities that help with fine motor skills are great for toddlers! We alternated using the fine motor tool set and the science tongs, to help her with different finger movements and skills. Some were easier than others, so this is a great activity to do with kids of different ages.

Sensory Play for Toddlers

Wash. If desired, you can have a little “washing” bucket for getting hands wet and having fun washing all the dirt/sand off of the bugs. We skipped this step since we had already played with water, and bedtime was quickly approaching.

Sort and Store. You can then have your child place the bugs in the bug jars, or sort them by color or size.

Plastic Bugs Sensory Activities

Busy Bag. We also used these plastic bugs for a busy bag activity! My 2-year old and 1-year old have both loved taking along a bug jar to church. I was amazed at how my 1-year old was entertained! She kept taking the bugs out, putting them back in, and putting the jar lid on and off! She did this repeatedly for at least 20 min (2 weeks in a row). For older kids you could have them sort them, or even identify colors!

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