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10 of the Best Schools In Ottawa–Gatineau Today

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10 of the Best Schools In Ottawa–Gatineau Today

Ottawa, Ontario sits directly across the Ottawa River from Gatineau, which is located in Southwestern Quebec. The best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau include both public and private institutions with great ratings in terms of resources, test scores, and amenities offered to its students. These two areas have a fair amount of beautiful things to see, lots to do, and a great culture of academics for its residents. Read on as we do a deep dive into the kinds of schools available in the Ottawa-Gatineau regions of Canada.

In this post, you'll learn all about some of the best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau today. Get a better idea of their academic offerings, what grades they serve, and if their schooling is public or private. Both these cities are considered great spots to live, ranking 3rd in a study of the safest places to live in all of Canada (via Ottawa City News). So, the school options in this region must reflect the likelihood that families are prominent in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Without further ado, let's learn about some of the best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau today.

Ottawa Schools

Lisgar Collegiate Institute

29 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0B9, Canada

Starting with the Lisgar Collegiate Institute, which is a highly awarded institution. It is one of the oldest schools in Ottawa, dating back to 1843. The “gifted program,” caters to grades 9th through 12th. They also have Advanced Placement programs, and a stellar orchestra, as well as notable math and science programming. LCI offers advanced studies in French, Spanish, and Latin.

OMS Montessori

335 Lindsay Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0L6, Canada

OMS Montessori is a French and English school in the Ottawa region. They serve children from 18 months through 18 years, with a “Casa” program, an elementary school program, and a high school program. They offer a stellar arts program and a great athletics department on top of great academics.

March Academy

325 Sandhill Road, Kanata, Ontario K2K 1X7, Canada

The March Academy is located in Kanata, a suburb of the greater Ottawa area. It serves grades 1st through 8th with lots of academic support. Teachers at March Academy guide students with learning and language disabilities, along with supporting mainstream learning styles with a unique curriculum. This is why the March Academy is among the best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau.

Elmwood School

261 Buena Vista Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0V9, Canada

Next up we have the Elmwood School, an independent, not-for-profit school. All the tuition costs, many of which can be mitigated by scholarships and financial aid, go directly into the operational budget. They serve grades pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. Like other schools on this list, the Elmwood School is recognized as a distinguished academic institution. It is absolutely one of the best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau.

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On this list, you'll find a good mix of public and private schools ranked among the best in Ottawa.


Fern Hill School

50 Vaughan Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1M 1X1, Canada

The Fern Hill School serves preschool through 8th grade and has been open since 1981. They offer special programs in French, Technology, Art, and Music. They also have options for a range of physical education activities including soccer, tennis, dance, skating, and yoga.

Gatineau Schools

Pierre Elliott-Trudeau Elementary School

2 Rue Millar, Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 3N3, Canada

The Pierre Elliott-Trudeau Elementary School is a French immersion school perfect for families looking for a bilingual environment. Located in Gatineau, right next to the Parc des Portageurs on the Ottawa River, the Pierre Elliott-Trudeau Elementary School is among the best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau.


161 Principale Street, Gatineau, Quebec J9H 3M9, Canada

École is a French immersion Montessori school in Gatineau. They offer a summer camp and a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. From watercolor courses, mad science experiments, chess, and ninja classes, to knitting club, soccer, and volleyball, there is a lot that this school can offer.

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There are quite a few Francophone schools in Gatineau, Quebec that are top-tier institutions.

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École De Touraine

Édifice Riviera, 59 Rue de Provence, Gatineau, Quebec J8T 4V2, Canada

The École De Touraine is another French immersion program that serves preschool through 6th grade. It is ranked among the top schools in the Gatineau region of Quebec, which is why it appears on this list!

Philemon Wright High School

80 Rue Daniel-Johnson, Gatineau, Quebec J8Z 1S3, Canada

The Philemon Wright High School is connected to the Hadley Junior High School. These schools serve middle and high school grades in the Gatineau region. While the school itself is Anglophone, they do offer advanced French immersion programs, which fit with the culture of the region. No wonder this is one of the best schools in Ottawa-Gatineau.

École Du Nouveau-Monde

Édifice St-Rosaire, 9 Rue Sainte-Yvonne, Gatineau, Quebec J8T 1X6, Canada

And lastly, we have the École Du Nouveau-Monde another French-speaking school in Gatineau. Focused on growing academic and personal development, this school emphasizes Francophone culture. École Du Nouveau-Monde offers its students lots of opportunities to participate in local, and national activities that celebrate the French culture of Quebec and traditions unique to this particular region of Canada.

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