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The 10 Best Camps in West Virginia Today

Group of curious happy school kids in casual clothes with backpacks exploring nature and forest together on sunny autumn day, girl holding magnifying glass and looking at fir cone in boys hands

The 10 Best Camps in West Virginia Today

The 10 Best Camps in West Virginia Today

Are you looking for the best camps in West Virginia today? Camp can be an excellent experience for children! However, it can also be nerve-wracking for parents and children looking for the best ones out there. This list will give you the best camps in West Virginia today. It also takes into account the different types of camps available today. 

Overnight camps give children a traditional experience that feels like a rite of passage. They will make lasting friendships, explore new activities, and have an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Children who are not yet ready for overnight camps may enjoy day camps. Day camps are great because they allow children to experience traditional camp activities while at home at night. It's the best of both worlds! 

If your child is interested in a specific topic, they may enjoy attending a specialty camp. Specialty camps allow children to explore a subject they are passionate about, fine-tune skills, and gain more knowledge. Regardless of what type of camp your child wants to attend, there are so many to choose from! Let's take a look at the best ones in West Virginia today. 

What Makes West Virginia Special? 

If you live in West Virginia, you already know what makes it unique. If not, let's take a look at this great state. It is known for being a Mountain state, and it is also a three-fourths forest. Talk about fantastic scenery! Elevation sits average at 1,500 above sea level, and the weather is often very humid. However, the picturesque scenery is beautiful, especially when seeing the Appalachian mountains as the backdrop. Fun fact, this state was initially settled by Germans and is the most rural state! There are no surprises there. 

New River Gorge, West Virginia, USA autumn morning landscape at the Endless Wall.
West Virginia is a beautiful state with amazing nature all around.

©Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

Overnight Camps in West Virginia

Overnight camps can often feel like a rite of passage for children. Frequently, children can experience new activities they may not have experienced before, new games, arts and crafts, swimming, and so much more! All while making new, lasting friendships and growing in character and self-confidence. If your child is ready for an overnight camp, below are the best ones in West Virginia today. 

Happy children boys and girls in casual clothes with backpacks making bonfire with magnifying glass together in green forest during school camping activity on sunny day, smiling kids exploring nature
Camps are a great way for children to return to nature and unplug.

©Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock.com

Camp Twin Creeks

Camp Twin Creeks is an all-inclusive camp focusing on self-growth, relationships, and nature. Your child will get the whole overnight experience at Camp Twin Creeks. While here, they will be encouraged to try new things and activities and make new friends. Your child will experience sports like hiking, fishing, basketball, zip lining, horseback riding, and baseball. They will also experience arts like woodshop, dance, theater, and more. So, if your child is ready for a great summer, check out Camp Twin Creeks Today! 

Price: $3,650 per session with a $300 

Website: About Camp Twin Creeks | Camp Twin Creeks

Camp Rim Rock 

Camp Rim Rock has been in operation for 71 years and is regarded as one of the best camps for girls in West Virginia. Your daughter will experience horseback riding, swimming, sports, and more. The focus of this camp is on self-esteem and empathy. There is a small camper-to-counselor ratio, one to three, allowing your daughter to experience a close-knit environment, develop lasting friendships and grow in their character while discovering more about themselves. 

Price: $1800-$6400, depending on the camp and duration. 

Website: Camp Rim Rock – Overnight Camp for Girls

Day Camps in West Virginia

Day camps offer families an excellent alternative to a traditional overnight camp. Your child will still experience the fun activities and meet new people, yet they can stay home and sleep in their beds! Day camps are a great alternative if your child is not ready for an overnight camp and instead wants a daytime experience. Below are the best day camps in West Virginia. 

The countdown to summer camp is over
Day camps are excellent alternatives to traditional overnight camps.


YMCA Summer Day Camp 

YMCA's are known for their fun activities, and the YMCA summer Day Camp in Southern West Virginia is no exception. Choose between summer long or just one or two weeks at your nearest YMCA. A few fun activities your child will experience are swimming and entertaining sports while growing self-confidence. When your child is ready to try a day camp, look at your local YMCA for more information. 

