Baby Girl Names beginning with Y

Baby Girl Names Y

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with Y

Baby Girl Names Beginning with Y


Yachi Japanese Eight thousand. A number name.
Yachne Hebrew gracious
Yael Hebrew A wild goat. A boy or girl's name.
Yaffa Hebrew Beautiful.
Yaffah Hebrew Beautiful.
Yaksha Hindu a sister of Daksha
Yamini Hindu Yamni
Yamuna Hindi A sacred river.
Yamura Hindu  
Yangchen Tibetan/Sherpa The sacred one.
Yani Aboriginal Peace.
Yanira Hebrew  
Yara Aboriginal A seagull.
Yaralla Aboriginal A camp.
Yaravi Yari, Yara  
Yarmilla Slavic merchant
Yarrah Aboriginal A river red gum.
Yasmeen Persian A fragrant flower.
Yasmin Persian A fragrant flower.
Yasmina Persian A fragrant flower.
Yasmine Persian A fragrant flower.
Yasu Japanese Tranquil.
Yavonna Hebrew  
Yayoi Japanese March
Ydel Hebrew praise
Yedda Old English A singer, one with a melodious voice.
Yehudi Hebrew Praise to the Lord or aperson from Judah. A boy or girl's name.
Yehudit Jewish A modern form of Judith.
Yejide Yoruba image of her mother
Yelena Russian The light of the sun. Also see Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor and Ellen.
Yeliz Turkish  
Yemena Hebrew  
Yenene Miwok Indian wizard poisoning a sleeping person
Yesmina Hebrew right hand, strength
Yetta Old English/German To give. Also a diminutive of the name Henrietta.
Yeva Russian live-giving
Yevon Hebrew  
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