Planning A Baby Shower


If you are not the shower hostess, choose the hostess and point her this way or print all the information for her. The goal is to help the new parents welcome their new baby with friendship and love. Another goal is to do it stress-free, so the hostess get to enjoy this celebration too!

We've all hosted a party at some time that left us worn out and exhausted by the time it arrived, and swearing we'd never take on a project like that again. I've learned to not repeat those mistakes by planning ahead, it puts the fun back into the party for me.

Start by planning, and following the steps in this planner. I'll link to different checklists and suggestions for ways to make your job easier, fun, and affordable. Follow the steps, and you'll end up with a baby shower the new mom will never forget and an event you'll be proud to have hosted.

Setting a Budget for the Baby Shower

A baby shower isn't a contest, it's an act of caring and joy.

Figure out what type of shower you want to have for the new mom, then the budget you have for it. Based on that budget, you can decidewhere you'll be having the shower, the menu, decorations, favors and more.

If you have a smaller group, yourhome or someone else's may be a good option.Hall rental and food are usually the two things that cost the most. Havingthe baby shower at a home saves a lot! You don't want to squeeze a hundred people into a small home just to save money, but ifguests canbe seated comfortably and you have room for food serving a home partytends to provide a more intimate setting.

If you do have a large shower, enlist other friends or family of the mom-to-be to help out. If the cost is prohibitive even with co-hosts, your other option is to prune the guest list. Baby showers, no matter what the size, are fun ways to let the new mom know you care about her and her new arrival.

Once you have an idea of the location and the number of guests, print the following checklists out to use as budget guides. The first checklist is forthe supplies that you'll need for the shower itself, it doesn't include invitations or the cost of the hall if you decide to hold the shower in a restaurant or hall.Use the number of guests tofigure out the cost.

Baby Shower Supply Checklist

To get an idea of the food costs, use the following menu planner and base the cost of the food on the number of guests.

Baby Shower Menu Plan

Total the two lists together, along with the cost of invitations and location rental (if the shower isn't being held at someone's home). This is your working budget.



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