Where is the Button?

Buttons, not just for coat fronts anymore!

Button Button

Tired of your run of the mill birthday party games geared to the tot set? How about those overly complicated games requiring hours of preparation and about 500 lbs of game supplies. Button, button, Who’s got the Button is an uncommon, yet simple game that the little ones just love.

Items needed

The best news is that the only thing you need to play is a button! Go search those lint filled corners in the laundry room, find a button and let’s play.

Ages appropriate

Button, Button Who’s Got the Button is a very simple game. This can be played with children as young as three, and children up to the ages of six or seven still find it entertaining.

Object of play (how to play)

The object of this game is simply to pass the button from ‘it’ to another person secretly. Everyone tries to guess who has the button.

Gather the children into the circle with the birthday child in the center. Each child should hold their hands together with palms and fingers touching.

‘It’ or the child in the center holds his or her hands in the same way, but they are concealing the button in their hands. To make the exchange ‘it’ walks around the circle gently putting her hands between the palm to palm hands of each player. Before the circle is completed ‘it’ secretly drops the button into someone else’s hands by pulling her palms apart, just a little and letting the button fall into the palms of the other player’s hands.

With the circle complete and the exchange made it is important for each of the children to keep their palms together, remember they are keeping a secret. The children say “Button, Button Who’s Got the Button?” If a child thinks they know they may add “Johnny has the button!” If they are correct in their guess they win and are now ‘it’ and the game starts again. If no one is able to guess then the child who has the button wins and becomes ‘it’.

A simple, engaging game that will entertain your party goers and not drive you insane with endless hours of prep! Sit back, enjoy and let the games begin.







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