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The 8 Best Camps in Utah Today

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The 8 Best Camps in Utah Today

The 8 Best Camps in Utah Today

Is your child ready to start going to camp this summer? Are you looking for the best camps in Utah today? All over the United States, there are unique camps to choose from. Overnight camps can be best if your child is prepared for a classic camp experience. 

However, not every child wants to spend the night away from home. If your child is not yet ready to take that plunge, there are also excellent day camps to choose from. 

There are also specialty camps that narrow down an interest. At these camps, your child can learn many vital skills they will carry throughout their lives. If your child is interested in sportsSTEM, or even performance arts, there is no shortage of camps. If you are specifically in Utah, there are fantastic day, overnight, and specialty camps this summer. Here are the best camps in Utah today. 

What Makes Utah Special? 

If you live in Utah, you already know what makes this state special. However, if you are from a neighboring state or considering moving here, let's look closer at this Utah. This state is one of the most diverse, from mountains, flat lands, and plateaus; the scenery is incredible here. The Middle Rockies is a loved tourist spot. Aside from the scenery, the climate is also incredible. This is an excellent place to visit if you enjoy warm and dry weather. A fun fact, long before the settlers explored in the 18th century, hunters and gathers took to the caves and made a life in this beautiful state. Now that we have discussed Utah's fun facts, let's look at the awesome camps available today. 

Warm tone and soft light, soft edge, sunset at Delicate arch, Archesh National Park, Utah, USA
Utah is a diverse, beautiful state with many attractions.

©Wisanu Boonrawd/Shutterstock.com

Overnight Camps in Utah

First, let's take a look at the overnight camps in Utah. Overnight camps can give your child that traditional experience that so many long for. Often night camps focus on several activities, such as sports and arts, and encourage self-growth and friendships. You can choose from one week or more in several camps. So, if your child is ready to take the plunge, here are the best ones to choose from this summer in Utah. 

Horizontal rear view of a man leaping from a jetty into the lake at sunset.
Camp offers plenty of activities for children, including water sports and land sports.

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Camp Utaba 

Camp Utaba prides itself on being a camp for spiritual renewal. The focus is on getting into nature and in the quiet while unplugging. This camp believes we can be the best person we can be when we are a part of nature. So, if your child is ready to enter the natural world, check out This awesome camp this summer! 

Price: Call or email for more information. 

Website: Camp UTABA

YMCA Camp Roger 

The YMCA focuses on encouraging healthy living, social awareness, and self-confidence. The YMCA Camp Roger is no exception. When your child attends this camp, they will participate in horseback riding, cabin competitions, and archery, among many other activities! Each week has a different theme. These themes are Decades, Around the World, and Jurassic Park. There are also many kinds of camps, including leadership, day, or traditional overnight camps. If your child is ready for the best summer of their life, choosing Camp Roger is an excellent choice! 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: YMCA CAMP ROGER – YMCA of Northern Utah (ymcautah.org)

Day Camps in Utah

Day camps are an excellent choice for children not ready to spend the night somewhere away from home. Some children are not prepared for this experience until they are much older. That is okay! If your child is ready for the traditional camp experience yet wants to sleep in their beds at night, day camps are great alternatives to the standard overnight camps. In Utah, there are fantastic day camps to choose from; here are the top ones. 

Kids in the nature strolling
Day camps are a perfect alternative to sleep-over ones.


Camp Tracey 

Boy, Scouts of America has an excellent camp at Camp Tracey. If your son chooses to attend camp here, they will get to focus on many different activities. A couple of these activities include archery and ropes courses. In addition, your child will get to focus on the great outdoors and learn essential life skills. So, if your child is ready for a great adventure, signing them up for Camp Tracey is an excellent idea. 

Price: $27.

Website: Camp Tracy | Crossroads of the West Council, BSA (utahscouts.org)

Wasatch Day Camp 

Started in 2007, Wasatch Day Camp is an excellent place for your child to meet new friends and explore fun activities. The mission is to provide all children with a safe environment to explore and expand their social skills. When our child attends here, they will participate in swimming, field trips, and more fun camping activities while learning to respect themselves and others. There are three different camping options available, including a travel camp. 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Wasatch Kids Camp

Tracey Aviary Camp

Tracey Aviary Camp offers a variety of camp options based on your child's grade level. From pre-K to eight-grade camp options, there's a camp for each of your children. Tracey Aviary Camp focuses on being a valuable friend and a respectful person. There are many different themes available in each camp, so check out your child's specific grade for more information! 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: Summer Break Camps – Liberty Park

Specialty Camps in Utah

Specialty camps are a great way to fine-tune an interest. If your child is showing a passion for a particular area, many different choices can help them narrow down their focus. There are sports camps, ninja camps, and even a camp that focuses on custom jewelry making! If your child is ready to focus on a specific passion this summer, sign them up for a specialty camp and watch them flourish and grow! 

Cute children with soccer ball at sports court on sunny day. Summer camp
Specialty camps give children a chance to fine-tune their passions and skills.

©New Africa/Shutterstock.com

American Red Cross Leadership Camp 

The American Red Cross Leadership Camp is a unique camp that encourages self-growth and leadership skills. Your child will leave this camp feeling like the strong leader they can be. Many skills are taught during this camp, including understanding others and staying motivated. Check out the American Red Cross Leadership Camp today if your child is ready for a great experience. 

Price: $300.

Website: Leadership Development Camp | Utah | American Red Cross

AMYS Martial Arts 

At AMYS Martial Arts camp, your child will learn valuable skills in discipline and how to reach their goals. Sports activities include dance, tumbling, science experiments, and arts and crafts. Your child will be learning without realizing it! 

Price: Contact for more information. 

Website: AMYS Martial Arts | Martial Arts in Orem and Draper

B Golden Jewelry Camp 

If your child is interested in making Jewelry, The B Golden Jewelry Camp is a fun experience for this summer! There are several classes for your child to choose from, including metalsmithing and lapidary classes. You can also choose from virtual and in-person classes. With these great classes, your child can take their jewelry-making skills to the next level! 

Price: Varies depending upon the class; call for more information. 

Website: Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas Jewelry Making Classes

In Conclusion

Camps are an excellent place for children to explore interests, make lasting friendships, and grow and flourish as a person and in their interests. Utah offers awesome camps if your child is ready to step forward and go to a camp this summer. Your child can have the traditional camp experience with fun overnight camps. Day camps are a great alternative if your child is still getting ready for an overnight camp! Also, if your child is ready to fine-tune one of their passions, look at Utah's fun specialty camps. This list is just the tip of the iceberg; Utah offers awesome camps all over the state; if you still need to find the camp you are looking for, look at these great camps from all over the United States

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