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The 20 Best Camps In Maryland Today

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The 20 Best Camps In Maryland Today

The Best Camps In Maryland Today

You have blue crabs, aerospace, and the national anthem. What do all these things have in common? Maryland! Maryland is a small but beautiful state that was one of the originals. Known for being an important trading port, Maryland has a lot of outstanding qualities that make it a fantastic place to visit and live. If you're looking for a camp in this state to send your child to, look no further, this list has the best camps in Maryland.

What Are the Pros of Sending Your Child to Camp?

Going to camp can feel nerve-racking and exciting for children and parents alike. But, it can also feel like a rite of passage for children, and there are many benefits to sending your child to camp.

One of the benefits is being able to unplug technology and day-to-day life. With so much time spent in school and with technology, it is ideal for a child to get outside, experience activities they usually don't experience, and slow down a little from the daily grind. 

Another pro of sending your child to camp, it allows them to create lasting friendships with children who may be interested in the same things as them and to create lasting memories they will never forget. The camp also encourages team-building skills and learning how to communicate with one another. We all need this life skill, camp allows your child to fine-tune it! 

The camp also encourages autonomy and resilience. It propels children out of their comfort zone by allowing them to partake in things they usually do not. As your child is driven outside their comfort zone, their self-confidence and resilience will grow.

Many camps are nature-based, and this gives children an opportunity to reconnect with the world around them. There are so many pros to sending your child to camp. Whether it is a day camp, overnight camp, or specialty camp, there are unique camps throughout the United States and the world. Whatever you seek, a camp out there will fit your family's specific needs.

Options For Camps in Maryland

In every state, there are several camp options available. For example, you could send your child to day camp, which allows them to spend a good chunk of the day participating in fun activities and then come home to the comfort of their house at night. This is an excellent option for children who may not be ready or never want to spend the night somewhere other than their house. This is also great because it allows children to get adequate rest to focus on the activities the next day for camp. 

You also send your child to sports, fine arts, STEAM, and many more special day camps that allow children to focus on one area they may be interested in. Then, of course, you also have the traditional overnight camps, which can be a fun adventure that children love to return to every summer.

Finding the right camp for your child and family does not have to be complicated. If you are looking for the right camp in Maryland, here are fantastic ones that your family and child will love. So, let's get started looking at the best camps In Maryland Today.

Overnight Camps in Maryland

Some of the best camps in Maryland are sleepaway camps! Overnight camps allow children to grow in independence and meet new people. They also will engage in friendships that may last a lifetime. 

day and overnight camps for children - Camps in Wisconsin
Overnight camps are a great childhood experience and can encourage life-long friendships and autonomy.

©New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Echo Hill Camp

Echo Hill Camp has been in business since 1914. Also, this camp is geared toward children ages 7 through 16. Echo Hill focuses on self-confidence and helping your child become their very best selves. 

They also love helping children reach independence and learn how to persevere. Ultimately, children participate in a wide range of activities. When they come to Echo Camp, they will partake in water, sports, art, and adventure activities. Also, if your child loves water skis or crabbing, they can enjoy these fun choices.

Echo Hill also focuses on team-building and communicating with peers. Another fun perk, this camp allows children to participate in shows and dances. Echo Hill Camp believes it is important to always treat people with love, respect, and equality. Inclusiveness is a core value that benefits the whole camp.

River Valley Ranch

River Valley Ranch is located in Manchester, MD. Day camps and overnight camps are offered. River Valley Ranch is considered an adventure camp that helps your child unplug and connect with nature here. 

Each year there is a different theme. At the same time, your child can ride a pony, swim, play archery, and participate in arts and crafts. There are many exciting experiences when your child goes to this camp.

Day Camps in Maryland

Day camps are perfect options for children who want to sleep at home at night. However, they want to experience all the fun camp has to offer! 

Children running at summer camp
Summer camps allow children to experience activities they otherwise wouldn't encounter during the school year.


