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The 11 Best Camps In Pennsylvania Today

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The 11 Best Camps In Pennsylvania Today

Camp can be an exciting and terrifying venture for children. Chances are, if your child is ready for camp this summer, you are researching the best one to send them to! Does your child want to go to a day camp? Fortunately, day camps are great options because they allow your child to participate in fun activities but still come home in the evening. Does your child have a particular talent for STEAM activities or fine arts? Many options in Pennsylvania will meet your family's needs when deciding what camp to send your child to this summer. This list has the best camps specifically in Pennsylvania today. So, let's get started! 

Sleepaway Camps

A sleepaway camp is an excellent option for children ready to take the plunge and spend a few days, a week, or even a month or two away from home. Sleepaway camps also have trained staff, safety plans, and qualified leaders to look after your child. For this reason, many sleepaway camps in Pennsylvania are perfect for children. However, here are the top three picks. 

A Group of Boys at Summer Camp - Camps in Wisconsin
Sleepaway camps give children the opportunity to develop autonomy, discover new passions, and lastly, form amazing friendships.

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South Mountain YMCA Camps

South Mountain YMCA camps are an excellent way for children to explore nature, make friends, and enjoy summer away from electronics. Each camp presently has themes and activities for children to enjoy, including horseback riding. There are also day camps available. As a result, South Mountain YMCA camps are fun and engaging for children of all ages and will give your child a summer they will never forget! 

Price: Prices vary depending on the camp option you choose. Call or visit the website for more details.

Website: Summer Camps & Programs – South Mountain YMCA Camps (smymca.org)

Camp Lohikan

Camp Lohikan prides itself on being the best overnight camp in Pennsylvania. This camp especially focuses on instilling confidence, self-esteem, and independence in children. When your child attends Camp Lohikan, they have an array of sports, activities, and arts they can participate in every day. These activities will specifically give children the ability to develop more autonomy and tenacity, and discover self-confidence. Some activities children can choose from are: 

  • Horseback riding
  • Sailboating
  • Paddleboard
  • Canoe
  • Painting
  • Woodwork
  • Rock climbing
  • Archery
  • Spy camp

There are so many options at Camp Lohikan for fun, engagement, and a memorable summer! 

Price: One week starts at $1,400 with the option for multiple weeks and all summer. 

Website: Best Overnight PA Summer Camp | Sleepaway Kids Camp in Pennsylvania (lohikan.com)

Camp Cayuga

The beautiful Camp Cayuga is located in Honesdale, PA. Presently, you have the option of choosing between Junior Campus and Teen Campus. This camp has many activities, particularly art, tennis, skateboarding, trapezing, and more! For this reason, children love camping here because of all the many options available to explore. During the week, there are also three days when your camper gets to sleep in and have a late breakfast. In addition, mini-sessions are available, half-season sessions, and complete season. Camp Cayuga can undoubtedly make your child's summer unforgettable and engaging! 

Price: Prices vary depending on how long your child attends. Visit the website or call for more details.

Website: JUNIOR CAMPUS (campcayuga.com)

Day Camps

Day camps are an excellent option for children who want to attend camp but are still deciding whether they want to be away from home. In general, many children do not want to go to sleepaway camps, which is perfectly okay! There are many fun and engaging options available in Pennsylvania for children who prefer to spend their days at day camp and their nights at home. Here are the top two favorites. 

Sometimes children prefer to stay home at night but still want the fun that camp offers. In this case, day camps are an excellent choice!


Camp America Day Camp

Camp America Day Camp is an excellent option for children who want the camp experience but do not want to stay overnight. In fact. several options are available, making it easy to find a group at Camp America perfect for your child's age and interest. Sports activities specifically include soccer, softball, volleyball, and tennis. Children can also participate in team-building activities such as adventure courses, zip lines, rope courses, and more. These activities are great because they allow children to expand on courage and work as a team with others. There are also arts, swimming, and more activities your children will get to participate in when they attend Camp America! 

Price: Call for more information about prices.

Website: Camp America Day Camp – Your child deserves a fantastic Summer! (camp-america.com)

Briarwood Day Camp

Briarwood Day camp focuses on getting children outside into nature and away from screens. This camp is in a shady area, specifically allowing children to spend plenty of time outdoors, and enjoy even more activities, creating an engaging summer. As a result, there are plenty of activities that your child will get to participate in. These activities include arts and crafts, swimming, boating, and sports. For this reason, your child will love spending their summer at Briarwood and creating friendships that last a lifetime! 

Price: Rates vary depending on how long your child attends. There are options for four to eight weeks. Visit the website or call for more details. 

Website: Program – Briarwood Day Camp


STEAM camps are excellent for children exploring engineering, technology, and science interests. Presently, Pennsylvania has several options available for STEAM camps. Here are the top two favorites. 

