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The 6 Best Coding Camps In the US

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The 6 Best Coding Camps In the US

Best Coding Camp In The US

Camps can feel like a rite of passage for children. The older they become, the stronger the desire to participate in a fun camp may be! Coding camps can be an excellent place to send your child. Your child will receive in-depth computer science and web development education. With many advances taking place quickly in technology, coding skills are sought out fervently by companies and businesses. If your child wants a job that requires technical skills, a coding camp can help them advance in a way that will benefit them as they grow. Coding camps are also fun for children interested in learning new skills in computers, technology, and web design. Your child does not necessarily need the desire to go into computer science as a career to learn so much from a coding camp! 

What Is A Coding Camp Exactly?

A coding camp will focus in-depth on the skills needed in areas like: 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Web development
  • Working in the front end and back end of a website
  • Servers 
  • Writing code

These are just a few topics covered in a coding camp. Of course, it ranges depending on the intensity of the course, the ages of the children, and more. Coding camps are available in person, but virtual is also an option, taking advantage of virtual classes to accommodate many children simultaneously. 

Coding camps are often intensive and require many hours a day. Although, you can typically find part-time or full-time camps to accommodate your schedule. Looking at the time requirements before signing your child up for a coding camp will be necessary. 

What Should You Expect In A Coding Camp?

You should expect your child to have an engaging instructor. Expecting your child to be dedicated, work hard, and pay attention to their instructors is also realistic. Coding can be fun for children to learn. However, it takes work. Therefore, your child will need the desire to learn and listen to their instructors to get the most out of the camp. 

Coding camps can also be fast-paced. A hunger to discover new ideas is a plus when your child attends a coding camp! 

Why Send Your Child to A Coding Camp?

Coding is the future; it is often described as the new literacy in the world today. Coding can be an essential skill for your children to learn for many reasons. Because more and more companies and businesses rely on technology and computer science to boost their industries, coding may be a desired skill for your child to use in the workforce as they grow up. 

However, there are many more reasons why coding can benefit your child. Your child will be with other children who enjoy the same things. They will be exposed to children who share their interests, whether online or in person, creating an avenue for socializing. 

Your child will also stretch their imagination and work on making decisions and problem-solving. Coding is a skill that requires immense brain power. Your child will experience expanding their thinking skills, as well as creativity, and becoming more persistent. These are all skills that can help your child as they grow. 

Also, coders are becoming more in demand. If this is a career path your child, especially if they're older, is highly interested in, sharpening these skills now will prove very valuable to them in the future. Even if your child is not interested in a career in coding, the skills they will develop can prove very worthwhile to them because you never know what the future may hold.

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Coding camps can be done in person or virtually. Some students prefer the engagement of being with an instructor and other students. While many others love to be in the comfort of their own home.

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What Are The Best Coding Camps In The US?

Now that we have discussed what a coding camp is, the benefits of coding, and why you should send your child to a coding camp, let's talk about the best coding camps in the United States. 

Below are the top six camps that help children learn to code. They are for various ages and focus on skills that coders will need and strengthen their abilities. These are top-rated camps in the United States. So, let's get started and look at them below.

National Computer Camps 

The very first computer camp in America was the National Computer Camp. Dr. Michael Zabinski started this camp with a vision. When he first started these summer camps, he used his passion for seeing children grow in self-confidence and become excited about the future of computers. 

The NCC was first started in 1977 and has since grown to become a top-rated camp in America. You can try online, day, and residential camps at the NCC. If you attend the virtual camp, you can do it in the comfort of your home. If your child would instead prefer a camp in person, there are options for a day camp or stay for one week. The price range depends on what type of camp your child attends. The ages are 6 to 18 when you attend camp at the NCC. There are several areas of focus. The main areas of focus are:

  • 3D printing 
  • Video game design
  • Minecraft modding 
  • Software applications
  • QR programming 
  • Webpage design

There are many more areas of focus at NCC. You can also play sports while you're at this camp, and there is also an option to participate in online personal tutoring anytime. In addition, a child not living in America can still come to NCC and receive visa assistance. 

National Computer Camps make it a mission to help children with their computational thinking skills, critical thinking, and comprehension in computer science, which is an area that is in high demand right now. If your child attends the NCC, they will learn essential skills needed and desired for the future. They will also have a great time and meet new people interested in the same topics as them! 

TheCoderSchool Camps

TheCoderSchool is different because it doesn't just have a camp that children attend through this summer. Instead, TheCoderSchool is all year long and located in Silicon Valley. 

This coding school emphasizes instructor and student relationships. Instead of using large classrooms with one instructor, it is more of a tutoring/mentorship. There is typically an instructor with one or two students so that the student can receive the instructor's focus and be challenged. TheCoderSchool emphasizes each child's learning style and allows them to go at their own pace. 