Price: $100-$125

Website: Summer Day Camp – YMCA of Southern West Virginia (ymcaswv.com)

Wild Day Camp 

Explore the Appalachians and get outside with Wild Day Camp! Your child will have fun exploring the great outdoors, learning about nature, and making friends. Wild day camp emphasizes having fun while learning as much as possible about nature, like plants, animals, and more. Your child will play fun games, explore outside, and more at wild day camp.

Price: $305

Website: Wild Day Camp • Appalachian Expeditions (appalachianexpeds.org)

High Flyers Day Camp 

This day camp focuses on tumbling activities to help your child stay active and learn basic gymnastics skills. A typical day here has tumbling instructions, games, arts and crafts, and fun outdoor and indoor activities. If your child is interested in tumbling but wants to experience fun games and activities, this camp is excellent to check out! 

Price: $15 a day 

Website: Summer Day Camp – CTA High Flyers

Specialty Camps in West Virginia

Specialty camps are an excellent choice for children exploring a specific interest. There are many different specialty camps available in the United States today. You can choose from sportsartSTEAM, or something else. These camps are excellent because they allow children to fine-tune a passion, learn more about a topic of interest, and figure out their natural talents. If your child is interested in a specialty camp, below are the best ones in West Virginia today! 

Girls dancing
Dance camps help children fine-tune their skills and learn new passions.

©NDAB Creativity/Shutterstock.com

Science Adventure School

Explore the world of science with Science Adventure School. This camp takes place at West Virginia University Science Adventure School. This is more than a camp; it is a school focusing on hands-on education that brings the adventure back to learning. Your child will learn about a science topic daily and participate in an outdoor activity. If your child learns by doing, this camp is a great one to check out! 

Price: Public school students in the state are free, and private and homeschooled students are $99. 

Website: Science Adventure School at West Virginia University (wvu.edu)

Engineering Challenge Camps 

If your child loves engineering, the engineering challenge camps are a great way to go in-depth with their passion. These camps are fun and use hands-on experiences to learn essential engineering skills such as problem-solving and confidence. If your child is ready to explore the engineering world, look no further than the engineering challenge camps!

Price: $250 to $425, depending on the grade level. 

Website: Engineering Challenge Camps | Statler Outreach | West Virginia University (wvu.edu)

Emagination STEM Camps 

Emagination STEM camps are an excellent way for your STEM lover to explore science and technology topics. These STEM camps are offered all over the United States. These camps focus on hands-on experiences that allow your child to find topics they love and fine-tune their passions. For example, your child can choose robotics, coding, animation, and graphic design camps. With many choices, if your child loves technology, they can find the best camp to explore their interests with Emagination! 

Price: Changes depending on the camp. Check out the different options below. 

Website: Summer Camps | Emagination STEM Camps

Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies

Is your child interested in wildlife? The Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies offers week or two-week-long junior and senior programs. These programs focus on science and nature by exploring the topics with workshops and natural world exploration. Your child will get hands-on experiences while enjoying activities like swimming. If your child is ready to unplug and enter nature, this overnight camp is an excellent opportunity to explore. 

Price: Ranges from $1,060 to $1,850, depending on the program chosen. 

Website: Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies

PGC Basketball Camps

PGC Basketball Camps take place all over the United States. They are an excellent way for children to fine-tune their basketball skills. It is a highly recommended basketball camp. Even NBA coaches have sent their children here! PGC basketball camps help children gain confidence and skill and learn essential fundamentals that will allow them to reach their goals. If your child wants to try a PGC basketball camp, look below at the website to find the best one near you. 

Price: Ranges from $495 to $1,295 depending on the type of camp attended. 

Website: PGC Basketball Camps – Be the Smartest Player on the Floor

In Conclusion

No matter what type of camp you and your child are looking for, there are many awesome camps to choose from! If your child is looking for a great overnight camp, they will experience the traditional camp feel, make lasting friendships, and explore new activities. If your child is not ready for the overnight camps, day camps are great for experiencing the same traditional feel and making new friends, yet they get to stay the night in their beds. It's the best of both worlds!

Also, suppose your child has a particular interest they want to explore. In that case, specialty camps are great for diving deep into their passions, gaining knowledge and skill, and discovering what they truly love! This list provides the best camps in West Virginia today. However, if you haven't found what you are looking for, look at this in-depth list of the best camps in the United States

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