Some kind of futuristic- looking image of a map in the horizontal plane, with a red three-dimensional red triangle in the vertical plane, at its center, marking a precise location. Alightskinned hand with short, clean fingernails is holding what appears to be a transparent phone, or similar handheld devise from which the map is projected. His neck and a white button-front shirt complete the blurry background. The map is indistinct patches of cream, light Greenwich some red lines and gray/black grids.
STEAM camps give children passionate about technology and science an outlet and opportunity to dig deeper into these subjects.

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Snapology of Lancaster

Snapology is a fun STEAM camp for children curious about science, technology, and engineering. At this time, this camp has a few categories, including STEM, robotics, and technology camps. You can choose from morning sessions, afternoon sessions, or all day. However, don't wait if you are considering this camp. They fill up fast! 

Price: Call for more information on prices.

Website: Snapology of Lancaster | Kids STEAM & Robotics Summer Camps & Parties Featuring LEGO® Bricks


S2STEM is located in Garnet Valley, PA. and every week focuses on a different theme for children to explore. For example, some themes include Jurassic, Minecraft, spy, and stop motion. During the camp, your child will particularly focus on these themes, improve skills, and receive hands-on and engaging experiences. They will also have the option of participating in field trips. Undeniably, S2STEM is an excellent camp for children curious about technology, how it works, and how to expand their skill set in these areas. 

Prices vary depending on the week but start at $270 and go up from there. 

Website: STEAM Summer Camps | S2STEM

Sports Camps

Summer is a great time for children to explore interests, potential talents, and expand on skills. Unquestionably, sports camps can be an excellent way for your child to learn new skills, work on improving upon them, and do what they love. In particular, here are the top two sports camps in Pennsylvania today. 

Sports camps give children an excellent chance to explore their talents and learn new skills.

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International Sports Training Camp

International Sports Training camp is located in Stroudsburg, PA. If your child loves sports, this is an excellent choice for a camp this summer. International Sports Training camp focuses generally on all sports and helping children train to improve their skills and talents. Therefore, there are many sports that your child will get to participate in at this camp, including:

  • Flag football
  • Rock climbing
  • Baseball or Softball
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Jet ski
  • Mountain biking 
  • Lacrosse

If your child loves sports, wants to explore new ones, and be active this summer, this camp is an excellent choice! 

Price: This is an overnight camp, and prices start at $1,450.

Website: International Sports Training Camp – Pocono Mountains Summer Camp (international-sports.com)

Bigtime Sports Academy

Bigtime Sports Academy has two camp options available. At this time, the first one is Super Preps Day basketball day camp. Overall, your child will work on defense, ball handling, shooting, rebounding, and more. The second option is the BigTown Adventure Day camp. In addition, this camp offers your children plenty of opportunities to engage in fun ways this summer. This includes games like gaga ball, arcade games, and activities including beach and water games. The BigTown Adventure camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for children grades 3rd to 9th. This is a great day camp if your child loves exploring various activities. 

Price: Both camps are $165 a session.

Website: HOME | BIGTIME BASKETBALL 2351 Route 715 Tannersville PA (bigtimesportsacademy.com)

Fine Arts Camps

Fine Arts camps are great places for children to lean into their talents, make friends, and grow in their passion and skills. Below are two great fine arts camps in Pennsylvania today which specifically work in these areas. 

Fine Art camps are wonderful avenues for children to learn new skills and explore hidden talents.

©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

Camp Ballibay for the Fine and Performing Arts

Children who love the arts will enjoy Camp Ballibay for the Fine and Performing Arts. This camp is located in Wyalusing, PA. Your child can choose between dance, art, rock, and theater camp. Also, this is a sleepaway camp that lasts for two to seven weeks for children ages 8 to 16. Additionally, your child will have many opportunities to expand on their talents, explore passions, and make friends at Camp Ballibay. 

Price: Prices range from $5,750 to $11,950.

Website: Arts Camp Dates & Tuition | Camp Ballibay

DreamWrights Center for Community Arts

DreamWrights Center for Community Arts offers weekly camps from June until the middle of August. A few of the weekly themes include: 

  • Art Through the Ages
  • Movie Musicals
  • Disney's Finding Nemo 
  • Broadway's Back! 

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. During these camps, your child will particularly work on techniques, skills, and more using their bodies and minds. If your child loves the arts and wants to expand their skills, DreamWrights Center for Community Arts is a wonderful place to send them this summer. 

Price: Prices vary. Check online or call to find out more.

Website: Summer Camps 2023 | DreamWrights

In Conclusion 

If you are looking for the best camps in Pennsylvania, this list has got you covered! Maybe you are looking for a sleepaway camp where your child can spend the whole summer or just a week. In particular, camps like Camp Lohikan and South Mountain YMCA are excellent options. Whereas, if your child loves the arts and wants to dig deeper into their talents and passions, Camp Ballibay and DreamWrights Center for Community Arts are fantastic choices. From day camps, sleepaway camps, STEAM camps, and more, there are many options for your child this summer in Pennsylvania! 

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