When your child attends theCoderSchool, they can attend the in-person or virtual summer coding camp. During the summer CoderSchool camp, children will learn robotics, video game development, and as much as possible about coding. When your child attends here, it is a fun and hands-on environment that allows children to work together and sharpen their team-building skills. 

There is also a low classroom ratio during the camp, with around six students with each instructor. If you choose to do a day camp, it will be for a whole week. However, you can also choose to do it online. 

TheCoderSchool pride itself on helping children become confident using technology and developing their analytical and problem-solving skills. So many different topics are covered during their coding camps, like mobile game development and algorithms. There are many camps all around the US. If you are considering sending your child to theCoderSchool camps, visit their website to see if a camp is nearby.

 Emagination Coding Camp

STEM is the main focus at Emagination camps. Children who attend here can attend during the day or participate in overnight programs. Emagination STEM camps emphasize game design, robotics, computer graphics, and more. Your child will also get a dose of coding, game design, and digital arts. 

There are several locations across the United States located in universities. A few of these are Fairfield University in Connecticut, Mercer University in Georgia, ad Bentley University in Massachusetts. Their mission is “educate, entertain, and help develop healthy kids and teens.” (Per their website at Emagination STEM camps.) There are many other activities during the Emagination STEM camps. Arts and crafts are available, as more recreational activities, and there is an emphasis on building lasting friendships. Is your child between 8 and 17 interested in technology but would prefer to do a coding camp in person? Then the Emagination STEM camps are worth checking out! 

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Coding camps also allow children to work together and develop problem-solving skills.

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Code Ninjas 

Sticking to the philosophy that coding is the new literacyCode Ninjas camp is a kids' and parents' favorite. There are locations in America. However, there are also locations in Canada and the United Kingdom, which allows this camp to be more diverse and reach more children.

Code Ninjas emphasizes problem-solving, creativity, and learning technology to advance your child's future. It is the fastest-growing coding camp for children. Code Ninjas was founded by David Graham, who is a software developer. He believes that coding is an excellent investment in your child's life and an essential skill for everyone to learn. 

Code Ninjas is a camp for children between the ages of 5 and 14, with many different centers around America. When your child attends camp at Code Ninjas, they will learn how to code with familiar games like Minecraft. Your child has much to learn from Code Ninjas and will love doing it!


Jey Iympandi created CodeWizardHQ. Jey is a self-taught coder who wanted his daughter to have the same opportunities to learn to code. He understands that children need hands-on and complete instruction when being taught. Therefore he created a curriculum that his daughter could excel in, and he wanted to give other children the same opportunity he gave his daughter.

When your child attends camp here, they will learn valuable skills that will profit them in the future because coding is in high demand worldwide. The classes are online, interactive, and comprehensive. There are two camps to choose from: the Roblox Camp, which is for ages 8 through 13, and the Minecraft Camp, for ages 11 through 13. 

Both camps will teach new technology to children while also helping them learn game development, programming, and logic. These camps are fun and child-centered. Also, if your child would love to do a coding camp but wants to do it from the comfort of their own home, this is a great option to learn in a fun and hands-on manner.

Coding With Kids

Coding With Kids gives children the option of learning online with live sessions. The groups are small so that teachers can focus on children learning at their own pace and in more depth. There are eight children per teacher. The focus is on Minecraft modding, Java, Scratch, Roblox, and app development. 

The courses are fun and hands-on, giving lots of engagement for children. There are three levels, from little coders up to Java. The ages start at 5 and go up to the teenage years. In addition, there are scholarships offered at Coding With Kids. Coding With Kids also partners with schools to help classrooms of children learn more about coding. The three mastery levels allow children to focus clearly on their learning journey.

So, whether your child attends a camp With Coding With Kids or their school uses Coding With Kids pathways, this program can equip children with the knowledge and skills they will need as they grow up in today's society because coding is the future!

In Conclusion

Many options are available if your child is interested in coding or wants to make it a career path! Whether you want something more hands-on and in-person or a curriculum to fit your schedule online, these top-rated camps are what your child needs. 

With a focus on several coding skills, programming, and gaming options, your child will learn in an engaging and fun way no matter what camp you choose. Learning to code is a beneficial life skill that all children should have their hands in. As they say, coding is the literacy of the future, and giving your child in-depth instruction in coding will provide them with a taste of skills in high demand. 

Your child doesn't have to be serious about having a career in coding to benefit from a coding camp. These camps are fun and engaging and an excellent way to spend a summer or learn something exciting during the year! 

Are you looking for more specialty camps for children? Check out these great ones!

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