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The 9 Best Camps in South Dakota Today

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The 9 Best Camps in South Dakota Today

The Best Camps in South Dakota Today

Are you looking for the best camps in South Dakota today to send your child this summer? Camp can be an exciting experience for many kids. However, the stress of finding the best ones comes along with the excitement. This post will narrow down the best camps in South Dokata today to help you with your search. But first, let's talk about the many benefits of sending your child to camp.

The Benefits of Camp

When you consider sending your child to camp, you may wonder, are there any benefits? Yes! Camp is filled with many incredible benefits. Let's take a deeper look at each one.

1. Unplug and get into nature.

Camp allows your child to unplug from the stress of expectations, technology, and work while getting into nature and reconnecting with who they are. 

2. Meet new people.

Camp is an excellent place to meet new and diverse people! Many lasting friendships have developed at camps. Camp also is a great place to learn empathy, inclusion, and social skills. 

3. Motivated to move outside of their comfort one.

It is easy to stay in our comfort zones. However, when a child is gently pushed and motivated outside their comfort zone, they may discover passions, talents, and new characteristics about their selves! 

4. Gain confidence and self-esteem.

Camp is excellent at helping children gain the confidence to try new things. When your child tries something new, their self-esteem will soar! 

5. Become refreshed and renewed.

Something is so refreshing about camp! It is a great place to renew your spirit and feel rejuvenated. 

What Types of Camps Are There? 

There are several kinds of camps that you can look into while on your search. The most popular type of camp is the traditional overnight camp. This camp is excellent because your child will be fully immersed in the camp atmosphere. During this camp, your child will experience a variety of activities. Some overnight camps allow children to participate in land sports, water sports, horseback riding, crafts, group challenges, and more! If your child is ready to take the plunge and experience the traditional summer camp. Overnight camps are a great option. 

If your child is still getting ready to take the plunge towards overnight camp, day camps are the next best thing! For children who want the traditional camp experience to have the opportunity to explore several different activities, day camps are a great alternative. In addition, your child can enjoy being with new people and friends during the day while participating in fun games, sports, and arts, then being able to sleep in their beds at night. It's the best of both worlds! 

You can take it a step further and narrow down camp topics. If your child is interested in a specialty camp that allows them to explore a specific subject in-depth, many options are available today. Below is a list of some great ones to consider! If your child has an interest in any of these topics, take a look at the best ones around the United States today:

These are just some of the awesome specialty camps in the United States!

What Makes South Dakota Special?

Do you live in South Dakota? If so, you most likely know what makes it so unique! However, if you are still getting familiar with the state, new to it, or live in a neighboring state, let's look at the great qualities of South Dakota today. It is known as the Mount Rushmore state! Rightfully so, you can see this magnificent Mount when you visit South Dakota. Also, long before the territory was being explored, many large animals, including bison, used to roam the land. South Dakota is filled with rich culture and history that is worth exploring when you visit this state! Now that we have discussed South Dakota let's get into the best camps today. 

Mount Rushmore National Memorial,Black Hills region of South Dakota, USA
While in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is a sight to behold!


Overnight Camps in South Dakota

Overnight camps are excellent for children ready to be away from home for a week or more. During overnight camp, children can explore nature, make new and lasting friendships, and develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Below are the best overnight camps in South Dakota today. 

group of happy children playing on meadow, blue sky, summertime
A camp is an excellent place for unplugging and developing autonomy.

©ESB Professional/Shutterstock.com

Klein Ranch 

Klein Ranch is a faith-filled camp located in Isabel, ND, that helps children grow in self-confidence and push them out of their comfort zones. While at this camp, your child will ride horses, drive a team of horses, and do many more activities, depending on what camp your child attends. Klein Ranch is Lutheran affiliated. Your child will also participate in campfires, talk about faith, go on hikes, and play games. If your child loves the outdoors and horses and wants to spend the summer in nature, Klein Ranch is a fun one to consider!

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Klein Ranch Camper Info — Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota

Placerville Camp

Placerville Camp is a Christian camp located in Rapid City, SD. It offers many opportunities for people of all ages, including adults, to explore nature and feel renewed. There is a woman's camp, a children's camp, and a camp where your child can attend with you! While here, your child will experience hiking, crafts, and make new friendships. Also, learning more about God is the main focus of this camp. 

Price: Ranges from $250 to $570. 

