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You’ll Absolutely Love This French Onion Soup Recipe

Fresh picket onions

You’ll Absolutely Love This French Onion Soup Recipe

If you ask someone what the top five most popular soups are, there's a good chance they'll say French onion on that list. French onion has been enjoyed by millions of Americans for years, especially as an appetizer at restaurants. Now, you can bring this delicious coziness into your own home.

This recipe for French onion soup keeps it simple and classic, without any unnecessary flair. It shouldn't be difficult to make French onion soup! This is a dish your family will beg for again and again, especially in the winter. When your kids are grown, they'll look back and remember this as one of mom's best.

If you can manage to get your hands on some fresh onions, even better. Whether you grow them yourself or procure them from a local produce stand, fresh onions will bring even more life into this amazing dish. Dry sherry is a key ingredient, so don't forget it!

We've chosen Gruyere cheese for this recipe. We think that sticking to this cheese is best; it is, after all, traditional! If you can't find Gruyere cheese, provolone can also work. Pick a cheese that has a flavor resembling Gruyere for a proper, authentic French onion soup taste.

French Onion Soup


1 stick butter
2 pounds onions, sliced thinly
6 ounces dry sherry
2 quarts beef stock 
French bread baguette, sliced
1/2 pound Gruyere cheese, sliced
Freshly ground black pepper


1. Heat the butter in a stockpot over medium heat. Add the onions and cook, stirring, until golden brown.

2. Add the sherry and reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer 5 minutes, add the beef stock, then bring to a boil and reduce heat to low.

3. Simmer at least 20 minutes and season to taste with salt and pepper.

4. Ladle soup into individual ovenproof soup bowls, then place a slice of French bread into each bowl.

5. Cover each bread slice with slices of Gruyere cheese. 

6. Place dishes under broiler and broil until cheese is bubbly and melted. Serve immediately.

Note – If you do not have ovenproof bowls, toast the bread slices with the cheese under the broiler until cheese is bubbly and melted, then place one slice on top of each bowl of soup. 

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