Andres may seem familiar to you, even though it is technically more of a cultural named and used primarily by those with a Spanish background. The name is the Spanish word for the name Andrew which is one of the most popular names used in the English language. Though now mainly a Spanish name, it actually has a Grecian origin.

Meaning of the Name Andres:

Spanish: warrior, manly
Greek: valiant, courageous

Origin of the Name Andres:

The name Andres, as well as the name Andrew, come from the original name Andreas. Andreas has since turned into a variety of versions, including the English Andrew and the Spanish Andres.

Symbolism of the Name Andres:

Any of the names that are similar to Andres, including Andreas and Andrew, have a certain handsomeness and stylistic feel to them. This suits the “manly” meaning that is seen in the Spanish version of this name specifically.

Style of the Name Andres:

The style of the name Andreas is modern to the Spanish culture. It is based on classical, Grecian traditions, however.

Gender of the Name Andres:

The gender of the baby name Andres is for males, which makes sense when considering the meaning.

Pronunciation of Andres:


Number of syllables in Andres:

There are two syllables in the baby name Andres.

Emotion evoked from the Name Andres:

As mentioned, the baby name Andres has a handsome, and almost tropical, feel to it. This makes the name seem more mysterious than others and allows for emotions such as curiosity to rise above the others. There is also a bit of flirtatiousness and mischievousness given by someone that has the name, Andres.

Alternative spellings of Andres:

Nicknames for the Name Andres:

  • Andy
  • Dres
  • Dre
  • Andro
  • Andrez
  • Andre 
  • And

Popularity of the Name Andres:

The name Andres has been ranked at number 2019 for the years 2020, 2910, and even 2017; which showcases the stability that it currently has in the naming world. From the years 1992 to 2012, the name was at its most popular rankings as it was on the list of the top 200 names in America. It actually found a ranking of number 152 in the year 1993 and in the year 2007.

Great middle names for Andres and their meanings:

  • Rey (kings)
  • Alonso (ready for battle)
  • Saul (question, ask)
  • Armando (soldier)
  • Horacio (timekeeper)
  • Leon (lion)
  • Benito (blessed)

Famous people with the Name Andres:

  • Andres Iniesta (soccer player, Vissel Kobe)
  • Andres Vasquez (actor for soap operas, “La Rosa de Guadalupe”)
  • Andres Ceballos (pop singer)
  • Andres Guardado (soccer player, Mexico National)
  • Andres de la Mora (actor, “NOOBees”)

The Name Andres in movies/pop culture:

There are technically no fictional characters with the name Andres thus far. Some with the name Andy or Andrew include Andy Bernard from “The Office” and Andy Taylor from “The Andy Griffith Show,” however.