Website: Camps — Placerville Camp

Rainbow Bible Ranch

Rainbow Bible Ranch occurs at a working cattle ranch in Meade County, SD. While here, your child will experience working with livestock and riding horses. The emphasis is on learning ranching skills, working as a team, and exploring nature. Your children will walk away with revived self-confidence in who they are and their capabilities. Additionally, Rainbow Bible Ranch has several camp options for your child, depending on their age. The creators of this camp encourage spending time outdoors, with livestock, and in nature. Emphasis is put on life lessons and having fun!

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Summer youth camp on a working ranch in South Dakota. -Rainbow Bible Ranch

Day Camps in South Dakota

Day camps are excellent alternatives if your child is still not ready for an overnight camp! Instead, your child can explore fun games and activities and make new friends while getting to be home with you at night. Below are the best day camps in South Dakota today.

Little boy on the horse.
Many day camps offer similar activities that overnight camps do. One of these activities is often horseback riding.


Seize the Play

Seize the Play Camp is located at South Dakota Children's Museum. It offers a fun-filled day for children of many different ages. Each age group will have activities geared toward their abilities. There are many different themes to choose from as well! Seize the Play offers some fun themes: theater, coding, clay, animals, and exploring the studio. Your child will participate in hands-on activities that stimulate their mind and explore new topics. Your child can choose to participate in a STEAM camp that uses hands-on activities like sculpting or painting. They may enjoy tinkering with mechanical reactions. These are just a couple of activities that your child can explore here!

Price: Ranges from $20-$52

Website: Upcoming Events › Camps › | Children's Museum of South Dakota

YMCA Camp Leif Ericson

The YMCA focuses on instilling a love of healthy living, growing character, self-confidence, and social awareness. The YMCA camp at Leif Ericson is an excellent day camp that allows your child to explore, make new friends, and do many different activities. In addition, your child will participate in nature education, field trips, horseback riding, boating, and fishing. So, get ready for a blast this summer! 

Price: Ranges from $390 to $410

Website: Camp Leif Ericson (Ages 6-9) – Sioux Falls YMCA

Specialty Camps in South Dakota

Is your child interested in a specific topic? Specialty camps allow your child to explore a subject they love, like lacrosse or swimming, while growing in knowledge, gaining confidence in their abilities, and learning new skills. Below are the best specialty camps in South Dakota today! 

Cute little girl playing golf on a field outdoor. Summertime
Golfing is a great specialty camp that can help children sharpen their skills and learn fundamental skills.

©Dasha Petrenko/Shutterstock.com

Camp Invention

Camp Invention is a STEM camp with locations throughout the United States. It focuses on giving children a hands-on experience to explore STEM topics. As a result, your child will make creative inventions and develop self-confidence and problem-solving skills. If your child loves STEM topics, this is a great one to try! 

Price: Starts at $260

Website: Camp Invention® 2023 | National Inventors Hall of Fame®

Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club

Is your child interested in golf? Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club in Spearfish, SD, allows children to hone their golfing skills, learn the fundamentals of this sport, and receive hands-on instruction from a PGA-trained instructor. There are many excellent benefits to attending this camp! These benefits include growing in confidence and autonomy and sharpening their golf skills.

Price: Contact for more information. 

Website: Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club (pgajuniorgolfcamps.com)

Biomedical Camps 

Rosetta Institute offers Biomedical camps for older children in middle and high school. When attending here, your child will be taught by a Ph.D. instructor. Aside from information-filled classes, your child will get to participate in hands-on activities that explore the processes of molecular and cellular biology. Online workshops are also available for children who cannot attend in person. 

Price: Prices vary depending on the workshops chosen. 

Website: BIOMEDICAL CAMPS – Rosetta Institute

Breakthrough Basketball Camps

Breakthrough basketball camps are located all around the United States. This program is excellent for children who want to work on fundamental skills and gain knowledge in basketball. Skills worked on during this camp include ball handling, shooting, offensive and essential skills. As a result, your children will walk away with a greater appreciation for this sport and confidence in their abilities. 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: 2023 Breakthrough Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls – 2023 Spring & Summer Basketball Camps

One Final Note

If your child is ready to take the plunge this summer and attend a camp, this list has the best camps in South Dakota today. There are many options, whether looking for an overnight or day camp. If your child is interested in a particular topic, there are STEM campssports camps, and more to explore! This list is not exhaustive; South Dakota has many more awesome camps. If you have not found what you are looking for, explore this list of amazing camps throughout the United States

Take a Look at the Camps in the Neighboring States!

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