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The 9 Best Camps in Connecticut Today

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The 9 Best Camps in Connecticut Today

The Best Camps in Connecticut Today

Is your child ready to go to camp this summer? Are you asking what the best camps in Connecticut are today? When choosing the best camp to send your child to, there are many things to consider. As parents, we also want to ensure we are prepared for camp just like our kids! What type of camp you should send your child to is most likely on the top of your list of things to consider. There are many different types of camps all around the United States. The most traditional camp is the sleepover camp. Going to this camp can feel like a rite of passage to your child. Also, they may feel independent and self-confident and make new friends. This is a plus for any parent!

However, if your child still needs to be ready to attend an overnight camp, the next best thing is a day camp. Day camps give children the same feel as overnight camps, only they get to stay the night in their beds. What's not to love? You can also take it further and look for a camp that narrows specific interests. These are called specialty camps. There are so many to choose from! Here are a few to check out: 

These fun and exciting camps help your child fine-tune a specific passion! 

What Are the Benefits of Camp?

There are many different benefits of sending your child to camp. One of the main ones is gaining self-confidence and independence. Your child will also start to explore what they are capable of, and their self-esteem with explode! Additionally, your child will participate in many activities they may otherwise never do. Another benefit of sending your child to camp is they will meet new and diverse people and possibly develop lifelong friendships. So, if your child is ready to take that step, help them have the best summer of their life with one of these awesome camps in Connecticut! 

What Makes Connecticut Special?

Do you live in Connecticut? If you do, you already know what makes it unique! If not, let's take a look at the state. Connecticut has beautiful landscapes, including forests, hills, beaches, and rocky lands. Also, if you visit this state, the atmosphere will be friendly, beautiful, and refreshing. Ten thousand years ago, the Paleo-Indians inhabited this land. They used the resources to their advantage, including the river, stone, and more. In addition, Paleo Indians grew many crops like corn and tobacco. It is also important to note that the relationship between Natives and settlers was pretty good in Connecticut. Relationships and trading posts were established early on. Now that we have talked about what makes Connecticut special let's get into the best camps in the state! 

Amazing lake in the forest at Conneticut.
Connecticut is filled with rich history and beautiful landscapes.

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Overnight Camps in Connecticut

Overnight camps are the traditional camps that so many think of when they hear this term. Children get to camp out in cabins, meet new people, try activities like swimming, canoeing, sports, and in some camps, even zip lining! If your child is ready for an overnight camp, take a look at the best ones in Connecticut today. 

Girls at Camp - Camps in Wisconsin
Overnight camp often feels like a rite of passage to children and families alike.

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Chinqueaka is a unique overnight camp dedicated to girls. It has been in operation for over 60 years. Their motto is “Where girls can be girls!” The activities are geared towards the ages of the campers, with the main focus being skill development and independence. While here, your child will also experience yoga, go-karts, waterskiing, dance, and many more! Additionally, you can choose between two, four, six, or eight weeks. If your daughter wants to be around other inspiring girls and grow in their confidence, this camp is a great one to consider! 

Price: Ranges from $4,700 to $12,730 depending on the weeks chosen. 

Website: Chinqueka – New England Summer Camp for Girls

YMCA Camp Woodstock 

The YMCA in Connecticut offers Camp Woodstock during the summer. The YMCA emphasizes self-confidence, social awareness, and healthy living. When your child attends Camp Woodstock, they will participate in activities like windsurfing, drama, dance, sailing, paddle boarding, and many more! While here, your child will also work on team-building activities and develop friendships with new people. Additionally, there is a day camp option to choose from. 

Price: Range from $1,095 to $2,035 depending on length and tier of camp. 

Website: Sleepaway Camp – Camp Woodstock YMCA

YMCA Camp Sloane 

Camp Sloane emphasizes confidence and trying new things. There are different camps to choose from, including a day camp. In addition, there is a long list of awesome activities your child will get to try while here. These activities include mountain biking, outdoor cooking, soccer, improv, swimming, and sailing. The mission of Camp Sloane is “Other's First.” It focuses on considering others and also developing empathy and compassion. 

Price: Ranges depending on tier and time spent at camp. Visit the website for more information. 

