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Brittani is a much fresher variation for the overused Brittany. This version feels more girly, trendy, and cool. Though not as popular as Brittany, Brittani has held its own, even becoming a top 300 name in the late 1980s.

Meaning of the name Brittani:

English: from Britain

Origin of the name Brittani:

Brittani is a spelling variation of the original Brittany. The latter began as a surname for the Britons who settled in Bretagne, France. The Britons came to the new country after the fall of Rome. Brittani and Brittany did not become first names in America until the 1970s.

Symbolism of the name Brittani:

Brittani means “from Britain” as it has the same meaning as Brittany. Again, the name was originally for the Britons in France after they invaded the country. For that reason, the families were given a name to represent their home country.

Style of the name Brittani:


Gender of the name Brittani:

Brittani is a charming name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Brittani:

BRIT-uh-nee or BRIT-nee

Number of syllables in the name Brittani:

Two or three

Emotion evoked from the name Brittani:

Brittani is youthful and trendy. It is a spunky and full-of-life option for girls.

Alternative spellings for the name Brittani:

Nicknames for the name Brittani:

Popularity of the name Brittani:

Brittani was most popular in 1990 at rank 230, though it was a top 1,000 name throughout the late twentieth century. Brittani was first ranked in 1984 at number 626. 1999 was the last year on the top 1,000 list for the name, coming in at rank 957.

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Brittanis in popular culture:

There are no pop culture references to the name Brittani.

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