Outdoor Games for Girls

Flowerpot Toss

Things you’ll need:

Three empty flowerpots
Plastic toys or stuffed animals in bug shapes.
Green construction paper
Sidewalk chalk

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Cut a leaf large enough for a child to stand on with both feet out of the construction paper.

Step 2:  Using the sidewalk chalk, draw a flower shape on the driveway, with three stems.  Each stem should be a different length. 

Step 3:  Put the flowerpots at the top of each stem, to be the flower.

Step 4:  Put the paper leaf at the bottom of the longest stem.


When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Have each child take a turn throwing the bugs into the flowerpots while standing on the leaf.

Step 2:  Award points for each hit, one point for the closest pot, two for the next closest, and three for the furthest pot. The child with the most points at the end wins.



Pixie Dust Relay

Things you’ll need:

A Bag of Pixie Sticks Candy , each guest will need at least one
Two plastic spoons
Two large bowls

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Make two start and finish lines.  They should be about 20 feet apart.

Step 2:  Put the bowls on the finish lines.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Divide the guests into two even teams, and line them up at the start lines.

Step 2:  Give each child a Pixie stick, but tell htem NOT to open them.

Step 3: Give the first guest in each line a spoon.

Step 4:  When you shout, ‘Faith, trust and Pixie Dust!’  the first child in each line should open their Pixie sticks, pour out the candy onto their spoon, run to the bowl and dump the candy in.  Then they need to run back, and hand the spoon to the next child in line.

Step 5:  If any guest drops their spoon, give them a new Pixie sitck and send them back to the start line to begin again.

Step 6:  A team wins when every team member has dumped their Pixie stick into the bowl.



Wicked Queen Freeze Tag


When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Choose one guest to be the Wicked Queen, or “it.”  All the other guests are princesses.

Step 2:  When the Wicked Queen says “Off with their heads!” all the other guests run away to avoid being tagged.

Step 3:  If a princess is tagged, she must freeze in the position she was in when she was tagged.  She stays frozen until another princess touches her.

Step 4:  The game is over when the Wicked Queen has frozen everyone.  Or, you can set a time limit, 3-5 minutes is a good range.

Step 5:  In the next round, the first person that was frozen is the Wicked Queen.



Hula Hoop Contest

Things you’ll need:

One hula hoop for each guest
Fast, upbeat music

When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Give each guest a hula hoop.

Step 2:  Start the music and tell the children that the idea is to keep the hoop moving as long as possible.

Step 3:  If the girls are especially good at the hula, you can shout out silly directions, like stand on one leg, finger on your nose, cover your eyes, etc. to make it more interesting.

Step 3:  The child that hulas the longest wins.



Seashell Hunt

Things you’ll need:

An Assortment of Seashells
A Sand Box or large container
Clean Sand
Small Prizes
Sand Pails

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Fill the sandbox or container with the sand.

Step 2:  Bury all the shells in the sand.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Give each guest a pail.

Step 2:  Split the guests into pairs.

Step 3: Give each pair ten seconds to dig in the sand to find as many shells as they can.

Step 4: Once every pair has had a chance to dig for shells, let the girls trade their shells for prizes, or keep the shells, if they prefer.




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