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The 9 Best Camps in Arkansas Today

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The 9 Best Camps in Arkansas Today

The 9 Best Camps in Arkansas Today

Are you looking for the best camps in Arkansas today? Is your child ready to take the step forward and attend a camp this summer? Camp can feel both exciting and nerve-wracking for children and parents! Don't worry; there are many different camps to choose from. You can find the best one to fit your family's specific needs! 

If you are looking for a traditional overnight camp for your child, Arkansas has many options today. Overnight camps are a great way for children to meet new people, have unique experiences, and participate in activities they may never have before (like ziplining or rock climbing!) They will also experience the traditional camp feel that is so defining in childhood. 

However, overnight camps are only for some; if your child still needs to be ready to take that step, the next best thing is a day camp! Day camps offer a great experience for children while allowing them to sleep at home — the best of both worlds.

You can take it further and find a specialty camp for your child. Specialty camps allow your child to focus on a specific area of interest. During these camps, they will gain more knowledge and experience while fine-tuning their talents. Let's get started and take a look at the best camps in Arkansas today! 

What Makes Arkansas Special? 

Do you live in Arkansas? Then you already know what makes this state so unique! If not, let's take a look. If you are headed west, you will quickly discover that Arkansas is a small state past the Mississippi River. However, what it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in the scenery. It has beautiful mountains, rivers, and flat land. Talk about diversity! The weather is also a great excuse to visit this state. It has mild winters and hot summers. The landscape meant many people lived in rural isolation until the 20th century. Now that we have discussed what makes this state so awesome, let's look at the best camps in Arkansas today! 

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA downtown skyline on the Arkansas River.
Arkansas is a diverse state with beautiful landscapes.

©Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

Overnight Camps in Arkansas

Overnight camps offer children a great chance to form lasting friendships and participate in activities they may otherwise not get a chance to. So, if you are looking for the best overnight camp for your child in Arkansas, look no further. Here are the best ones today. 

Friends having fun enjoying a summer day swimming and jumping at the lake.
Camps give children a chance to explore fun activities like swimming!

©Zoran Zeremski/Shutterstock.com

Camp War Eagle 

Camp War Eagle is a remarkable overnight camp for children who love to try new activities! There are over 100 activities, from acting to sports to arts like candle making. There is a fun activity for all interests. In addition, Camp War Eagle is a Christian camp that focuses on self-growth and leadership. So, if your child is ready to take the plunge and have the summer of their life, Camp War Eagle is an experience like no other! 

Price: Price varies depending on household income. Take a look at the website to find your specific price. 

Website: Home | Camp War Eagle

Camp Aldersgate

Camp Aldersgate is a camp specifically for children with special or medical needs. This camp allows children to meet new friends who may be experiencing the same situations as them. Camp Aldersgate focuses on giving children a traditional camp experience while also aiding the needs of each camper. There is also a camp called Kota for children who may or may not have medical conditions. This camp is an excellent choice for families looking for one that considers each unique need. Activities your child can experience while here are arts, canoeing, fishing, and more! 

Price: Price varies. Contact Camp Aldersgate for more information.

Website: Summer Camps – Camp Aldersgate

Camp Pfeifer

Camp Pfeifer focuses on social awareness, independence, self-esteem, and responsibility. When your child attends Camp Pfeifer, they can participate in swimming, hiking, field trips, and STEM activities. In addition, children will love camping here while making new friends and having unique experiences. 

Price: Nost cost, funded by grants and private donations. 

Website: Summer Camp | Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp (pfeifercamp.com)

Day Camps in Arkansas

Day camps allow children to experience the same feel as a traditional camp. However, they still get to sleep in their beds at night. So, it's the best of both worlds for children not yet ready to plunge into a traditional overnight camp. Arkansas offers awesome day camps for kids to explore. Let's take a look at the best ones below! 

Girl practising outdoors with a arch and arrow
Day camps give children a unique experience to try new activities.

©Maples Images/Shutterstock.com

Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp 

Help your child unplug this summer by sending them to Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp. Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp is an excellent option if your child loves to get in nature, learn about the world around them, and get a little dirty! Lake Nixon is a Christian camp focusing on skills, affirmations, fun, and engagement.

Price: $215 to $285 a week.

Website: Camp FAQs – Lake Nixon Outdoor Center

AOS Summer Day Camps 

AOS Summer Day Camp is a nature camp focusing on hands-on activities that bring fun and engagement to your child. While here, your child will participate in themed weeks and outdoor activities focusing on sports. Some themes include wilderness, adventure sports, science, and animals. If your child is interested in one of these topics, it's worth looking into AOS Summer Day Camps! 

Price: $237 to $317 based on the three tiers 

Website: Arkansas Outdoor School Summer Day Camps (uada.edu)

Fern Cliff Camp

Fern Cliff offers family camps, day camps, and overnight camps. While growing in the Christian faith, this camp focuses on autonomy, identity, and interpersonal skills. Activities your child will participate in while here are kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, and games. If your child loves the great outdoors, Fern Cliff Camp is an excellent camp to explore this summer. 

Price: Ranges from $279 to $675 

Website: Fencliff

Specialty Camps in Arkansas

Does your child have a specific interest that they want to explore? Specialty camps are great for kids because they allow them to focus on a particular topic and dive deep into their passions. Arkansas has excellent specialty camps. Let's take a look at the best ones below! 

Group of school children walking on field trip in nature, arm in arm.
Camps give children a great avenue for creating lasting friendships.

©Ground Picture/Shutterstock.com

Nike Basketball Camp

The Nike Basketball Camp takes place at the Episcopal Collegiate School in Arkansas. If your child is interested in sharpening their skills in basketball, this camp is worth checking out. Your child will develop the skills they need to grow in their basketball journey. Each child will be placed in a group based on their abilities and age. This allows campers to receive specific individual coaching based on their level. As a result, your child will gain confidence and passion when they attend this camp. 

Price: Price varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Nike Basketball Camp Episcopal Collegiate School (ussportscamps.com)

Henry Ford Camp

Henry Ford Camp is an all-inclusive camp that focuses on innovation. The week your child experiences here will be memorable. They will learn all about creativity, overcoming challenges, and exploring new ideas. This camp focuses on hands-on activities to teach essential skills to innovative thinkers. If your child loves to explore new ideas, this is an excellent camp to check out! 

Price: $60 to $400, depending on the program chosen. 

Website: Summer Camps (thehenryford.org)

The Jones Center

Whether your child loves sports, art, or even ice skating, there is a camp at the Jones Center! There are nine weeks of summer camps to choose from. Parents can also select full-day or half-day options to make camp work with their schedule. So, allow your child to explore creative interests at the Jones Center this summer! 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Camps at The Jones Center Springdale, Northwest Arkansas — The Jones Center

In Conclusion

Arkansas has many awesome camps, whether your child is ready for a traditional camp or wants to explore a day camp this summer. Also, there are fun specialty camps where your child can focus on fine-tuning their passions, like sports or art! No matter what you decide, there are great camps throughout the United States. However, if you are still looking for the perfect camp, don't worry. There are still some great camps to choose from. Check out this in-depth list that explores the best camps in the United States today

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