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The 10 Best Camps in Florida Today

Little children sitting on wooden pier. Summer camp

The 10 Best Camps in Florida Today

The 10 Best Camps in Florida Today

Is your child ready to take the step forward and attend a summer camp this year? Attending a camp often feels like a rite of passage for children. There are many awesome camps all over the United States. This list will cover the best camps in Florida today. 

Your child can choose from a traditional camp that gives them the classic feel with overnight cabins, fun activities like swimming and sports, and a chance to make lasting friendships. 

However, if your child still wants a traditional camp experience but is not ready to stay the night somewhere, day camps are an excellent choice. Your child can still experience the classic feel of creating lasting friendships and participating in fun and diverse activities, yet they can stay the night in their beds. 

Also, if your child has a particular interest in a sportSTEAM subject, or even something else, many camps narrow down their focus and let your child explore a specific topic. So, is your child ready this summer? Then let's look at the best camps in Florida and prepare your child for an adventure of a lifetime. 

What's Special About Florida? 

Florida is one of the top vacation spots in America. Do you enjoy visiting its beaches, unique animals (King Alligator!), and tropical weather? Of course, Florida is one of the top tourist states. However, besides tourism, the residents enjoy Florida for its lowlands, incredible scenery, and friendly faces. If you live in Florida or even if you are in a neighboring, there are many awesome camps to choose from this summer. Let's take a look at the best ones below. 

Scenic Sunset Shot in the Keys Florida
Florida is a beautiful tourist state with several attractions and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

©The Jon Fernandez/Shutterstock.com

Overnight Camps in Florida

Overnight camps are an excellent way for your child to experience the traditional camp feel by sleeping in a cabin, meeting new people, and exploring different activities they may have never experienced. Below are the top overnight camps in Florida.

Summer Camp Community Education as a group of diverse hands joining together to represent diversity and learning.
Summer camp is a great opportunity for your child to meet new people and experience unique activities.


Circle F Dude Ranch

If your child is between 6 and 16, Circle F Dude Ranch offers camps for one to three weeks. A small camp-to-staff ratio of one to three makes the experience more personal for your child. Your child will experience traditional camp activities like horseback riding, sports, arts, and dude ranch activities! Self-confidence and individuality are some of the main focuses at Circle F Dude Ranch. 

Price: Ranges from $1,700 to $4,950, depending on the session. 

Website:  Best Kids Summer Camps Near You! Circle F Dude Ranch Florida

Camp Osprey 

Camp Osprey is a traditional overnight camp in Florida that focuses on adventure. This camp focuses on getting off the couch and into nature. The activities that your child will experience are plenty! They include a challenge course, paintball, swimming, and a giant rope swing. Camp Osprey is worth checking out if your child is ready to have a great adventure this summer! 

Price: Start at $795.

Website: Summer camp | United States | Camp Osprey

Camp Crystal Lake 

At Camp Crystal Lake, your child can make their schedule by picking the classes they want to participate in. These activities include archery, arts and crafts, dance, fishing, volleyball, and more! If your child is ready to explore the outdoors and participate in various fun activities, they will want to try out Camp Crystal Lake! 

Price: Ranges from $600 to $1,440.

Website: Summer Camp Daily Schedule – Camp Crystal Lake

Day Camps in Florida

Day camps give children the traditional camp feel and still allow them to sleep in their beds. Traditional camp is fun. However, some children are not yet ready to take that plunge. If that is your child, don't fret, Florida offers awesome day camps that your child will love. They can experience all the fun and still see you in the evening, the best of both worlds! Take a look at the best day camps in Florida below. 

Group of curious happy school kids in casual clothes with backpacks exploring nature and forest together on sunny autumn day, girl holding magnifying glass and looking at fir cone in boys hands
Day camps can be an excellent alternative for children who dislike being away from home at night.

©Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock.com

YMCA Camp Immokalee 

Camp Immokalee at the YMCA is a fun day camp where your child will experience various immersive activities. These activities include sportsswimming, archery, and a challenge course. The YMCA programs emphasized personal development, self-esteem, and social awareness. This day camp has specific weekly themes, including Desert Oasis and Color Wars. Find your perfect day camp at the YMCA below. There are overnight camp options as well! 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: YMCA Camp Immokalee | YMCA Camp Immokalee

Woodmont Camp 

At Woodmont Camp, your child can participate in several different activities! They can choose from sports, arts, or even theater. Your child will also get to participate in fun games and events. Woodmont Camp plans specific activities and themes for a fun day; your child will always be energized here! 

Price: Day camp starts at $65, with weekly package deals. 

Website: Activities – Woodmont Summer Camp

Specialty Camps in Florida

Specialty camps allow children to fine-tune their skills and focus on a specific area of focus. Whether your child is interested in sportsSTEM, or even arts, there are many different specialty camps that your child will love. Take a look at the best specialty camps in Florida below. 

Diverse school children students build robotic cars using computers and coding. Happy multiethnic kids learning programming robot vehicles sitting at table at STEM education science engineering class.
Florida has several specialty camps available for children ready to focus on a specific skill.

©Ground Picture/Shutterstock.com

iD Tech Camps 

ID Tech Camps are great STEM and coding summer camps for your techie. If your child is interested in fine-tuning their passions in the tech world. iD techs take on a hands-on experience your child will fully engage in. There are locations all over the United States, with this camp specifically at the University of South Florida. Your child will get individual time with the instructor at this camp because the class sizes are small. You also have the choice of choosing between online camps and in-person camps. This is a great asset for families who can't make in-person work! 

Price: Varies depending on the camp chosen. 

Website: STEM & Coding Summer Camps 2023 | USF in Tampa | iD Tech

Magic Kingdom Dance Camp 

Is your child passionate about dance? The Magic Kingdom Dance camp is truly a magical experience! Professional choreographers will teach your child. Whether your child is interested in jazz, tap, ballet, or something else, they will learn the core disciplines required for honing their dance skills. 

Price: Ranges from $749 to $1,049.

Website: FL Dance Camp I American Dance Training Camps

IMG Basketball Camp 

Is your child passionate about basketball? Then, the IMG basketball camp is a great option! At this camp, your child will focus on learning fundamental skills to increase his talents. There are different camp options for each age group and abilities. A few of these options are the fundamental camp IMG, Breakthrough, and Game Changer. Also, each camp has instructions from experienced coaches, evaluations, and even an emphasis on mental toughness. If your child is ready to take their basketball game to the next level, this camp is an excellent choice! 

Price: Ranges from $2,899 to $4,239.

Website: Basketball Camps – Basketball Training | IMG Academy

Nike Volleyball Camp 

Does your child have an interest in volleyball? Nike Volleyball Camp allows them to fine-tune their skills and level up their game. This specific camp is located at Southeastern University. Nike Volleyball Camp focuses on mental toughness, strength, and leadership training. There are different options depending on your child's age and skill level. If your child is ready to focus their skills on volleyball, this is an excellent choice! 

Price: Varies depending on the camp session chosen. 

Website: Nike Volleyball Camp at Southeastern University

Camp Kennedy Space Center 

Camp Kennedy Space Center offers your child a unique experience. Your child will experience hands-on activities focusing on science, innovation, math, and technology. In addition, there will be group challenges that encourage team building and confidence. Virtual reality is used during this camp as well as a microgravity simulator. If your child is interested in STEM and science, Camp Kennedy Space Center is a great choice! 

Price: Starting at $350.

Website: Explore Camp Kennedy Space Center

In Conclusion

Whether you live in Florida or a neighboring state, there are excellent camps that your child will enjoy this summer! In addition, there are fantastic overnight camps if your child wants a traditional experience. At these camps, your child will experience various awesome activities like swimming, sports, or arts and crafts. 

Day camps are a great alternative if they would rather stay home at night. They will still make lasting friendships and experience the traditional feel, yet get to sleep in their beds! That is the best of both worlds! 

Also, suppose your child is interested in a specific topic like space or dance. In that case, many specialty camps will allow them to expand their knowledge and skill in one subject. If your child is ready to get started, don't wait. Try one of these awesome camps this summer! If you aren't sold on these specific camps, don't worry, there are many more to choose from throughout the United States! Here are the best camps in the United States today

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