Website: Summer Camp CT — Camp Sloane YMCA

Day Camps in Connecticut

Day camps are a great alternative to an overnight camp, especially if your child isn't ready to step towards staying away from home for an extended period. In many cases, day camp offers the same activities as overnight camps, emphasizing making friends, team building, confidence building, and more! So, if your child wants the feel of a traditional camp but wants to stay away from home for a short time, check out these great day camps in Connecticut today. 

Kids in the nature strolling
Day camp is fun for kids of all ages.


Boulder Ridge Day Camp

Boulder Ridge Day Camp is an excellent camp to send your child to if you are located around the Barkhamsted area. Your child will participate in many activities, including swimming, boating, lacrosse, high ropes, and workshops. Also, Boulder Ridge offers transportation options for bus pick up and drop-offs to make the days more flexible for families. During a typical day at this camp, children participate in three activities while in small groups. In addition, lunch and snacks are provided. Consider this great camper if your child is ready for a fun-filled day! 

Price: Ranges from $615 to $4,115 depending on how many weeks your child attends. 

Website: Boulder Ridge Day Camp – Online

Eagle Rock Day Camp

Eagle Rock Day Camp emphasizes nature and having fun. This camp is located in Washington, CT. With beautiful landscapes and awesome activities, your child will enjoy every second at this camp. Children will participate in zip lines, nature activities, swimming, boating, performing arts, and more. If your child loves nature and also wants a fun-filled summer, Eagle Rock Day Camp is worth considering. 

Price: Ranges from $550 to $3775 depending on how many weeks attending.  

Website: Eagle Rock Day Camp in Washington, Ct

High Meadow Day Camp

High Meadow Day Camp is located in North Granby, CT. This camp opened in 1960 and is a loved location for children ages 4 and 15. The emphasis is on having fun! Confidence and overcoming obstacles are also the main focus. While here, your child will experience sports like archery, swimming, or arts and crafts. There are also team-building games and activities. Children have a great time while at this camp! 

Price: Ranges from $1,165 to $3,775 depending on how many weeks your child attends. 

Website: High Meadow Day Camp – Restaurant in North Granby, CT

Specialty Camps in Connecticut

Specialty camps take the traditional camp feel and narrow it to one or two specific interests. No matter what your child is interested in, most likely, you can find a camp for it! There are sports campsperforming arts campsoutdoor campsSTEM camps, and so much more. So, if your child is ready to increase their skill and passion, look at these awesome specialty camps in Connecticut. 

Little girl acting
There are many fine art camp options! From acting to STEM, there is something for every interest.


Club SciKidz

Club SciKidz has locations all over the United States. The focus is on hands-on learning on STEM and science topics. The main goal for Club SciKidz is to provide enrichment activities for children while also making education as fun and challenging as possible. While at this camp, your child will participate in experiments and projects that provide a hands-on experience they will remember! The different STEM camps available in Hartford, CT, are: 

If your child is ready for a science-filled summer, check out Club SciKidz today. 

Price: Starts at $325 for a full-day camp. 

Website: Science & Technology STEM Camps | Club SciKidz

Nike Boys Soccer Camp

Nike Boys Soccer Camp is excellent for your child to attend if they want to work on the fundamentals and expand their skills. If you are looking for more sports, Nike offers several options throughout the United States. Their website is a great place to look if your child is interested in a different sport. The coaches are also knowledgeable and friendly. Your child will learn specific individualized skills based on their level and capabilities. 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Nike Boys Soccer Camp Sacred Heart University

Winston Prep Educational Summer Program

Is your child interested in academics and enjoys continuing their educational journey during the summer? Winston Prep offers an educational summer program for children from fourth to twelve grade. The focus is on academics, confidence, and independence. In addition, children will be grouped based on age, learning style, and skills. There is a low student-to-teacher ratio, and your child will receive individual one-on-one time. If your child loves learning, check out this camp today! Also, this is a program that requires applying. 

Price: Contact for more information. 

Website: Winston Prep CT | Educational Summer Program in Norwalk, Connecticut

In Conclusion 

There are many different camp options throughout the United States and in Connecticut. Does your child have a specific interest? Then take a look at the great specialty camps available today. Does your child want a traditional camp feel? Overnight and day camps are excellent choices! No matter what type of camp your child wants to explore, there are many options in Connecticut and also around the United States. Do you need help finding what you are looking for? Take a look at these awesome camps located all over the United States

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