Camp Sonshine 

Camp Sonshine is located in Silver Spring, MD. This camp was started in 1981 by David Black. A fun fact, it started in his mom's backyard! The goal was to create an enjoyable place for children to grow and have memorable experiences. There are also several activities that children will participate in while coming here:

  • Sports
  • Team-building activities
  • Going to the pool
  • Even experiencing things like building forts and cooking

There are many fantastic ways to engage at Camp Sonshine this summer! 

Camp Rock

Camp Rock is located in Baltimore, MD, and focuses on engaging in a fun atmosphere during the summer. Each week has a theme, and some of the themes include animals, holidays, science, art, and so many more. 

While at this camp, your children will also partake in arts and crafts, explore nature, and STEM activities, play in the water, and go on field trips. Camp Rock is a great option this year if you want an engaging experience for your child.

Sandy Hill Camp And Retreat

Sandy Hill Camp And Retreat is located in North East, MD, on 643 acres of breathtaking land. You can even see the Chesapeake Bay while you are here!

This overnight camp allows children to come for one or two weeks. While here, your child will enjoy many hands-on activities, such as playing in the water, zip lining, and sports like basketball. They can also participate in dancing or fishing. In addition, there are other options for cooking, experiencing musical theater, photography, riding horses, and more unique choices that children will enjoy. Additionally, children pick activities based on their preferences. The fun atmosphere is contagious and enjoyable.

Camp Wabanna 

Campell Wabanna is a Christian summer camp located in Edgewater, MD. There are day camp options and overnight camp options. While in the day camps, children can participate in activities like swimming, climbing the ropes, and playing on the giant swing. Children will also partake in Chapel and Bible study at this camp. Also, if your child likes to be outside, a plus is Camp Wabanna spends most of the time relishing the outdoors and nature.

Sports Camps in Maryland

Sports camps are great for getting outdoors and burning off energy during the summer. 

Happy family - mother with baby girl dive underwater with fun in sea pool. Healthy lifestyle, active parent, people water sport outdoor adventure, swimming lessons on beach summer holidays with child
There are many sports options, from swimming to basketball, your child will find something they will enjoy!


Coppermine Fieldhouse

Coppermine Fieldhouse offers several camp options for children. It is located in Baltimore as well as in Carol and Hartford. Many opportunities exist if you would like to focus on a specialty camp. There is a gymnastics option, karate, lacrosse, soccer, and many more options. Aside from sports, you can send your child to a STEM camp here, theater, pony, or even an art camp. If your child has a specific area of focus, chances are you can find a camp at Coppermine Fieldhouse to send them to.

School's Out All-Sports Camp

At the Maryland SoccerPlex, you can send your child to an all-sports camp. There are several games and sports that children will get to play during camp here, such as dodgeball and flag football. 

There are also arts, crafts, and projects for children to enjoy. So, if you're looking for a hands-on, engaging, and active sports camp, School's Out All-Sports Camp is a great choice.

UMD Summer Camps 

The University of Maryland offers summer camps for children in different categories. In addition, they provide several sports options, such as field hockey, golf, gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball. 

However, if you are looking for even more opportunities, the University of Maryland offers science, computer, STEM, engineering, and more camp options. If your child has a specialty camp in mind that they would like to try, UMD's summer camps are a great option to look into.

PGC Basketball

PGC Basketball Camps have opportunities all over the United States. These are excellent camps for your child to attend if they are serious about basketball and growing in their skill sets. NBA coaches even send their children to PGC every summer. 

Your child will concentrate on detailed techniques and skills while here. The goal of PGC is to help each child learn their potential and thrive in their love and mastery of the sport of basketball.

Fine Arts Camps in Maryland

If your child loves the arts, sending them to a fine arts camp is a great decision. They will be able to engage in learning and mastering the techniques they need to thrive. 

Girls dancing
Art camps give children an outlet for creative expression.

