Water Party

Come on in the water is fine!

Summer Birthdays can be a bit of a bummer. Your child doesn’t get to be the big cheese bringing cupcakes for the class. Often times in the summer you don’t get to see all your best pals from school so they don’t get invited to your party. And it’s vacation season. There is one cure for the summer birthday blues: make it a water party. Kids love the water. There are advantages for you too: it’s inexpensive and requires little in the way of bothersome prep work.

On the sea

Water party games are awesome. If you have your party in a pool, make sure guests are properly attired with safety gear. In the case of young swimmers it may be a good idea to ask their parents to stay and help them in the water. (We don’t want any accidents!) Pool games like Marco Polo or diving hide and seek are great. The good news is that it may not be necessary. Kids love to play in the water and need little in the way of entertainment.

For the land

Water balloons are a must. Be sure to start filling them a few days in advance, and keep them in a place where they won’t break; buckets or coolers are a great idea. Have extras on hand so you can restock if needed. Water balloons don’t last nearly as long as you’d think so make an amount that you think is over kill, then double it. Game ideas include a good old fashioned water fight, the balloon toss, or the sit and squish relay.

Water guns are becoming more and more controversial. They are fun, but you don’t want any of your party guests (or their parents) to feel uncomfortable. Never fear, there is a simple solution. The local dollar store will stock a wide array of squirt bottles that, in some cases, work even better than an inexpensive water pistol. Have a squirt bottle for each kid and let them run wild.

Decorate this

Since this party will be outside there is very little decoration needed! A few items that aren’t décor, but will add to the success of your party are extra towels and sun screen. The consideration will be appreciated. If the party runs into the evening some tikci torches and bug spray might also be in good taste.


Fun summer treats are the best. Make sure each guest gets an ice cream cone or ice cream sandwich and you are done. If you want to get a fancy add a BBQ complete with hot dogs, hamburgers water melon and of course birthday cake. It is simple food, but fun and theme appropriate.

Does this pool have an age limit?

No way man! Every one loves the water. One of the best things about having a water party for older kids is that there is even less for mom and dad to do. Help them to organize and purchase the supplies, but they can spend an afternoon filling the water balloons instead of you! Younger kids will need more direction and organized games. But older kids are good to go all you need to do is add water. For a rockin’ summer party all you need to do is add water!


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