©NDAB Creativity/Shutterstock.com

Artworks Fine Art Studio

Artworks Fine Arts Studio offers camps for children all year, not just in the summer. Camp is split into ages; each group will focus on different skills and techniques. 

The goal is to help children with their self-confidence and abilities and stretch their creativity. If you have a budding artist who would love to focus more on their techniques, these are great classes to consider.

Chesapeake Arts Center

Chesapeake Art Center is located in Brooklyn Park, MD. They have several summer camp options throughout the year. The focus is on ages 6 through the teenage years. 

So, whether your child is into learning about art, participating in theater, or even exploring STEM options, Chesapeake Arts gives children various possibilities when picking a camp to enjoy the summer.

Columbia Center For Theatrical Arts 

The Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts is located in Columbia, MD. Three categories of summer camps are available: rising stars, junior intensive, and senior intensive. Rising stars focus on giving children interested in theater the confidence and courage to reach their full potential. 

The junior intensive is for ages 11 through 14. it focuses on fine-tuning the skills children have already developed and continuing to grow in their courage and self-confidence. 

Senior intensives are for children ages 13 to 17, and they will work on creating an entire musical for audiences to enjoy while also encouraging them to work on their techniques. The oldest camp is audition dependent. Visit the website for more information.

Drama Learning Center 

Drama Learning Center is located in Columbia, MD, and offers summer camps for kids of all ages. So, whether your child is between three and five or up to 12th grade, there are many camp choices for each age group. 

There will be a focus on specific themes every week. Additionally, the goal is to help children learn to be secure in their stage presence, knowledge, and being on the stage while stretching their creativity and learning to work together as a team.

STEAM Camps in Maryland

If your child loves science, math, technology, and engineering, STEAM camps are fantastic! Your child can focus on fine-tuning their skills and learning what they need to excel in these categories. 

Teenage students caring out experiments in chemistry class
STEM camps are excellent choices for children to explore specific areas of interest.



Camp MSC is a STEM camp located in Baltimore, MD. Many camp opportunities are available if your child loves science and wants to explore more of it. 

Children can choose between dinosaurs, nature, science, learning about the past, or exploring the planetarium. Give your child a hands-on opportunity this year with the Maryland Science Center.

STEM Camp at Notre Dame of Maryland University

The STEM Camp at Maryland University is a superb way for children to explore science, engineering, and technology. Children will get to experience being taught by an actual instructor from the NDM. They will also explore hands-on STEM activities and participate in arts and crafts.

ID Tech 

ID Tech boasts of being the original tech camp. If your child is into coding and technology, many camp possibilities are available in person and virtually. The class size is small, and it gives children the opportunity to have the program specifically geared toward their needs. So, if your child is into coding, ID Tech is a remarkable experience.

Club SciKidz Maryland 

Club SciKidz has several locations across Maryland. The camps are categorized by age and grade, with different weekly themes. Children will focus on nature, learning about the world, and exploring different science categories. SciKidz is also a great program to look into if a child is into science and learning about nature. 

Drobots Company Drone STEM Camp

If you are looking for a unique camp to send your child to, Drobots Company is worth looking into. The goal is to help children become inquisitive and use their inventiveness. The programs are hands-on and group-oriented, while also assisting children in working together as a team and learning how to compete for different challenges. Give your child an experience with the technology to expand their knowledge and communication skills! 


STEMTREE is located in Columbia, MD. If your child comes to camp here, they will receive one-on-one attention from the instructor. This will allow your child to explore engineering and technology in depth. So, if your child is interested in science and learning to engage with more technology, STEMTREE can give them the one-on-one time and attention they can use to grow their knowledge. 

On A Final Note

Maryland is a beautiful state with outstanding qualities and deep rich history. There are also so many camp options available for children, no matter what they are interested in. This list gives the best camps in Maryland today. If your child is ready to take the leap and go to an overnight camp, there are many camps for them to choose from. There are also engaging fine arts, sports, and STEAM camps available. Don't hesitate. Find your perfect camp in Maryland today! 

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